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Essay on the Russia-Ukraine War

It is not always necessary to write an essay on topics that are easy to understand, but everything needs to be say about them, and there are without too much fragments in the story.

Every day there are events in the world that teachers cannot help but discuss during class, and the best way to see your opinion on a topic is to ask you to write an essay. Today, the most discussed topic globally is the war in Ukraine, and many students across the globe received a homework assignment in the form of a Russian invasion essay. The best way to understand how to write such an essay is to read and familiarize yourself with an example that can show quality writing and analysis of the situation. You can always use the essay about war ready example and write a good assignment with your vision. It is possible to get a good mark, and the main thing is to have an idea of ​​how and what to write in your essay.

Opinion on The Current Russia and Ukraine Situation

There have been heightened tensions between Russia and the world over Ukraine for the past few years. This started about 8 years ago when Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula, catching everyone off-guard.

A lot of this has to do with Ukraine’s former status as a member of the Soviet Union. Vladimir Putin, leader of Russia and a former KGB agent, has a major soft spot for the former USSR and an attempt by Ukraine to join NATO is something he does not seem interested in.

NATO and the US have been trying to negotiate with Russia over this matter; however, Russia has made it clear that this is only settled if NATO stops trying to interfere and withdraws from its stand and denies Ukraine membership.

In addition to the annexation in 2014, Russia also supported separatist rebels with weapons. Since then, it has actively participated in a war with troops and mercenaries in the eastern part of Ukraine. Russia, however, succeeded in keeping a low profile regarding its activities. In October 2021, Russia amassed a significant group of army troops along the Ukrainian borders which led the US and NATO to fear that this was a logistical preparation for invasion.

Demands to USA and NATO

In January, Russia issued demands to USA and NATO to guarantee that Ukraine would never be allowed to join NATO and that US and NATO would withdraw any help they’ve provided to Ukraine. In response, the US and NATO rejected it, increasing material and intelligence support to Ukraine.

Mr. Vlad has made it clear that he views Ukraine’s aspirations to join NATO as a threat to Russia’s borders.

In my opinion, the reasons for the demands by Putin on the US and NATO could be because

  1. Putin views Ukraine as an extension of “historical Russia”- a part of the Russian empire and the Soviet Union and within Moscow’s “sphere of influence” today. Putin sees it as a threat.
  2. A few old power plants and weapons/military development sites were USSR property, and Putin wants access to them.
  3. Putin has a more comprehensive strategy in Ukraine, and it involves Kazakhstan, which is an important landmark for trading and the Silk Road. Kazakhstan is a growing country, and its GDP was one of the top 20 in the world a couple of years ago. Internationally, Russia has strengthened its position in Belarus, Armenia, and Kazakhstan neighborhoods.


In conclusion, Russia plans to conduct bombed invasions into Ukraine, nudging the US and NATO to agree with his demands. This is not a bad strategy politically because we all know how global politics eventually serves the corporate aspect.

Besides, the unspoken cold war that has always persisted between Russia and the US also plays a part. The US has always wanted to be the most powerful country, but Russia stands in the way.

Social media also has a part to play as they influence people’s thoughts and opinions largely. The US is simply taking this opportunity of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to its advantage by stirring up hate against Russia.

Instead, it is a sad situation, but peace will be an option after people have lost lives, their families, and homes.

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