Essay About Education in the USA

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Essay About Education in the USA

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Is American Education Oriented to Extroverts?


To begin with, it has to be said that nowadays American education is rebuilding its standards and trying to make it fit under the extroverts understanding. Unfortunately, America shows the correlation between the extroversion and the educational background. Students and scholars study in a large classroom with a lot of people in each of the classes. And every student should express his or her opinion on the particular subject. It is a quite challenging task for the introvertive type of mind.

Current Education System Favors Extraverts

Moreover, as it can be noticed, the environment that children are going to enter is a hybrid and chaotic one, where a lot of mixtures of characters and opinions are conveyed. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that today’s American system of education is more oriented to the extroverts, while teachers and professors motivate their introversive students to become more open to the classroom and become more extroversive. That is why all of these essential psychological issues will be discussed and analyzed further in the paper.

The History of Attitude Towards Extraverted People in the US

First of all, it must be underlined that American society is Western society. Therefore, it is genetically laid down to speak and talk properly. This is called a Greco-Roman model of behavior that outlines the rhetorical beauty and the quick reaction on every action. Therefore, the art of being individual, to stand out from the crowd, to show the charisma has become a perfect way of climbing the career ladder. This is the main feature of today’s American world. And to proceed this way in the future career, a kid should possess and learn how to reflect his or her opinion, be open to the society, colleagues, teachers, and should learn how to stand up for yourself in the manner of self-esteem and courage. A lot of introverts are afraid of reflecting their feelings, emotions, and thoughts to the crowd of people. And therefore, this can become a problem for their future career while, at the same time, their peers have the talent in proving their point of view and discussing what they think is right. Introverts cannot do the same thing; they are afraid of what others might say. They wish they can talk or express their opinion using only the word. But, fortunately, or unfortunately, they cannot.

Extroverted Classroom Settings Affect Introverted Students

Moreover, teachers at school and professors in the university classrooms encourage their students to talk and reflect what they think. However, a lot of introverts are too shy and intimidated to say a word. And thus, they often suffer from who they are instead of thinking who they might be in the future. The author of the article states that “American culture is unique in the world because we systematically build and encourage extroverts over all the other potential personality types” (Crouch 1). The Western way of building the relationships and the communicational network is based on the constant persuasion of people that they have to talk and express their charisma. But the truth is that it is not the way it has to be.

Furthermore, in my opinion, if a person is an introvert, it does not mean he or she should become an extrovert. He forces himself to become the person he does not appear to be. And therefore, the result of this action can be sad, on the one hand, and purposeful, on the other hand.

Possible Solutions for Introverted Students in American Education

Secondly, it has to be pointed out that finding the right methods and ways of dealing with this tendency can become a crucial task for a lot of experts in different spheres. For example, psychologists can discuss this issue with the children and students with the introvertive type of mind. They should tell these students to follow their character type instead of encouraging the willingness to be the same as their colleagues. These children and students should listen to their heart to define what is right and what is wrong. Moreover, the author of the article claims that “Probably the best way of teaching, in general, is one on one, but that’s not something everyone can afford” (Cain 1). As it can be observed, one on one teaching will become a great alternative, but not for every family in America. Therefore, it is still a challenge and task to discuss. Cain in her article explains that kids with the introversive type of character are becoming extroversive. However, I partially disagree with the method she suggests. I suppose that schools are the perfect way of socializing. And the future of a kid depends only on the kid himself and his environment. Therefore, if a person wants to stay introversive, he will stay. However, to my mind, leaving the kid out from a school is not a great way of the kid’s development.


To conclude, it has to be said that today’s American education is refurbishing its standards and makes efforts to fit under the extroverts understanding. Moreover, American society is Western society. Thus, it is genetically laid down to speak and talk properly. Although the idea of persuading to talk more and listen less is rebuilt into a majority of Americans, the right methods and ways of dealing with this tendency can become an essential task for a lot of experts in different spheres. This can help a lot of kids and students stay who they are instead of becoming who they do not feel as it is their path.

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