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Use the plagcheck for free as many times as you wish it, and ask writers for corrections if needed.


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All papers are written from scratch – otherwise, you will see it in the plagiarism check report.


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Meet the new and intuitive plagiarism checker report

To keep our services at a high level, we offer you a useful tool – a built-in plagiarism checker. You can make sure your paper is 100% plagiarism-free, or otherwise, ask your writer for improvements. In a plagcheck results report, our customers get their papers:

Plagiarism check
Check for plagiarism

Check for plagiarism

In the report, we show all text matches, including reference lists and quotes – you decide which of them can be left and which doesn’t suit your requirements and should be changed.

Check for paraphrasing

Check for paraphrasing

We detect if the writer changes the tense, substitutes words with synonyms, or changes the word order in sentences.

Check for hidden symbols

Check for hidden symbols

Our algorithm recognizes possible tricks such as the usage of hidden symbols and other manipulations to guarantee you a 100% original paper.

Cyrillic-to-Latin letter changes

Cyrillic-to-Latin letter changes

Checking uploaded text, we detect Cyrillic letters that has been changed to Latin.

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