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History Essay Example: Hitler’s Positive Changes for His Country

Hitler: Fascist or Reformer?

There can be different attitudes to the person of Hitler, and, sure, it is hard to find at least one reason for non-German people for loving him, but still he was a great leader and during the first years of his governing did much good for his nation indeed: liquidated unemployment, brought back to life German industry, laid motorways, the armaments industry… But all these good things grow dim on the background of that terrible butchery in which Germany and the German people were pulled in by magnificent Reichschancellor. And due to this reason all mentions about the merits of Hitler before Germany cause pain and anger in the hearts of respectable Germans.

However World War ІІ and its deplorable end is only the inevitable result of Hitler’s policy. Here are the impressions Mussolini had after Hitler’s visit to Venice in 1934: “This obtrusive man… this Hitler is a fierce and cruel creature. He compels to remember Attila. Germany so remained from times of Tacita the country of barbarians. It is an eternal enemy of Rome” (Anonymous, 2010). I guess that Slavic people would share his point of view, but there is no need to hate Hitler only because he encroach upon your Motherland. Every man have positive and negative sides, views and beliefs due to which he choose his conduct’s model.

But the fact remains that Hitler heaved up Germany from an ash in the shortest time. The whole economic and social policy of Hitler was submitted to one – to rouse the Aryan race for the battle for the revival of empire and dominion in the world. In his economic policy Fuhrer was rather bold. In 1934 he started his financial reform which gave tax facilitations for night shift workers and people who worked on holidays. The untaxed minimum was also increased. Оn the other hand the policy of racial intolerance emerged. Even deposits of foreigners were sent to national budget of Germany which was also enlarged by connected resources of state and private businesses. There also existed special programm of increasing of birth rate, Maternity was estimated as heroism. There was another side in this policy: patients who were sick with heritable and psychical diseases were sterilized, new-born with innate illnesses and terminally ill children were killed. It is surely cruel but still such method provide the whole nation’s health (Anonymous, 2013).

Beyond no doubt Hitler was a man of great plans and ambitions but in some moment he just overestimated his possibilities and powers. Many people believed in him and treated him in that times as God. These words can be confirmed with abstract from the letter of banker Yalmar Shakht: “I do not doubt that the course of events will bring you to power inevitably and you will become a chancellor. Your motion hides in itself such force of true and necessity, that victory will not keep you waiting. It does not matter where my activity would bring me in the nearest future, even if one day I will become jailed in a fortress, you can count on me as on the faithful follower” (Chernyh, 2009).

In our hard and changable times it is difficult to deny his truly realistic sayings, for example: “The more I know people, the more I love dogs” or “Nation is so as a woman, the more you beat her, the more she loves you.” It is so indeed, and Hitler is not guilty in it but human nature. He came to different conclusions and started using it, but lost. But the fact that he has followed only his own beliefs till the end and has not given up as a coward makes his person notable. He was a whole-hearted and decisive man, it was he who ruined the Versailles system which had humbled all German people so much, But he was unluky to be born in the age of domination of meanness, trampling on honour and responsibility…

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