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Sample Papers

The papers below are samples of the work that EssayShark writers can produce according to specific instructions from our customers. These sample papers are provided solely for the purpose of familiarizing oneself with the writing skills
of our writers.

The Computer: Humankind's Greatest Scientific Discovery

Paper instructions from customer:

Determine what the greatest scientific discovery or invention made by humankind is. You are expected to write an expository essay with a limit of 500 words. There is no specific historical period to observe, so you can choose whatever discovery or invention you like, starting from the wheel and or with flexible OLED displays.

In your paper, you must:

  • list several criteria according to the significance of the discovery and state your point of view on the subject
  • sketch out the history of the discovery or invention; specify dates, names, and milestones referring to its history
  • list the benefits that the discovery grants to humanity; make it clear how it affects people's everyday lives
  • draw a conclusion that restates your thesis; use a quotation of a famous person, referring to the discovery
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Harper Lee and Emotion: Fiction is Not Fiction Without Sentiment

Paper instructions from customer:

The assignment involves analyzing one of two books: Gideon’s Trumpet OR To Kill a Mockingbird

It is a critical book review and not a book summary. Accordingly, your paper must:

  • contain a thesis
  • present concrete supporting materials from your book and course materials
  • develop and rebut the most persuasive counter-arguments to your thesis
  • draw a conclusion that follows from your arguments

Here are several suggested theses (choose one or introduce your own):

Gideon’s Trumpet illustrates [or challenges or qualifies] Marc Galanter’s argument that the “haves” always come out ahead…

To Kill a Mocking Bird illustrates [or challenges or qualifies] the argument that law cannot produce social change in a racist community…

These are only suggestions. There are no “right” answers or arguments. You should persuade us of your argument, while teaching us about its potential weaknesses.

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Name of Business: The Vintage Hub

Paper instructions from customer:

Write an executive summary of a business plan for an innovative business idea within the sphere of public catering. There are no strict requirements for formatting an executive summary of a business plan, which means you can organize the information that you include in whatever way you like.

However, when writing, make sure to cover these points:

  • the description of the business, its main idea (250-300 words)
  • goals that will be set by the enterprise, as well as business strategies that will be applied in order to achieve them (100-150 words)
  • specify the means by which the enterprise will attract customers; sketch out the plan of an advertising campaign (150-250 words)
  • initial expenses and income projections (250-300 words)
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Does Democracy Favor Oral Culture or Written Culture?

Paper instructions from customer:

In the West, democracy is considered to be the norm when the running of the state is concerned. A large amount of modern research is dedicated to various aspects of democratic ruling. The assignment is to write a critical thinking paper about the correlations between democracy and two types of culture (oral and written) adopted by the society, with a word limit up to 600 words.

Make sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • give definitions to the terms of democracy and culture; state your thesis about how democratic ruling and the type of culture are connected
  • introduce the point of view expressed by a scientist who specializes in the respective field; briefly describe the essence of their research
  • demonstrate how democracy benefits from oral and written culture, and state which one it favors
  • speculate on the possible consequences of democracy favoring another type of culture; list several examples to illustrate your assumptions
  • restate your thesis statement in a conclusion, and briefly summarize your arguments
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Organizational Behavior Practices that Foster Positive Change in the Workforce

Paper instructions from customer:

Write an expository essay about organizational behavior practices that foster positive changes in the workforce. The word limit is 700 words.

When writing the paper, make sure to cover these points:

  • provide a definition of organizational practices, and list the most popular ones (in-depth planning, requesting feedback, thinking as a group, using special tools to measure changes); state what is the purpose of their implementation in the workplace
  • briefly describe the essence of each practice in separate paragraphs; specify their effectiveness in fostering positive changes and show how they affect employees
  • in conclusion, once again briefly list the described organizational behavior practices and state their role for an enterprise
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Research a Popular Writer: Bernard Werber

Paper instructions from customer:

Write a 3-page paper researching the life and works of Bernard Werber.

The task is to research the writer and write an annotated bibliography that mentions:

  • Titles of his works – the most common and well-known ones. These are primary sources. At least three, and at most four.
  • Two encyclopedic articles about his work and life.
  • Five articles from academic and scientific journals commenting on particular works of the writer.

These are secondary sources.

Write 3-4 sentences about the source, not plagiarizing the content material. The paper should be written in APA style.

The entries should be placed in alphabetical order by authors' last names. There should be at least 10 sources. If you find one, you can include a documentary film in the list of sources.

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College Admission Essay

Paper instructions from customer:

Imagine you are going to enter Bates College. Write a 2-page college admission essay.

Please, describe an experience that has impacted your educational goals, and explain how Bates College can help you accomplish them.

