Nuclear Power Science Presentation

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Nuclear Power Science Presentation: Nuclear vs. Solar Power

The sun, wind, and other sources of renewable energy are rapidly growing, and catching up to nuclear power plants in terms of the amount of produced electricity. At the moment, nuclear power stations produce two times more energy than renewable sources. However, many countries have reduced the number of nuclear power stations because of Fukushima and other accidents.

Nowadays, there are more than 130 abandoned nuclear power stations in the US. The main reasons are connected with low profitability and the need for nuclear waste disposal. Today, the capital costs of the construction of a nuclear power plant exceed the similar costs for any other energy source, with the exception of certain types of renewable energy sources. A solar station will provide heat and electricity to a city, and people in this area will be able to breathe clean air without fear of dangerous accidents.

If you are seeking for a nuclear power science presentation, the following presentation should help you. In this presentation, the author explains whether nuclear power is better than solar power.

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