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persuasive essay shopping at the walmart stores

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Persuasive Essay: Shopping at the Walmart Stores

First-time students that are just joining campus are usually unaware as to how to lead campus life. Issues such as socialization, education, and the livelihood of the student must be developed at a favorable pace that ensures that the student has all the information at hand before making any major decisions. As such, the decisions made will ensure that students do not have regrets later on when an earlier decision backfires on them. One of the major decisions that a freshman should make is where they will be doing their shopping or the ideal place to go to the mall.

The Walmart shopping experience would be the ultimate decision regarding where a freshman student should carry out their shopping.

Critics discourage shoppers, especially students, from shopping at the Walmart stores since they believe that students should be allowed to make their own choices as to where to shop. The idea they seem to be suggesting is ironic, since their sentiments seem to try to control the student’s choice of shopping place by dissuading them from shopping at Walmart. Furthermore, the reasons presented by these critics are quite vague and are representative of people with a negative agenda for the shopping experience at Walmart (Slee 147).

Students’ cash allowance is usually quite limited, and thus they have to control their spending to ensure that they do not run out of cash mid-way through the semester. To manage this limited cash reserve, students have to budget their expenses, only making the necessary purchases, and look for ways and places where they can purchase goods and products at the cheapest price possible. The Walmart stores are ideal for such a student (Hitt, Duane and Robert 374). These stores have a reputation for selling goods, products, and services at discounted rates to their consumers.

Studies carried out on the discounts that are offered at Walmart have generated very positive results. Foremost, they seem to indicate that Walmart is one of the cheapest destinations for a person to shop since their discounts are as yet unrivaled by any other supermarket or retail chain. Studies have shown that people shopping at the Walmart stores collectively save roughly $200 billion per year, which is generated from the discounts offered at the retail stores. This figure is much higher than government programs such as food stamps, which have been known to save citizens roughly $28.6 billion annually.

Therefore, the student population wishing to engage in shopping at reduced or discounted rates should choose Walmart as their favorable choice. Another positive statistic that gives Walmart an edge as the ideal choice for freshman shoppers is that the retail stores allow shoppers to save up to 17% of the money spent on purchases of groceries. This means that the money saved after a purchase of groceries at these retail stores can be channeled to other uses, which will eventually lead to the shopper receiving value for their cash spent.

Critics also argue that the retail store’s groceries have not been checked by the health and safety experts and thus are unsafe for consumption. This statistic is meant to dissuade people from buying at these stores. However, this claim is untrue, since the retail store controls one-fifth of the nation’s grocery business. To date, cases of food poisoning or degrading health occasioned by items purchased from the store have been almost non-existent. Furthermore, the retail chain buys its groceries in bulk and from trusted suppliers, ensuring that the goods purchased are of good quality and are also healthy. Such incentives should be magnets that attract shoppers to the stores, especially students…

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