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Essay About Fashion Industry

This essay about fashion industry is a great example of how this type of paper should be written. Spend a few minutes on reading it through – you will get some valuable ideas for your own writing.

Is Fashion Really Important?


To begin with, I suppose that everyone knows what Channel is. Fashion is what builds the world of clothes around people. For this reason it is necessary to talk about the importance of fashion. I believe that fashion is important because it is already a part of our lifestyle, our everyday routine.

Fashion as a Tool for Individuality and Self-Expression

Firstly, fashion is inspiring people and allowing them to show how unique they are. Fashion student Jessica Bui believes that it is inspiring to pick up a correct outfit every single day and turn it into something universal, and the same thing applies to fashion as a whole (“A Fashion Student Explains”). It helps to understand that people walking on the street are delivering their message, and it is their conversation with the world.

The Influence of Fashion on Youth Culture

Secondly, I can say that the fashion industry is influencing young people too. My friends are addicted to new trends and arrivals. There are different existing types of styles in fashion, such as street, classical, and ultra-fashion. Friends love to combine them to mix and create an ideal outlook. My friend Ann told me that her love for fashion explains the ability to show herself, her emotions, and her inner world. This helped her with her shyness, and I am sure it is helping a lot of people in other ways.

Consumerism as a Dark Side of Fashion

On the other hand, fashion is an instrument of propaganda, as Megan Markle says (Cartner-Morley). A lot of people are addicted to fashion, but changing the whole wardrobe every season is quite irrational. Every other day tons of new clothes arrive at the shops, and the rest are on our shelves lying and waiting for trash bins.


All in all, fashion is a really powerful thing to have, as it influences our lives, how we behave, and our surroundings. Clothes make us happy, and there is nothing bad in this fact. There is such a fact that if someone likes the clothes they wear, they feel more confident about themselves.

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