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Personal Experience Essay: How Great It Was to Visit the Opera for the First Time!

The opera isn’t over till the fat lady sings.” (Anonymous)

An opera house is a theatre where musicians take the stage to perform their craft. In my early age, I had only read about the Opera House. And when I had the opportunity to visit an Opera House to see “In the Heaven”, it was an incredible experience. It was just like Heaven itself, and I had a life-changing experience from the phenomenal performance which lasted for three hours. I got this lifetime opportunity from my friend, who is an actor performing live shows in the theatre.

When I had first arrived at the opera house, it was silent all over, and red velvet carpet covered the floor, which made us feel it was as extravagant as the festivals and awards that are attended by celebrities. Beautiful chandeliers had made the ambiance more musical and fresh. The theatre was beautifully designed with famous paintings of musicians on the walls, and the seating arrangement was so well done that if we saw the theatre from a sixty-degree angle, we could see the harpist perform. My ticket was scanned, and through torchlight, I was directed toward my seat.

Ultimately, the time came, and the show started, the lights dimmed, and the chandeliers were lighted. The music was very soothing and had a blend of classical and pop. The show had an adoring audience, as the performance deserved it. This was the best experience from the very first opera in my life, and I experienced what a few lines of a performance could do with the human mind, and that was awesome. As Sir J. Merrill Knapp perfectly said, “Opera does not call so much for an imaginative ear as for an imaginative eye, an eye which can see beyond little absurdities toward great truths.” The imagination continued in my mind long after the opera ended. The fat lady was still singing inside my heart.

Apart from the magical performance, we all were provided with a list of artists who were performing along with a brief of their performance. Each performance ended with a piece of instrumental music that signalled that the performance of another artist was going to start. When the show started, we all had been given some refreshments so that we did not leave the place in between, disturbing the audience.

They had two intermissions in between, where we could refresh ourselves or choose some snacks which were just behind the exit gate. A small cafe provided all sorts of food for guests. The parking zone was well maintained, and taxi services were arranged by the theatre. I saw a reservation counter where many people had booked their taxis for after the show was over.

I would love to see these performances again, which gave me such a wonderful and mesmerizing experience.

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