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Essay title generator

Try out our FREE essay title generator and get inspired to start your writing journey. All you have to do is input your keywords and get started!

Step 1

Research your subject and find some keywords related to your potential topic.

Step 2

Type several keywords in lines. Avoid using capital letters, periods, and full stops.

Step 3

Get a variety of topics suggested to you for your subject and choose one for your paper.

Select the type of paper

Research paper
Admission essay
Argumentative essay
Article review
Book review
Business plan
Capstone project
Case study
Creative writing
Critical thinking
Literature review
Movie review
Research proposal
Term paper

What is an essay title generator for?

When you have no ideas of what to write about, essay topic generator is the simplest way to turn on your inspiration. This tool can be extremely helpful not only for essays, but also other types of academic writing like research papers, coursework, etc. You can take your general idea and narrow it down to make it perfect for your paper.

How to use our title maker for essay more effective


Experiment with keywords to get different results


Improve topics offered to better follow your assignment’s instructions


Research a sample topic more deeply to gather more ideas


See your results and choose the best one

How to benefit from title generator for essays and other papers

Finding an exciting topic for an essay is a challenging task. And if a teacher does not offer a specific topic in the instructions, it can make the process of essay writing more difficult as you’ll have to formulate one yourself. Students always start preparing to write an essay by selecting a subject, so formulating a topic is crucial. Generating a good title for an essay usually becomes an essential part of a written task.

Another potential issue in terms of a paper writing assignment is that the topic must correspond to the type of essay. For example, you must put the central problem into the title for persuasive essays. For compare and contrast essays, you need to select two subjects and combine them logically in the topic.. All these issues can be quickly resolved thanks to our title generator for essays.

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Advantages of Our College Essay Title Generator

The EssayShark paper writing service team has worked hard and consulted many proficient writers and other specialists to create a good essay title generator for students. We aim to help you with college papers in all possible ways and ease your studying process. Choosing our effective tool has many advantages that make our generator stand out:
  • A giant database with a significant number of titles

  • Regular updates with relevant information and widening of the database

  • Different types of papers covered (essays, research papers, term papers, etc.)

  • A good website that guarantees easy navigation and comfort for users

  • Fast work of the tool: you will get a comprehensive list of exciting topics speedily

  • Many disciplines and areas of study covered

  • The tool is easy to use – generate a bunch of topics in several clicks

  • Ability to get unique and creative essay titles

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Why You Need Our Title Generator for Essay

Students who use our essay titles generator admit that it helps them resolve all possible problems with their papers. If you still have doubts about applying our effective tool, here are some benefits of using it for your written assignments:
Multiplying your ideas
If you lack creativity, resolve this issue using our effective topic generator for essay. Once you start using our revolutionary tool, you will quickly get a list of multiple exciting themes and ideas. You can choose one idea and widen it or combine several ideas to create your unique topic. Using our essay title generator will let you think out of the box and free your mind.
Narrowing the subject down
Students assigned to generate a topic for an essay or other paper usually feel overwhelmed as they do not even know where to start. After researching a subject, students typically get a broad list of information and cannot define the core aspects. Using our paper title generator will quickly narrow down any issue into several main words.
Reducing stress
Being assigned any written task is enormously stressful for a student. If you have no idea how to state a topic, you will become anxious and fail to be productive. Our academic title generator is an effective way to forget about stress and choose a working solution on how to select a topic. Instead of worrying, you can enter several keywords and get many potential ideas in a heartbeat.
Saving time
Creating a research paper or an extended essay usually takes a lot of time. Even skilled students often spend sleepless nights researching, writing, and editing their essays. If the deadline is short, the task becomes even more challenging. With our title creator for essay, you will save time outlining and formatting your paper, which is crucial if you aim to score a high grade for your task.
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Why Coming Up With a Good Title for Essay is Important

Without a doubt, picking the right topic for your paper can be intimidating and difficult. Consider the scope of your topic, its general relevance, and how well it corresponds to the professor's requirements. Take time to choose an adequate and researchable topic. What’s the role of the essay topic? And how can our essay titles generator help? Here are the answers:
Guides your research. It can be quite hard to figure out where to research when you’re not totally sure what your research goal is.However, our title suggestions will give you various specific titles to choose from. Once you have a specific title, it can help direct your paper and therefore help you choose the sources that can serve as a basis for your essay.
Gives you a goal. A paper title gives a focus to the overall work and will direct the writing process. That's one reason to be careful when picking your topic.
Boosts the creativity process. If you are struggling with writer’s block, our title maker for essays can help get your creative juices flowing. When you have fresh ideas at hand you can expand upon them or narrow them down to fit your paper requirements and come up with your own unique topic.
Engages the reader. Sometimes it’s hard to write an intriguing and captivating title page for essay that your professor will appreciate. An essay title generator can give you a rough sketch of essay titles that you can use as a basis for creating your own title.
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Disciplines We Cover With Our Random Essay Topic Generator

If you are interested in "who can write me an essay or other college paper" on a rare subject, do not worry. With our title generator for an essay, you will not face difficulties selecting a topic for any discipline. Our essay title generator supports these major subjects and more:
  • English and literature

