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Perspectives of Telemarketing Essay Sample

Telemarketing Perspectives in Current Business Models


 Modern corporations continually adopt customer-focused approaches in research and development, marketing, and other essential business operations to enhance customer experience and acquire new markets. The development of information technology today is an integral part of business corporations as it aids in the integration of different operational paradigms that were conventionally complex, thus promoting efficiency and productivity. The development of telephonic technology and its subsequent adoption into the business realm, otherwise known as telemarketing, has eliminated the geographical barriers in marketing and enhanced customer experience and market acquisition as an improvement, hence propelling its importance in business development and marketing. However, as the tenets of marketing linearly evolve with existential technological models, the conventional setup of telemarketing may be considered obsolete in the current world due to the existence of alternate communication and marketing channels such as social media marketing, among others. This paper focuses on the applicative viability of telemarketing in the current world.

What does the definition of telemarketing involve?

 Telemarketing is a derivative of two terms, Tele – implying distance and marketing- interactional activities between customers and corporates; Thus, the definition of telemarketing involves interactional activities between customers and corporates involving market acquisitions through product or service engagements (Ataya n.p). The researcher further indicates that customer engagements focus not only on product or service sales or market acquisitions but also on improving customer experience through the feedback mechanism, thus aiding in the sustenance of existing market shares. Ataya (n.p) states that a significant advantage of using telemarketing is associated with its feedback mechanism. According to the researcher, telemarketing offers marketing personnel a unique opportunity to collect feedback while providing product or service information. Additionally, the researcher further asserts that telemarketing may replace physical meetings as all other facets of physical sessions, excluding physical interactions, are included in telemarketing. According to the researcher, therefore, telemarketing offers a unique opportunity for distant customer engagements, thus proving its viability in modern business environments. 

The aspects of telemarketing techniques
 Telemarketing techniques, including inbound calling, outbound calling, cold calling, and emergent rob calling, have been pivotal for corporate marketing personnel to contact and manage different customers. According to Hemawarti et al. (138-140), these techniques form the fabric of customer-corporate interactions. Additionally, the researchers state that the objective of telemarketing itself allows for the integration of other tools that support telemarketing hence strengthening its viability in the current corporate world. The development of technology, including internet telemarketing through virtual platforms, social media marketing, among other web-based telemarketing approaches, obeys the traditional tenets of telemarketing. According to the researchers, the current technological models contrastingly offer similar telemarketing services to traditional telephonic techniques. Virtual meetings, for instance, through web applications such as Skype, focus on customer engagements and feedback collection during communication that is similar to the paradigms suggested by Ataya (n.p). The researchers further state that social media marketing offers complimentary feedback collection systems and marketing approaches; however, its efficiency is not comparable to telemarketing as one-on-one conversations increase customer satisfaction (Hemawarti et al. 138-140). In summary, despite the technological changes in the business realms, telemarketing still holds a pivotal position in customer engagement and market acquisition. 


 In brief, telemarketing is a crucial tool not only for marketing but customer management. Technological improvements continually focus on improving the tenets of customer interactions though they widely operate within the paradigms of traditional telemarketing; hence these improvements largely complement the existenting telemarketing frameworks. Therefore, business entities should focus on integral approaches to widen the reach of their telemarketing tools within the operational paradigms of customer engagement and feedback collection.

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