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EssayShark.com always seeks qualified freelance writers with diverse areas of expertise. Our vacancies are open to professional freelance writers willing to demonstrate continuous dedication, marked responsibility, and to maintain high standards when working for the top academic assistance company on the market. If you are certain of being able to meet these criteria, and are seeking a highly paid freelance writing job, join our team now!

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When you work for EssayShark.com, you can control and manage your earnings yourself. Unlike other freelance companies, we do not have set prices for orders. Instead, you place a bid you are willing to work for, and directly chat with each customer to prove your expertise in the particular field. From the wide selection of orders we have available, you only bid for those you like.

No other freelance company can offer you that much freedom!

Among other benefits of working for EssayShark.com is the writers rating system, which ensures clear competition among our writers, based on every client’s feedback. There is also the ability to get direct assistance from the support team, if any communication issues arise with the client, and a guarantee you will always be paid on time, either via wire transfers, or one of the worldwide payment systems.

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