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Geography Research Paper Example on World Cuisines

The customs of cuisines are an important part of human life, as they reflect the experience of people who lived before us, who came from antiquity. These customs were formed under the influence of natural, historical, and social conditions, from cultural exchange with neighbors. The historical events occurring in different countries, as well as their geographical position, culture, traditions, national characteristics, and religious beliefs of their people had a great influence on national culinary recipes.

The many methods of cooking dishes have been perfected over many centuries and often today, without realizing it, we use recipes and techniques for cooking various dishes that have been known for a long time. The geographical location of the country influences the use of methods for cooking various dishes, the variety of kitchen utensils, and the use of various spices to a large extent. For example, in Asian countries, it is customary to use a large variety of spicy greens, and for the preparation of pilaf (which is very common in various Asian cuisines), the use of a cauldron is common. For the cuisines of European countries, and the countries of America, Australia, and New Zealand, which are characterized by food that can be cooked quickly enough, sandwiches, pizza, and canapés are very popular.

You can find more information about the topic in our geography research paper example in Chicago format. Often, students don’t know how to start their writing. For this reason, we present samples written on different topics. Each sample is interesting and helpful if you need ideas for your own writing. We invite you to read through a culture research paper example for understanding how to deal with your own paper. But don’t copy it – it will be considered plagiarism. Use it as a template that can guide you while writing.

Read through the following sample in PDF format and you will be ready to write your own paper.

The Influence of Geography on French Cuisine


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