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Polar Vortex Causes and Effects Essay

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What Are the Causes and Effects of a Polar Vortex?


Close to the poles of the earth, distinct areas exist that harbor a persistent low pressure air, full of winds and cold air which turn around like tornadoes, these huge areas are called polar vortices or a polar vortex (singular). The characteristic of polar vortex at the North Pole is its counter-clockwise rotation while its southern counterpart has an opposite rotation. Although two polar vortices do exist; however the vortex around the North Pole has more importance and effect on weather changes.

Polar Vortex Effects 

Recently the main cause of some biting cold winters is attributed to polar vortices. In November 2014 the cold weather storm struck USA, from Virginia to Maine on the Thanksgiving Eve or in another incident in mid-November intense snow storms were created due to the conversion of the moist warm air of the Lake Erie, resulting in a snow blanket with a height of 1.5 meter, crippling daily activities in less than 24 hour (Kelsch, Matt).

The environmental scientists believe that these recent climate changes are due to human activities. In the meanwhile some scientists point to global warming which makes the arctic sea ices melt down quicker (What Is a Polar Vortex?).

Polar Vortex Causes

In general polar vortices are affected by unbalanced temperature differences made on the earth’s surface, making the cold and warm air getting replaced by convection. Thus it is logical to assume that modern industry leads to global warming and hence could have an influence on a polar vortex.

Polar vortices are not new and they have naturally existed to keep the freezing cold weather of the poles intact and preserving the mother earth from flooding.

Thus if we like to have a better earth to live in we must realize the importance of polar vortices and ways to preserve it through being friendly with the environment.

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