Coursework Sample Pizza Hut in Hong Kong

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Coursework Sample: Pizza Hut in Hong Kong

Are basic customer requirements considered by the product provider?


Pizza Hut in Hong Kong has an objective of providing quality services to customers by offering delicious meals and drinks. A good marketing strategy is a key factor in success of every business; therefore, Pizza hut in Hong Kong offers a variety of quality meals and drinks that include pizza, pasta and several snacks ((Jones, 2011). Although most foods that are served by the restaurant have Western origin, the company has flavored some of its products with Chinese ingredients making them attractive to the locals who are majority customers in the area.

Pizza Hut was started 50 years ago in United States and has been established in several other countries. All the respondents acknowledged that they knew about the existence of Pizza Hut in Hong Kong, this means that the company is well known in Hong Kong because it employed a good marketing strategy. Respondents are also satisfied with the meals that are offered in the restaurant, this means that the company has worked on the diversity of different customers. It is evident that Pizza Hut in Hong Kong has successfully achieved in designing a system that matches the need for this specific attribute. Consumer’s value have been considered in making food and drinks which are offered in this noble restaurant.


Product quality is essential in influensing consumer demands. High quality products increase sales because customers are attracted to products whose quality is exceptional. The food industry is very competitive hence need for quality tasty foods as low quality products result in massive loss of customers (Ryan, 2011).

In Pizza Hut restaurant the taste attribute has been developed. In my research and the results of the questionnaires that were filled by the respondents it is clear that the company offers quality products because more than 80 percent of the customers have agreed that the taste of the meals is good. Respondents attributed that cold meals are usually not fresh and they do not have a nice taste. Pizza Hut restaurant offers hot and fresh refreshing products. Customer’s satisfaction in the restaurant’s food taste indicates that the restaurats have successfully achieved customer’s requirements.


Cost is an important factor in marketing. High costs can lower demand of products because it may be difficult for potential consumers to afford costly products. Although high quality is attributed to high costs, lowering of cost can result in poor market attraction of the upper high class society. Therefore, determining cost of products should be done in a way that accommodates each social class. In, addition the prevailing competition in the market also helps to determine a suitable cost of product in order to maximise sales and stay ahead of the competitors (Ryan, 2011).

In my research, I was able to obtain data showing the number of people willing to buy a product at a given range of price. It was evident that majority (more than 50%) of rich professionals such as managers were able to pay more (more than HK $140) even though most of them did not prefer the product. Pizza was not a preferred meal to them because majority of the professionals were men. High prices for pizza lowered the purchasing power of students, for example, no single student was able to afford pizza priced above HK $140. However, according to the design of the prices of pizza at Pizza Hut, every class is accommodated as the restaurant offers several types of pizza which are affordable to people from different economic classes. Pizza Hut creatively designed its products to stretch across a wide price range therefore suiting a wide client base…

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