  • Health care

  • Psychology

  • Nursing

  • Finance

  • Philosophy

  • Sociology

  • Law

  • Computer science

  • Marketing

  • Business

  • Finance

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Types of College Papers Our Essay Title Generator Supports

Our effective tool works not only as an essay title generator but also as a research paper title generator and an instrument for stating topics for many other types of academic papers. Moreover, the EssayShark team is continuously working to widen the list of possible types of papers from our generator for anyone. We support an extensive array of works. The following list shows some of the most common types we support:
  • Admission essay/personal statement

  • Persuasive/argumentative essay

  • Compare and contrast essay

  • Expository essay

  • Narrative essay

  • Descriptive essay

  • Academic essay

  • College essay

  • Personal experience essay

  • Term paper

  • Case study

  • Speech

  • Research paper

  • Dissertation

  • Theses paper

  • Book review

  • Bibliography annotation

Now you can see that using our essay title generator is perfect for selecting working topics for any paper. By using our tool, you will quickly get a list of ideas for your essays and boost your creativity. Our generator saves your time and reduces stress - you won't any longer think "who can do my essay." We are ready to take the academic burden off your shoulders.
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How to Pick Creative Essay Titles Using Our Tool

So, what do you need to do to pick a good title for essay among the hundreds you have already gotten through our special tool? Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to follow:
  1. Understand the assignment. Before you use our random essay topic generator, please make sure that you have clearly understood the professor's assignment. It's an important step as your essay title should be relevant and aligned to the instructions.

  2. Insert keywords and key concepts based on instructions into the required fields. It may be anything related to your paper including phrases, ideas, terms, paper type, etc. Also, consider the question or idea your professors have asked you to address in the paper. This will help you find more relevant and versatile titles.

  3. Analyze the generated titles. As soon as you view the list of the generated titles, check their quality and clarity. Note the ones that correspond to your instructions, to your paper’s level of complexity, and which are interesting to you because they make you want to conduct research.

  4. Experiment with different ideas and keywords to get more ideas. Save them to your word processor to evaluate them further when you feel that you’ve generated enough title options to choose from.

  5. Select three ideas that correspond to your professor’s requirements. Make sure that the ideas are interesting enough to make you want to conduct further research and write about.

  6. Test your chosen title ideas. Make sure that there is enough information on the chosen title by searching through reliable sources. This step is important to ensuring that you are able to cover the topic within the required word limit. Also, check whether it fits your cover page for essay.

  7. Rewrite the title according to your needs. Based on your research you can see whether you need to broaden or narrow the topic to make it more specific. You can combine elements from several title ideas into a new one to make it just right.

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FAQ about our essay topic generator

How does your title generator work?

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We have designed this tool to accelerate the brainstorming process and help students find topics for their essays, research papers, and other academic works quickly. Our college essay title generator is based on a great variety of topics that we store in our database. It uses algorithms to match the titles to the words you enter into the search bar.

You will also receive suggested topics that are related to your request. Not every title generated will fit your needs. That’s because our essay title generator was designed to give you as many ideas as possible. Use each suggestion to spark your creativity.

Why should I use your title generator?

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Successful essays often start when people have already picked out their relevant and specific essay title. If your professor hasn’t assigned you with a specific paper topic and you’re feeling stuck, our essay title generator tool will help. It will give you plenty of ideas for your research with just the click of a mouse. All you need to do is enter your ideas into the required fields and press the “Generate” button. Our system will quickly process your request and give you a list of titles.

How much does the title generator cost?

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Our generator tool is completely free and has no limitations. You can generate as many essay titles as you want. Experiment with keywords and phrases to get as many ideas as possible. Share our service with your classmates and friends to help them with their academic research.

Can I generate titles for academic papers other than essays?

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Yeah, sure! Our database contains title ideas for dissertations, research papers, case studies, and other kinds of papers that are typically assigned to students at colleges and universities. Just enter in the paper type into the search bar and check them out!

Can I order an essay on the generated topic?

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Yes, you can! You can even ask your writer to adjust the topic to your professor's requirements. All you need is to fill in the details in the order page and include your instructions. Our writers will narrow down the topic if needed to make it more specific and relevant. Also, they write a well-researched and clearly formatted paper for you.

Is it safe to use your college essay title generator?

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Sure! Our essay title generator doesn't store any information you input into the search bar. We encrypt your data to make sure your usage of our service is safe. All your actions will remain confidential and you can use the information you receive for whatever purpose you like.

How do I pick the right keywords for my essay?

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Read the assignment instructions carefully and identify the terms or phrases that would be relevant in a title. Also,specify the type of paper. For example, you can input keywords like “compare and contrast,” “Romeo and Juliet,” “explore,” etc. The title generator will then give you various title options to consider. If you aren't satisfied with the results offered, you can try to experiment with other phrases or combine several ideas into one title.

How many ideas can I generate with your service?

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As many as you need to come up with the perfect one! We know how crucial it is to choose the right essay topic. Our title generator can quickly process your requests. You’re bound to be inspired by the result.