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Lab Report Sample: Behavior Modification Effect on Behavior Changes


The mechanism of self-management is considered as the best approach of addressing personal behavior. Every person is different and exhibits different behavioral characteristics. This implies that people have different behaviors depending on the internal and external factors. This laboratory report will focus on self-management and seek to understand how a person can change a given behavior. To foster a deeper understanding, the discussion will focus on human behaviors and mechanisms of making changes. Every person has a behavioral component that ought to be changed.

Changing a given behavior could pose numerous challenges. From an expertise point of view, modification on human behavior can only be attained through techniques such as self-management (Higgins & Mavin, 1982).

Effect of Behavior Modification on Behavior Changes

Modification of human behavior happens in daily life. Some people initiate changes in their lives in order to meet certain goals. For example, a person could be struggling with smoking or even laziness. In such a scenario, the person requires to adopt a comprehensive mechanism of changing the behavior. Changing behavior is no easy task and requires a great deal of sacrifice and commitment from the person. Behavior change occurs in phases. In addition, the person undergoing self-management should be keen in terms of attaining short and long-term goals. Patience is an important virtue when it comes to modification of human behavior. As mentioned in the paragraph, behavior modification takes place in phases. The discussion will be undertaken from the perspective of an experiment. This is aimed at understanding the causes of behavior change and other associative factors. An analysis of the results will be undertaken in a bid to get the gist of self-management (Cangelosi, 1988).



The participants involved were addicted to smoking. Four participants were chosen for the experiment. The participants chosen have been struggling with smoking for many years. Their participation in the experiment was timely.


The intervention strategy was considered an important resource in terms of measuring the scope of smoking. Daily and weekly interventions were initiated in order to measure the progress made by those addicted to smoking.


The behavior that I wanted to change was smoking. I have been addicted to smoking for quite some time. Despite efforts to change the behavior, I have always found myself smoking without stopping. From a medical perspective, smoking affects the lungs and could cause cancer. In addition, smoking is known to increase blood pressure. Smoking is considered a dangerous health factor.

According to data and statistics, smoking causes a barrage of problems in the health of a person. The decision to quit smoking was based on living a healthy life free from drugs.


The intervention plan was used for the sake of addressing the smoking problem. The plan involved weekly and daily plans in which data and information were recorded. The data of the person was indicated in order to measure the progress made toward quitting smoking. The weekly plan was preceded by a daily plan which indicated the steps taken by the addicted person in terms of quitting smoking. The daily plan was inclusive of mechanisms used in order to address smoking. The plan was instrumental in terms of bolstering the efforts of the addicted person (Johnson & Turop, 1982).


The first step to quitting smoking is to formulate a course of action, which ought to be followed. The course of action should be seen from the perspective of a policy mechanism aimed at reducing smoking. Smoking is addictive. This means that the person in question ought to be bold in terms of observing the rules and set of laws from the concept of self- management. Self- management does well as long as rules and regulations are followed. It is important to follow the regulations set in order to meet the objectives. Despite challenges involved, smoking requires a great spirit of sacrifice and dedication (Hitzman, 1986).

The person addicted to smoking should be ready to outline a series of behavior changes. The changes are expected to reflect the objective of quitting smoking. For example, it is prudent for the addicted person to formulate a range of measures aimed at improving behavior. The person should engage in activities in order to avoid idleness. It is mentioned that smoking affects people who are idle. An idle mind is prone to engaging in negative endeavors. In a situation where the person is addicted heavily, he should reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day. For example, the person could reduce the number of cigarettes smoked to two. This should be done on a continuous basis until the person wins against smoking addiction (Higgins, Rholes & Jones, 1977)…

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