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Example of a Narrative Essay: Veteran’s Day Meaning

What Veteran’s Day Means to Me

Veteran’s Day is a public holiday held on the anniversary of the end of the First World War to honour veterans and victims of all wars. From generation to generation the perception of this holiday had been changing. As far as I know, the young generation has a different understanding of this holiday. I want to present the viewpoint of modern generation.

Firstly, the stereotypes should be mentioned, like the main reason for discussion. It is almost impossible to meet First World War veterans, but the majority of stereotypes is based on the previous experience with World War II veterans, Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. According to statistics, fear and pity are the most popular feelings during the Veterans Day. A lot of people are sure that veterans, who had returned from the war have strong mental disorders. In this case, the decision of the problem lays in the root. The young generation should reject all the discards and instead of pity on the Veterans Day give them the feeling of respect, gratitude, a chance to succeed in life and to become an inseparable part of the world community. Going back to the conception of the meaning of Veteran’s Day to young generation, it should be mentioned that this day is not only to honour those who died, but also to say thank you for those who continue to serve. Their patriotic duty is to maintain the freedom of the country that is why we live in a free and peaceful society.

In conclusion, the Veteran’s Day is the one of the state federal holiday, which makes a great contribution to the development of culture, science and history.

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