The Hunger Games Book Review

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The Hunger Games Book Review

In what ways does Katniss’s hunting experience prepare her for the Games, and in what ways does it fail to prepare her?

It is important to indicate that Katniss hunts in the forest using a bow and arrow. The idea she demonstrates at this moment is that if she is able to cover one particular area, then she can have a relevant chance of survival. As a result, such a hunting experience can adequately prepare her for the Games. Peeta is clearly aware of her skills, and she also knows this aspect (Walker). Moreover, she considers that he may try his best to kill her in order to win.

The opposite is also described in the sense that he considers she can kill him. A significant element is that the other contestants are unaware of the skills manifested by competitors in the Games (Alvey). What is mostly evident in this case is that everyone tends to demonstrate their own skills. Such skills emerge as unique in the specific setting of the Games. However, individuals may completely underestimate Katniss’s hunting skills. The objective of this essay is to demonstrate the specific ways in which Katniss’s hunting experience prepares her for the Games, as well as her failure in terms of preparation.

The aspect of underestimating her hunting skills put Katniss at a significant disadvantage, but at the same time, it provides her with an opportunity to manifest her teamwork and cooperation skills by combining her skills with Peeta. In this way, they can both act as a team over their competitors and win at the end (Walker). Unlike her competitors, Katniss’s hunting experience had prepared her for the Games in both physical and mental aspects (Roback). Another advantage for Katniss is that she has had a relevant experience of taking care of her family, implying that she is ready to take a challenge, as well as take responsibility for her actions.

Nonetheless, Katniss’s hunting experience has failed to prepare her for the Games, especially in terms of her inability or unwillingness to trust other individuals. She has been described as blinded by her overwhelming feeling of distrust (Alvey). In fact, Katniss is unable to see the complete picture of her reality as a result of such growing distrust, which clearly illustrates the destructive power of this feeling. She turns out to be in survival mode during the Games in the sense of being constantly defensive. Yet, this demonstrates her weakness in the long term. At the same time, it can be argued that Katniss’s way of reaction is similar to the one of other contestants (Walker). At the end, the instinct of survival is evident in everyone else’s way of thinking because no one wants to die. The concern with survival leads the characters’ experience. The fact that other contestants appear quite volatile and tactile pushes Katniss to react in a harsh manner by failing to trust people. In conclusion, Katniss’s hunting experience can be described as complex and problematic because the author focuses on both her personal strengths and weaknesses as part of such experience. Katniss illustrates the strength of a character with a persistent instinct for survival, but also with the inability to trust others.

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