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Persuasive Speech About Fashion

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Persuasive Speech About Fashion: Fashion vs Style

Each of us is unique. And one of the tools to highlight this uniqueness is fashion and style. Both men and women strive to look attractive by wearing certain clothes and accessories. In the following persuasive speech about fashion our expert discusses the importance of style. But before we proceed reading it, let’s read some basic information about fashion and style.

In general, fashion is a transformation of images and forms. Fashion has already existed for many centuries. But its meaning has changed over the years. For example, in the 15th century fashion was considered as the privilege of aristocrats. Over time, the fashion and attitudes have changed. In today’s world nearly every person may wear fashionable clothes. Style is more about the person. Style is about communicating to the world about your existence, without saying a word. Wearing a stylish haircut and perfectly fitting clothes and accessories that harmonize with the total outfit can show a person’s own uniqueness.

Today it’s a problem to distinguish fashion and non-fashion clothes. In the 20th century every decade significantly differed from the previous one, while today’s fashion is about combining certain clothes in a new way. If you like the classic costumes – great, don’t be afraid to wear it. Sincerity and the desire to learn and communicate with the outside world is a primary goal to look stylish.

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What Makes Style More Important Than Fashion?


Fashion is social. The style is personal. Fashion is common. The style is unique. Fashion is outside. The style is inside.

Despite the pretentious beginning, my speech doesn’t include the aphorisms of early philosophers or a meditation on the eternal problems of humanity. Nothing like that. My only goal is to explain the difference between style and fashion and why, in my humble opinion, the latter is less important.

Claim 1. Fashion Clothes Cost a Penny

First of all, I lied. I will include one aphorism. Although Yves Saint Laurent has never claimed to be a philosopher, he is still one of the greats. Once he said: “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” I think that this statement is enough to prove the superiority of style. If you are used to wearing the clothes “a la mode,” your fate is unenviable: you should renew and rearrange your wardrobe weekly or monthly. It costs a pretty penny. You should probably spend this money on something more essential, like food or paying rent.

Claim 2. Different Bodies Need Different Clothes

“Fashion relies on unattainable looks on women with unrealistic bodies,” says Stacy London, an American stylist, and fashion consultant. I’m sorry, but I’m an inveterate liar who adores the aphorisms. Besides, why should I neglect the expert opinion? Let’s admit: our bodies are not perfect. And it is nothing to be ashamed of. Skinny or plump, pale or swarthy, with blue eyes or brown eyes – no difference! We all are beautiful in our own way. That is why we have to take into account our peculiarities and enhance our best aspects. Fashion doesn’t consider any single case. We should take up the initiative and transform the fashion tendencies according to our tastes and needs. And I’m not talking about current tendencies. You can use the fashion elements of different epochs to create your perfect look: a wide-brimmed hat, leather jacket, vintage dress, etc.

Claim 3. Style Gives You a Freedom of Choice

One more advantage of style over fashion is scale. Fashion is limited: it may influence the choice of your clothes, shoes, and maybe makeup and hair-cut. Your personal style covers more aspects: your posture, manner of speaking, gestures, and even the way you walk. If you follow fashion, people will look at your clothes and evaluate your personality according to your façade. If you follow your style, people will look at you and see who you are. The great example is Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc. He was one of the most famous people on the planet. Do you remember his permanent look? Jeans, turtleneck, and sneakers. No ties or three-piece suits. And, still, he was utterly stylish. These simple clothes didn’t hide his charisma and inner strength. Simplicity contributed to his charm and didn’t distract attention from the sense of his breath-taking speeches.


Finally, here we have an immaculate argument. Do you really think you will look better imitating someone else? Your friends, family, and colleagues like and love you, not a model from the magazine cover! Following your personal style provides you with an amazing opportunity to show everyone who you really are, to open the door slightly into your inner world. I can’t help but mention the words of the fabulous fashion designer Coco Chanel: “The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” Let’s heed the words of this truly wise woman and place personal style above fashion.

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