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Journalism PowerPoint Presentation: Bloggers vs Journalists

The issues surrounding journalism and blogging is one of the main conflicts in the communication sphere. In fact, bloggers and journalists have different roles. Bloggers are essentially eyewitnesses and are not required to have good writing skills. For example, in the first half of the twentieth century, an eyewitness would comment on an event to a journalist.

Now, the eyewitness can create a blog post with their own vision on the situation and share it with their friends or community. The journalist is a representative of mass media and strives to achieve a certain level of professionalism. In the new era of technologies, the difference between journalism and blogging has become blurred.

The discussion about the difference and similarities between journalists and bloggers is still relevant. Should bloggers be treated as journalists and be punished for providing incorrect information? Explore more information on the topic in the following journalism PowerPoint presentation.

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