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The Cherry Orchard Summary

What Is the Meaning of the Cherry Orchard Symbol in the Poem?


Anton Chekhov is the finest short story writer of his period. According to New World Anton Chekhov can be pertained to such kind of writers who prefer highlighting the sense of his poems through the symbolism. “Russia is our great orchard,” says the author of The Cherry Orchard (1816). This phrase can be considered the central idea of the poem through this masterpiece of literature is nothing else but a demonstration of the crucial moment that took place in Russia. The cherry orchard plays a fundamental role as a symbol of changes in Russian society.

The Symbolism of Cherry Orchard

The characters of the poem are not heroes of the poem. They only demonstrate the type of people who pass ideological and social challenges of those times. All of them are weighed down with legacy and consequences of serfdom. Certainly, all characters are unique, and each of them has a specific reaction on the fact that that cherry orchard should be sold. Anya understands that it is impossible to start a new life to live this way and to save this garden. She symbolizes the type of progressive people of those times. There are still those like Charlotta Ivanovna, Firs and Lyubov Ranevskaya who are not ready to lose the orchard in case they cannot imagine their life without this symbol of the happy old times. For Lopakhin this garden is the satisfaction of pride. He bought the place where his fathers were representatives of the lower class. With the help of these reactions, Anton Chekhov demonstrates how different representatives of society adjust to the novelty of Russia. The central symbol of the poem is a cherry orchard. It should be mentioned that it is a symbol of the past. It is both artistic detail and symbolic image. For every character, the cherry orchard plays a specific role. For some it is idealistic memories of childhood, for other, this orchard reminds hard, oppressive past. In any case, the orchard is the inseparable part of their life. And what is important the cherry orchard is a symbol of foundations fracture.


In many cultures, the cherry orchard symbolizes youth and purity. Nevertheless, orchard’s cherries of the past will be no longer sweet nowadays. That is how the author underlines that this orchard is the relic of the past. The cherry orchard is Russia that stands on the crossroads of undergoing changes. The aristocracy loses its power. The cherry trees are cut down.

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