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Falcon Heavy Essay Samples

Even if you are far removed from science and technologies, you’ve probably heard about the well-known businessman and inventor Elon Musk. His name is closely associated with the range of globally known companies such as PayPal, Tesla, SolarCity, and SpaceX. His recent project is Falcon Heavy, a heavy-lift launch vehicle. The Falcon Heavy was designed and produced by SpaceX and developed with private capital. Elon Musk announced that one of the project goals is a colonization of the Red Planet. The Falcon Heavy essay samples below define the meaning of this project for human history and global development.

Every great achievement starts from the ambitions and dreams of one person. Sometimes, the personalities like Elon Musk change the course of history thanks to their determination and talents. However, there is no guarantee that they would succeed without a guiding hand. You are welcome to thoroughly read these Falcon Heavy essay samples or any other works on our blog in order to learn more about essay writing. For example, you may be interested in space exploration persuasive speech sample. If it is too difficult to start from scratch, you can order an essay on any topic to make it a template for your own writing.

Sample I: What Is the Meaning of Falcon Heavy Launch for the History?

Nowadays, business and progress closely connected with new technologies and research. For example, the well-known businessman Elon Musk who recently launched the world’s most powerful rocket in operation called Falcon Heavy. He has managed to found companies with different goals: PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX to make his dream come true (Hern). Even though the launch might appear as a strictly personal achievement, it is also a significant achievement for the human history, and there are numerous facts to support this idea.

First of all, Falcon Heavy is one of the most powerful rockets existing today. Of all the modern rocket carriers, it is close to Saturn V, which was the part of the Apollo program launched in May 1973 (Wattles). This event became the part of the American history as the first flight to the Moon. Similarly to Saturn V, Falcon Heavy is a symbol of the possibility of the trips to the yet unknown planet.

Second, the launch of Falcon Heavy is the first step in the long-term SpaceX program which aimed at the future flights to Mars and its colonization. According to The Guardian, Elon Musk plans to regularly transport cargo to the Red Planet in less than ten years (Hern). It should be said that such ambition and the ability to implement projects provides a high probability that in less than a decade people will call Mars the colonized territory. All in all, SpaceX sets the goals which could have been called unrealistic only forty years ago.

To conclude, the launch of Falcon Heavy rocket is a serious step for the humanity on the path to the future flights to Mars. Moreover, it provides people with the belief that even unrealistic ideas can come to life. Undoubtedly, it is a milestone in the history which influenced the development of space technologies in general.

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Sample II

Humanity has been amazed by space since ancient times, always with curiosity and big expectations of what kind of things we could find in the vast universe. All these incredible findings have made us want to reach higher and farther, explore and investigate what surrounds us and beyond. This is one of the greatest reasons to be in the “space career.” According to Benson (2014) we have seen great scientific and technological leaps that guide our society to evolution, from the development of “fire-arrows” devised by the Chinese, hundreds of years ago to the newest, super heavy lift launch vehicle and greatly updated Falcon Heavy (the biggest rocket built so far).

In other terms, this is a quite innovative rocket, because it has a structure that is not more than three Falcon 9 all together, with different specifications so they can work with an amazing coordination; one of the best things is that the engines of the Falcon Heavy can land in the surface, which makes them reusable. In accordance with Spacex (2017) It also contains a Dragon module (another creation of SpaceX) where the payload to low Earth orbit (LEO) is 63,800 kg or 140,660 lb, the payload to geostationary transfer orbit (GTO) is 26,700kg or 58,860 lb; so comparing it with its direct competitor the Delta IV Heavy from United Launch Alliance, the Falcon Heavy has doubled its capacity for a total price much lower according to Berger (2018) About US $ 90 million Falcon Heavy against between US$ 300 and US$ 600 million Delta IV Heavy.

In summary, this launch is a milestone in the history of humanity, more for what it will mean in the future, rather than what it means today.Thanks to this, we can really dream of more missions to the Moon, manned missions to Mars, and even the possibility to build in the moon or beyond. Space exploration has reawakened in many of us a great emotion, thanks to the Falcon Heavy we can go further, previously only on theory, now also in practice.

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Sample III

For decades space exploration has been the top government priority, that’s why the only source for such programs was a budget funding. However, today we have a completely different picture with private companies stepping in. One of them is SpaceX, the developer of the Falcon Heavy rocket.

For the record, since Apollo17, there haven’t been any outer space missions. That’s why launching a new rocket such as Falcon Heavy is already a big deal. There were a lot of talks about the project, however, here we are – the rocket was successfully launched in February this year. It’s hard to underestimate the importance of this event for the history. Millions of people have been waiting for this epic event for years and not in vain, as it opens new horizons in space exploration and travel.

Being the biggest carrier rocket for commercial purposes, Falcon Heavy has changed our history irretrievably (Greshko). For instance, we will be able to send cargoes to outer space. So, one day, we may transport equipment to Mars and start building a plant there. These talks have been around for years, and now this fact is very close to reality.

Besides, trips to the nearby planets may not be science fiction anymore – people will be able to travel on this rocket too. Musk, the founder of the SpaceX, claimed at the conference in Mexico in 2016 that his goal is to conquer Mars and make it habitable (Wall). Who knows, probably this will be our response to overpopulation problem which is already looming on the horizon.

Speaking of what we have today, this rocket has successfully launched one of Musk’s Tesla cars to the orbit around the Sun (Daley). Probably it’s not a big deal, but it’s another proof that we are expanding our presence in space.

In fact, the space race has started. Soon, we will be seeing other private rockets making their contribution to the space exploration and pushing our limits. However, Falcon Heavy is the first rocket that officially turned a new page in our history.

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