persuasive speech sample on dog training

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Persuasive Speech Sample on Dog Training


Dog training is the art of teaching a dog how to act and behave appropriately, as well as perform other special duties. For a long period, dogs remain the friendliest animals to human beings. As such, human beings attempt to coach their dogs so that they can behave almost as similar as human beings behave, or assist them in performance of specific duties. Even through dogs cannot speak like humans; they can listen and understand when given instructions. In addition, they perform their duties diligently as long as they know the command and understand how best to execute it.

There are different types and breeds of dogs, which cone in different sizes and strengths. As such, there are particular types of dogs suited for performance of a particular kind of duty or responsibility (Applebaum 1).

Importance of Obedience Training

There are several models of training dogs, as well as several objectives of training them depending on the type of dog, the size of the dog, and the occupation of its owner. Generally, all owners of dogs tend to train their dogs on obedience. Obedience is a virtue that both human beings and dogs hold dear. Man is autocratic in nature and likes to give commands that must be obeyed. Being a companion to the man, the dog has to obey all the command from the human, otherwise it would lead to a callous relationship between the dog and his or her master. However, dogs do not have the intellectual capacity to hear and understand commandments. This is the reason why dog training is important because it enables domesticated dogs to know what human being says as a command, and follow it effectively (Arden 122).

Training dogs on obedience has been a very successful endeavor especially owing to the reception of dogs to such commands from their masters. Many dogs now know how to use the toilet and flush, the know how to open a refrigerator to get their food when the masters are away and want the settle their hunger. In fact, the success story has grown to the extent that some masters can send their dogs to fetch groceries or do shopping. It is amazing how dogs maximize their intellectual abilities to behave as humans yet they are of completely different genres. In an effort to expand the intellectual capacity of dogs, some dog trainers are training dogs to perform advanced human activities such as driving an automobile, or riding a bicycle, or using a scooter, or skating. Dogs learn from different ways but mostly through observation.

Problems of Dog Training

Training dogs is not an easy task. For a dog to hear, interpret and carry out the commands given to them by its trainer, the dog has to be calm, at peace and willing to learn. The conditions under which one trains a dog are very paramount in the dogs’ reception and acceptance of the learning. A dog, just like human beings, requires comfort, love and affection. In an event where the trainer lacks any of these virtues and instead treats his dogs like the animals they are, the dogs would not learn properly. Furthermore, whatever they learn would be for their own defense mechanism against the harsh human and not as a sign of obedience to the command given by the master…

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