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Speech on Happiness and Traveling

You cannot become happy just because of traveling, but you can learn to enjoy the moment and find happiness even in small details. If you are not experiencing the best moments with your speech on happiness, use the following sample as an inspiration for your future speech on happiness. We hope that this information will serve you well and will make you a little bit happier. We believe that you can do it!

Why People Don’t Have to Travel to Be Happy


In September, I traveled to Vienna. No doubt, it is a beautiful and amazing city. Every building is a masterpiece; the streets are imbued with a spirit of history and classical music. I felt excitement, enthusiasm, inspiration, and joy while walking along the Ring Road or the Am Hof Square. And still, no happiness.

Common Ground

When I came back home, I was so confused. I didn’t break my leg during the trip; the weather was fine; the Austrian kitchen was delicious. So where was my happiness, promised by tourism blogs? Then, my beloved person cuddled and kissed me; my dog licked my hands; my feet felt the comfort of fluffy slippers. And that was pure happiness.

Popularization of Traveling

You’ve probably noticed that the past few years have witnessed a real tourism boom. The thousands of bloggers and Instagrammers are posting more and more tantalizing photos of Indian elephants, Venetian gondolas, and Mediterranean beaches. The slogans “traveling is food for the soul” and “no travels – no life” are quite persuasive, right? But don’t you think that they look a little similar to any other tagline from the world of business? Let’s investigate!

“Just see” or “Just go” is the slogan of travel blogs; “Just do it” is the slogan of Nike, a company of which the revenue is about 35 billion dollars. Another slogan of travel blogs is “Escape the ordinary”; Apple’s is “Think different,” and Apple Inc.’s revenue is about 230 billion dollars. “I’m in love with traveling” is another travel blog favorite; meanwhile, McDonald’s slogan is “I’m loving it,” and their revenue is about 25 billion dollars. Sound similar?

Tourism is a huge multimillion dollar business. Like any other product, traveling needs promotion and advertisement, and internet users provide the biggest advertising campaign. The funny thing about this whole situation is that they are not always aware of it. On our screens, we see smiling faces, friendly foreigners, tanned skin, and so on. Let’s dig deeper and realize what we don’t see.

Reasons Why Traveling Don’t Bring Happiness 

First of all, you have to spend money. Anyone who says “money doesn’t matter” is either reach or a hypocrite. You need money for visas, for transport, and for food, after all. Sometimes, well-known bloggers or travelers find the investors to pay for their adventures. But, hey, don’t you think they’ll pay for your 5-day tour of Western Europe?

Secondly, traveling is always a risk, especially when you don’t have enough experience and make plans for a trip to Syria or Somalia. When you are away from home, there is frequently no support in an emergency. Kind people live everywhere, but no one can guarantee that you’ll meet them.

Finally, if you are not planning to change your identity, wander around the world, and use a fake passport for the rest of your life, your personal problems won’t disappear as soon as you get on a plane. The Amazon rainforest, the peak of Everest, and the Pacific Ocean’s depths can’t heal your broken heart, make your complexes go away, and get the relationship with your parents or partner back on track. The only things that can fix everything are your will, determination, and patience.


I’m not saying that travels are bad, absolutely not. They inspire, surprise, and excite. My thesis is that they are not necessary to live a full life. So, please, next time you plan a journey, think over the following question: “Do you need traveling to find happiness or to run from the inability to make your everyday life happier?”