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OCP Disorder Research Paper

The obsessive-compulsive personality disorder affects about three percent of the world population. In the USA this level has increased up to eight percent. This neuropsychiatric disorder has a wide range of symptoms both visible and hidden. The character of manifestation is determined by the personal peculiarities of every individual. The most common repetitive actions and behavioral patterns are hand washing, constant counting, and abnormal perfectionism. This OCP disorder research paper provides information about the study of the disorder, its etiology, and the general symptoms. People with OCPD are frequently less fortunate in work or interpersonal relationship because of their obsession with details and checking.

OCP Disorder Research Paper

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The Picture of Dorian Gray Research Paper Sample

The beauty of the soul is eternal. Appearance is changeable, and no one should estimate another person only by his or her looks. Oscar Wilde created a whole novel to prove this statement. At the beginning of his book the author shows the hero of Dorian Gray as a handsome and innocent young man. He enjoys his youth and doesn’t know yet about the power of his beauty. Unfortunately, Lord Henry decides to remove the scales from Dorian’s eyes. When the protagonist realizes how precious his beauty is, he becomes obsessed with the idea of conserving his current state. His mania transforms him completely and spoils his heart. Our “The Picture of Dorian Gray” research paper analyzes how Oscar Wilde represents his ideas about outer and inner beauty in his novel. If you enjoy reading our “The Picture of Dorian Gray” research paper, don’t hesitate and take a look at another literary research paper sample about The Great Gatsby.

The Picture of Dorian Gray Research Paper Sample

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All Quiet on the Western Front Research Paper: The Theme of Animal Instinct

This “All Quiet on the Western Front” research paper presents an analysis of the book from a specific point of view. The author examines how Erich Maria Remarque touched on the topic of the animal instinct in his novel. Erich Maria Remarque was a German novelist whose books are mostly dedicated to the First World War and its influence on German society in the twentieth century. The concept of human nature and the unconscious are not the central part of his reflections. For certain, he alluded that the war didn’t affect society as a whole, but put under pressure all its members. Every person faces these horrors alone, so the fear and hatred can awaken the hidden sides of our soul. Unfortunately, they are not always the best ones.

All Quiet on the Western Front Research Paper

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Falcon Heavy Essay Samples

Even if you are far removed from science and technologies, you’ve probably heard about the well-known businessman and inventor Elon Musk. His name is closely associated with the range of globally known companies such as PayPal, Tesla, SolarCity, and SpaceX. His recent project is Falcon Heavy, a heavy-lift launch vehicle. The Falcon Heavy was designed and produced by SpaceX and developed with private capital. Elon Musk announced that one of the project goals is a colonization of the Red Planet. The Falcon Heavy essay samples below define the meaning of this project for human history and global development.

Falcon Heavy Essay Samples

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The Tax Research Paper about US Corporations

Tax evasion in the United States is an acute countrywide economic problem. Big and wealthy corporations such as Microsoft, Apple, and Johnson & Johnson ignore their duty to the country and hide their revenues in order to avoid taxation. This tax research paper describes the most widespread methods of tax evasion that US companies use: offshore, overseas companies, outside organizations, etc. The writer uses these statistics to prove the significance of this problem and demonstrate the most egregious examples of fraud. Tax evasion creates imbalance in the state economy and deprives citizens from their social benefits.

The Tax Research Paper about US Corporations

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Impressionism Research Paper Sample: The Hierarchy of Subject Matter in Art

Impressionism has cardinally changed the basic ideas of art in the nineteenth century. The artists of the new generation declared that feelings and impressions are much more important than objects and realism. They had made the inner world top priority. At first, Impressionism was gravely criticized by viewers and adherents of canon and traditions, but it didn’t take long before this new wave became a worldwide movement. The new principles have affected not only art, but also literature, music, and theater. This Impressionism research paper represents the history of Impressionism, its origins, and influence on the art process.

Impressionism Research Paper Sample

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Women’s Rights Research Paper: The Influence of American Revolution

The issue of women’s rights is the key problem of social networking even today. Some radical feminists are not satisfied with gender inequality, especially in Muslim countries. Modern sociologists suggest that the revolution in the USA has become a landmark in the history of equality between men and women in the USA. This women’s rights research paper shows the value of changes that have happened after the American War of Independence. The significance of feminism has greatly increased in nineteenth century because of the consequences of the revolution.

Women’s Rights Research Paper The Influence of American Revolution

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Organ Donation Research Paper: Commercialization of Organ Transplants

This organ donation research paper begins with a catchy introduction and ends with a logical conclusion. The main body includes three parts. The first part presents general facts about organ transplantation and its current problems. The next part provides the information about the positive effect of the commercialization of this medical service. The last part, on the contrary, shows the negative consequences of commercialization. The author analyzes both ethical and economical sides of the topic taking into account modern and potential tendencies.

Organ Donation Research Paper

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Pride and Prejudice Research Paper: Women’s Views on Marriage

The first wave of feminism overflew Europe in the nineteenth century. However, in the novel “Pride and Prejudice” we can see the first seedlings of vindication of women’s rights. Jane Austen was not a regular writer. She paid attention to problems and the ideas in society that are essential even today. The “Pride and Prejudice” research paper below analyzes the relationships of four different couples represented in the novel. The author researches how Jane Austen understood the marriage and her point of view on this social institution. Although she didn’t approve of women’s obsession with the idea of marriage, she seemed to be more understanding than criticizing.

Pride and Prejudice Research Paper Women’s Views on Marriage

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Ethereum Research Paper Sample

No doubt, cryptocurrency is the future of the world economic system. Despite a great number of opponents, the idea of blockchain platforms is gaining the interests of the wider audience every day. This Ethereum research paper talks about origin, peculiarities, and possible benefits for the business process offered by the founders of this platform. Ethereum generates the cryptocurrency called “Ether.” Since the beginning of 2017, this digital currency has experienced an impressive increase – about 6,800%. The economists suggest that this success has been achieved thanks to a wide range of additional options which satisfy the needs of global business.

Ethereum Research Paper Sample

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