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Funny Speech Example: Friendship Between Man and Woman

Why Is Having Male Friends Awesome?


“Friendship between men and women is impossible.” Many of us have heard this phrase at least once in life. It seems Hollywood movies never grow tired of popularizing this statement. The heroes of No Strings Attached, Friends With Benefits, or Love Me If You Dare keep proving that friendly inter-gender relationships are doomed to develop into something more, or come to a dramatic end.

Common Ground

Unfortunately, we tend to believe the Hollywood movies and don’t wait for anything good from the attempts of making friendships with members of the opposite sex. I want to convince you that any doubts and worries are baseless. Moreover, I have immaculate arguments for having male friends.

Let’s be realistic: if you’re not Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, or somebody near these two, not every man on the planet will fall in love with you as soon as you meet them. They might have some more intimate intentions, especially if they are in their puberty, but that’s another story.

When we meet a new person, we can say almost immediately whether we want to be more than friends or not. For example, I have two best friends, and they are both good-looking and interesting fellows. I enjoy talking and hanging out with them. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m secretly in love with them. If I or any of them have felt something like that, we would simply explain everything, because trust and frankness are a foundation for good friendly relationships.

Positive Sides of Having a Male Friend

Having male friends is amazing, and for good reason. First of all, there is no competition between the two of you. He knows that you’re prettier, and you know that he is stronger. The end. Secondly, modern female friendship (especially between young girls) is way too demanding. You have to post endless photos of you together in all your social media profiles with captions like, “Me and my bestie,” or “Hanging out with my lovely Anna.” You have to talk on the phone for hours. You have to tell her literally everything about your life. Otherwise, your friendship might seem unreal.

In contrast to girls, boys don’t need any proof of your friendship. You can disappear from their life for a month, and nothing will change. They will still be glad to see you and won’t even unfriend you on Facebook.

Finally, male friends are much more honest and easy-going than female friends. If you do something wrong, they will inform you instead of justifying your mistakes. If you want to meet, you don’t have to spend three hours choosing a perfect outfit for Instagram photos. And they will never steal your new boyfriend.


The awesomeness of male friends is undeniable. Yes, you won’t have pajama parties and Ryan Gosling movie nights together. But you’ll have someone who is always there for you. And for your broken computer.

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, Harry and Hermione, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift – our history knows a few examples of the friendship between men and women. Frequently, many stories that start with friendship end with love because it seems to be more romantic. But life isn’t a romcom. A friendship between opposite sexes can be great without any romance. In our funny speech example, the author provides at least five reasons for having male friends. You can use our sample as a template or source of information, but we ask you not to copy it!

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