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History Essay: Where Was Prussia?

Having analyzed Prussia and its location, it would be safe to assume that it was a German state that was ruled by numerous tribes, that at the time was known as Prussia. Essentially, the whole kingdom was a combination of numerous tribes due to the fact that prior to the German invasion, the region was inhabited by West Slavic tribes.

Although, despite the fact that the region was invaded, the whole kingdom can be considered as German since they were the once who ruled in later and the majority of the locals had pro-German views (“Prussia – New World Encyclopedia”, 2015). Furthermore, prior joining German Empire, the country was relatively small in size.

Indeed, the country started small, but managed to conquer several lands and back in the day, was named East Prussia. Today, the whole country is divided into several parts, including Poland, Russia, Lithuania, which indicates that the whole kingdom were not only massive but consisted of numerous countries (Guisepi, n.d.). However, in 1871 Prussia declared war against France where they succeeded to take over the region of Alscane-Lorraine. The battle pronounced the end of French hegemony in the land mass of the European region, which in turn resulted in the unification of Prussia (Wawro, 2004). The two countries merged their powers and were generally considered as the dominating force in Europe. As years went on, the union was split due to the fact that Germany lost the World War I, which also ended the Prussian supremacy. Indeed, after the events of World War I, regions previously owned by Prussia were divided between Poland and the Soviet Union, which marked the end of Prussia (Wawro, 2004).

In conclusion, Prussia was a strong country that not only conquered several lands, but managed to maintain them for a long period of time, proving that they were not only powerful but wise at the same time. Although, despite Prussia’s efforts, they lost the World War and ceased to exist.

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