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Israel Conflict Essay Sample

Can the recent wave of intense mutual violence in Israel, cause another Gaza war or the third Intifada?

Since the inception of the State of Israel, the Arab-Israeli relations always were on the brink of the war. During the last 40 years Israel and Arab countries, like partially-recognized state of Palestine, had a number of conflicts and wars that defined the Arab-Israeli relations as perpetual sectarian and racial conflict that does not seem to seize to exist in the years to come. Recent acts of Arab on Israeli violence led some to believe that this new spiral of conflict may lead to a new intifada or even new Gaza war. While, on the surface, it may seem like a logical continuation of an ever going struggle, the real reasons and intentions this time might differ and produce a totally different outcome than all the previous acts of violence.

Recent street attacks that occurred in the last few months again put the shaky peace between Israel and Palestine into danger, but, while the first two intifadas had the same origin, there are a few things different this time. First, most of the recent attacks were carried out by young Jerusalem citizens who lived most of their lives in the Jerusalem or Israel, had education and did not belong to any extremist or anti-Semite organization. The only thing all attackers had in common is their distaste of their social position and inability to improve it in a legal way, at least in their mind.

While attacks were supported by terrorist organizations like Hamas, no organization took responsibility as most of them still haven’t recuperated from the last two armed conflicts with Israel armed forces, and, it seems unlikely that they are seeking another direct confrontation with Israel army. One of the attackers even wrote on social media that he prohibits any organization to take responsibility for his actions: “I ask that the political parties do not claim responsibility for my attack. My death was for my nation and not for you” (The Guardian, 2015).

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