Education Essay on Importance of Art

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Education Essay on Importance of Art in Schools

Why Art Disciplines Are Necessary for School Programs


Art has always played a significant role in the life of mankind. Paintings, architecture, theater, and music inspire us, distract us from our routines, and give us the opportunity to express ourselves. Some people assert that art classes are useless, as they have no practical value and cannot prepare children for standardized tests.

Advantages of Art Classes for Children’s Mental Health

However, art disciplines are beneficial for mental health and help children to improve their creative and motor skills, share their view of the world openly, and develop their aesthetic perception.

Mental health is important at any age, but childhood is the period when mentality is more vulnerable than ever. Art classes influence both children with normal and atypical development positively. Michael B. Friedman, a professor at Columbia University, has claimed that the contributions that art can make to psychological well-being via enjoyment, immersion, development of skill, revelation and expression of emotion, shaping of self, connections with people and culture, and the potential for transcendent experience apply both to people without mental disorders and those with mental disorders. Thus, art classes can guarantee healthier psychological development for children.

Art Classes as Working Tool for Improving Thinking and Motor Skills

According to the World Economic Forum, in 2020, creativity will be “one of the top three skills employers will seek”(Curtin). Thinking outside the box will be much more valuable than assiduity or resilience. Art classes are the best way to improve creative skills. The more ideas and perspectives children acquire, the more powerful their imagination and ability to generate new ideas will be.

When it comes to the practical value of art classes, there is also one thing that is worth mentioning: fine motor skills. When children learn to hold a crayon or a paintbrush, they develop the technique which is necessary for writing. Moreover, these skills are beneficial not only for learning but also for performing routine activities, for example brushing teeth or tying shoelaces.

Developing Children’s Creative and Aesthetic Perception

While growing, children shape their personal views and tastes. Learning natural sciences, mathematics, or languages does not allow children to express individuality, as these disciplines are based on knowledge, not on the individual perception of the world. Art classes help children to discover their uniqueness and develop creative thinking.

Every generation has talented painters, musicians, and sculptors. Without art classes, there are no chances to discover the hidden talents and develop them. Moreover, many professions are connected with art but don’t require excellent artistic skills. Children who are interested in art may become critics, art directors, designers, art dealers, or decorators.


Art classes won’t prepare children for tests, but they can give students many opportunities to develop their creative, motor, and cognitive skills. Moreover, art disciplines positively influence children’s psychological development and allow them to express their individuality.

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