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Management Paper Sample Workplace Safety and Wellness

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Management Paper Sample: Workplace Safety and Wellness

Question 1

Stressors are the things or situations that trigger stress in a person. The stressors exceed the usual pressures that an individual needs to be motivated as they cause the release of stress hormones that render someone unproductive. This is because they affect an individual’s, attitude, energy, communication, health, happiness, tension, creativity, and all the other factors that make an individual to function well.

Examples of stressors in workplace include relationship conflict, new responsibilities, inadequate money, change in condition and policies, been maltreated at work, or lack of adequate time or resources to carry out work-related activity.

Stress is the response to circumstances that threaten an individual’s wellbeing, force a person to act in a given manner, or to adjust in order to maintain or strike a balance. These conditions and things are the stressors. Thus, stress is the response to stressors. The response to stress is also referred as fight- or flight-response, that cause involuntary changes in a person’s body, in an attempt to prevent the perceived danger. The level of stress differs from one individual to another; since, different people handle situations differently. Depending on magnitude of the stress, it can be mild or chronic and in terms of the cause example of stress are job stresses, conflict stress, leadership stress, or interpersonal stress.

Strain is the effect of the stress subjected to a person. It is the effect whether physical, psychological, or emotional that a person experiences when they encounter pressure. Thus, it can be in different forms such as uneasy psychological, emotional, or physical state. The level of strain depends in the level of stress. Examples of strain would be pain, nervousness, or memory lapses. Strain within a workplace can be experienced whereby one is expected to meet the organization objectives within poor working conditions. Additionally, strain can be experienced when an employee is entrusted with multiple responsibilities without all the necessary resources such as enough machineries or enough time.

Question 2

Work-related stress is common problem in all organization around the world that affects the organization’s productivity as well as the employees’ well-being and health. The stress arises from the various types of demands in work and a combination of personal issues that affect a person’s ability to cope. This section, as a Human Resource manager in a company I will discuss five factors that are related to stress in work.

These factors include human factor, situation factor, change, conflict, and personal factors. The five factors were selected because majority of the issues that are related to stress risks stems from the content of work, the structural and social work context, and other intrinsic factors such as poor physical health, lack of motivation, time pressure, and overload. The interactions between these aspects determine the level of stress in work. Thus, despite the fact that, workplace stress can emanate from different factors, job, manager, change, conflict, and interpersonal stress tend to be the most common…

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