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Essay about Martin Luther King Jr

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Essay about Martin Luther King Jr.: Contribution to Liberalism


Martin Luther King Jr. is a well known public figure in the social and political spheres of the United States. Through his brilliant philosophical ideas, studies argue that he greatly influenced the American society and the world at large in terms of politics and human rights. It is with no doubt that he was a great child to his parents and that he had a number of beliefs about human nature and the society, and as indicated earlier he influenced the society in various ways. The essay below seeks to support this argument with core evidence.

His Birth, and Early Life

Martin Luther King Jr., the first-born son of Martin Luther King Sr., a Baptist priest, and Alberta Williams King. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, his father worked as a priest at a huge church in Atlanta, Ebenezer Baptist. Bound as a Baptist priest at the age of 18, Martin’s open-speaking capabilities advanced slowly all through his academic years. These skills later turn out to be renowned as his heightened in the Public Rights Program (Birt, 2012). He garnered a second-position award in a speech competition while a student at Morehouse. However, he received C-s in two civic-speaking units in his initial year at Crozier.

All through his learning, Martin Luther was open to inspirations that linked Christian doctrine to the tussles of burdened individuals. At Crozier, Morehouse, and Boston University, Martin learnt about the nonviolent demonstration of Indian frontrunner, Mohandas Gandhi (Birt, 2012). During his time in Boston, Martin came across Coretta Scott, a music scholar and inborn of Alabama. They got married in 1953. They later had four children.

Beliefs about Human Nature

Students globally recognize the role that religious belief played in the public movement created by Martin Luther King Jr. However, a small number have investigated into the density of King’s divinity itself. The importance of one characteristic of his doctrine in specific; imago Dei, the certainty that humans are created in God’s image is astonishingly ignored. In a very recent research a comprehensive analysis of King was administered. Martin Luther appealed for civil rights by studying various theorems (Commager, 1994). The first point is tracing the development of this notion over the past of Christian thought, displaying the academic sources Martin Luther King Jr. drew on in building his own beliefs.

Beliefs in Social Works

Martin employed this impression in his public rights work. The belief that all individuals are made in God’s appearance was essential. This was Martin’s thinking of human nature as well as equality. Even though Martin shared with sundry of his black church lineages the view that humanity’s making by God was a great dispute for the impartiality of all individuals, he also seized the notion in advance (Commager, 1994). For Martin, being created in God’s likeness meant that people have not only the power, but also the right to reshape culture and form a beloved community on the planet.

His Impact on Politics

As the frontrunner of the church, Martin upheld a policy of not openly certifying a U.S. governmental party or contender. He felt that an individual had to remain in the place of non-alignment, with the aim of looking empirically at both parties and be the morality of the two and not the master or servant of either. In a 1958 dialog, he uttered his opinion that no party was perfect. King did not consider the Republican Party as a party filled with the almighty God or even the Democratic Party (King &Washington, 1986). Martin thought both parties had weaknesses. He was not indissolubly bound to either party.

Individualism vs. Collectivism

All people have knowledge of the heating Republican contest for the executive candidature nomination. Additionally, fact that the Head of state, Obama, will shortly be protecting his own honor in office alongside whoever acquires it, it is vital to distinguish between collectivism and individualism when studying the several key cast list…

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