Little Women Book Review

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Little Women Book Review

What’s So Great about Little Women?

In Little Women, Louisa Alcott emphasized two crucial and essential parts of our life – the true meaning of family and the power of love. The main idea of the novel is that “into each life, some rain must fall.” Nothing is perfect in this world. Each of us faces many obstacles on our way.

People are often asked what the most important thing in their lives is. Many will answer money, material items, car, etc. In this book, Louisa May Alcott shows the importance of family values. The story of the March family starts during the Civil War in New England. When the father of the family went to protect his country, the family was left to survive on its own. However, the most important thing, the bond that kept them together was the understanding of family values. The four sisters Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy supported and loved each other. Alcott wanted to show that the family is a very important part of a person’s life.

Louisa May Alcott portrayed the love, as something magical, which can work miracles and gives hope for all. Truly, love does work miracles!” (Alcott, 1983) In this novel, love is everywhere, not only romantic love, but there are many other kinds of love that sustain the characters. The book shows that love can sweeten every bitter situation.

Besides, Louisa Alcott showed the importance of female community as one of the most important social institutions. Although the novel’s primary focus is domestic, concerned with family education and acculturation, it also expresses some feminist views (Magill, n.d.). This book is full of the values and beliefs of its time (Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, n.d.).

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