In your paper:

  • Present a brief introduction stating your aim of entering Bates College.
  • Show your own experience that affected your educational aims.
  • Prove that Bates College can help you to achieve your goals.
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Diagnosing a Patient: Does It Hurt or Help?

Paper instructions from customer:

Write a term paper answering the question – Diagnosing a Patient: Does it Hurt or Help?

Identify the measures you have chosen to focus on for those that are most in need of improvement or that otherwise warrant attention.

  • Present a clear and focused thesis statement
  • Tie your paper together with a solid introduction and conclusion
  • Support your point of view with appropriate examples

Cite at least 6 sources according to Chicago formatting style

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Adopted Children Adapting To New Parents

Paper instructions from customer:

Write a case study on the topic: “Adopted Child Adapting to New Parents”

  • Write an introduction describing the particular issue
  • Introduce the main problems arising in families with adopted children
  • Conclude your paper with thought-provoking ideas


  • Proper use of spelling, grammar, and syntax
  • A works cited page which includes all the relevant information about your sources, including author name(s) if known. If your sources were found online, the date of retrieval and a full URL should follow. (See APA Style and example documents in Doc Sharing for reference)
  • This assignment should be 3 pages in length (750 words minimum)
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The Canterbury Tales - Your Story

Paper instructions from customer:

Write a 3-page short story that is similar to the Canterbury Tales in style and manner of writing.

It does not have to rhyme. It has to be your own story, expressing a unifying theme or moral.

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Workplace Issues and Solutions

Paper instructions from customer:

  • Write a 3-page research proposal about a workplace issue
  • Choose one of main problems in the workplace and provide a solution for it - it may be a real-life example, or your own concept
  • Briefly describe the particular problem, specify its essentials and negative consequences
  • Offer the solution to the problem
  • Support your ideas with descriptive examples
  • Include at least 7 sources in the list of references
  • Make sure you stick to MLA formatting
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TV Advertising Spots Are Dishonest

Paper instructions from customer:

  • Prepare the presentation, supporting the idea: “TV advertising spots are dishonest.” It should be at least 2 pages long.
  • Point out the secret messages and hidden persuaders in well-known commercials. Write a full preparation outline as though you were giving a 5-6 minute informative speech.
  • You will need examples, statistics, and other means of supporting your ideas.
  • Attach an MLA formatted bibliography with at least 5 sources of information.
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Russian Culture and Traditions

Paper instructions from customer:

Write a 4-page paper about Russian culture and traditions.

Present a brief introduction, presenting general information. Make sure the introduction keeps your paper together and attracts the attention of the reader.

Please, cover these topics by putting it in bold in the main body:

  • Topic 1. The perception of home in Russian culture
  • Topic 2. Effects of Western culture on Russians
  • Topic 3. Russians and religion
  • Topic 4. The influence of Dostoevsky on Russian culture
  • Topic 5. Stereotypes about Russians in media

Sum up your paper with a 2-3 sentence conclusion.

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Science Writing

Paper instructions from customer:

Find a popular science source and look for an article about physical sciences or technology (physics, chemistry, geosciences, meteorology, astronomy - not biology or health). It should be a reliable article. You need to read the article and available related source materials to understand what is being said and what the point of the article is. From what you comprehend from your reading, write a 3-page literature review.

Your summary should include references for the article and any supplementary articles you may have used to help you understand the content of the article (at least 5 sources in total).

This small project aims to help students to be familiar with numerous popular sources of science, be comfortable with reading and comprehending these sources, and practice communicating the information gained to your peers.

Examples of sources are:

  • The New York Times (which has a science section every Tuesday) available online at www.nytimes.com
  • Science News (a brief but excellent newsletter available in many libraries and on newsstands)
  • Popular Science, Scientific American, Discover, New Scientist, National Geographic, or a similar publication of such scholarly value.
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Employee Motivation

Paper instructions from customer:

  • Make an extensive overview of the literature
  • It must be written in a scholarly way
  • Cite reports that are disparate with your hypothesis/research question as well as those that support it
  • Reviews must be analytical (and critical, where appropriate)
  • Make sure you find appropriate sources that note large-scale and small-scale enterprises

The objectives for conducting this research will be to:

  • Establish techniques and ways of motivating employees in an organization (large-scale and small-scale organizations)
  • Establishing and understanding employees' level of needs
  • Establishing a relationship between motivation and job performance

If possible, the review may include some charts and pictures about the theories or tools that will be given in the chapter (they will not be included in the main body, but in appendix). You can also mention specific software for solving this particular problem.

Please avoid using data that is sourced within the USA. Data should be from international sources.

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