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Become a freelance expert with us

Become an expert on EssayShark. It is a good way to increase your income working from home at a time convenient for you. If you are skilled in technical disciplines and want to make money with it, then quickly join our team!

How to register

Register & Fill profile

6 minute

Take technical test

60 minutes

Pass evaluation

2-5 days

Start working

Required skills

Intermediate English
Technical competence (Professional knowledge in respective field)
Practical expertise (Tech projects, coding bootcamp or certification)
Strong analytical skills (Problem-solving mindset)
Returning customers
150 000+

Returning customers

Done before deadline

Orders before deadline


Average quality score

Writers active

Years on the market

What it means to be an expert with us

Bid for hundreds of orders added every minute
Set your own price when bidding for orders
Get paid twice a month in a way that is most convenient for You
Receive bonuses for working productively and diligently
Chat with customers directly in chat and rate each other after every order
Work when it is suitable for You. Evenings, weekends, 24/7. You decide

Experts' testimonials

star 9/10
2 months ago
Exactly what I need This is a perfect place to gain experience, and earn money.
Maryam K.
Python expert, 7 months with us
star 10/10
8 days ago
Safe and reliable Timely payments and efficient processes. Everything just work in a way as it should.
Adam R.
Java expert, 2 year with us
star 10/10
3 days ago
I feel confident here I like that the platform is reliable and convenient.
Muhammad L.
C++ expert, 5 years with us
star 9/10
5 days ago
Just another level I have not met better analogues and extra money was not superfluous.
Aarav M.
Javascript expert, 9 months with us
star 10/10
2 days ago
Quality service The support is definitely quick to respond and helps, it's quite easy to navigate
Katarzyna L.
Python expert, 7 months with us
star 10/10
3 weeks ago
Best for freelancers I enjoy helping customers and felt happy when their requirements were satisfied
Advik S.
C# expert, 8 months with us
star 9/10
10 hours ago
Nice opportunities Best platform with the best support team and good workflow.
Emma W.
React expert, 1 year with us
star 9/10
5 days ago
Use friendly Simple interface and communication with clients.
Aarav M.
PHP expert, 2 years with us
star 10/10
9 months ago
Best part-time job It's a pleasure for me to assist customers while earning in a flexible work schedule.
Krzysztof J.
Swift and iOs expert, 6 years with us

Get rewards with ease

On our site, you can not only get paid to write papers complete assignments but also get rewards, which will help you to earn even more! An expert can receive the same reward several times - it all depends on your efforts and skills. The types and number of awards can be viewed in your writing profile.

Be your own boss

Be your own boss

Get the opportunity to work as a freelancer and be your own boss. Technical experts are free to choose the projects to work on and focus on the areas of expertise they are passionate about.

As a technical expert, you can from any location with Internet access. With a fair compensation system, technical experts can earn what they deserve for their skills and expertise. This allows for a mutually beneficial relationship between the expert and the client.

FAQ from freelance experts

How to become an expert?

chevron chevron

Our requirements are intermediate English proficiency, technical competence, and practical expertise. If you are confident in these points, you are welcome to proceed further and join our team. To become an expert, you have to follow three steps: submit your email, fill in your profile, and pass the test.

What if I did not complete my registration in time?

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If you haven’t clicked on the button to start the test, you can log out and then log in later to proceed with the registration. You have 60 days to complete the registration process from the moment you started your registration on the website.

However, if your application is closed due to inactivity, you can try again. All you need is a new email, the other details can be the same.

How much will I get paid and how?

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You’ll have total control over your finances. Only you decide what bid to put on each order and how many orders you can complete. The more orders you bid on, the more you can receive.

You can request your funds twice a month by using such types of payment methods as Payoneer and Wire Transfer.

Will I get any bonuses?

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Yes. Our company has an additional way to motivate and reward our experts. We have special bonuses and awards for productive and high-quality work.

What kind of tasks should I complete?

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It’s only for you to decide. We have many disciplines and various types of assignments. Our experts work on reports, coding, applications, etc. You can check the full instructions on bidding to estimate the task. In such a way, you can understand the requirements and decide whether you want to proceed.

Can I combine this work with my full-time job?

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Surely. This position is not scheduled by us. You are the one in charge of your workflow, so you can get as many tasks as you want. Consider your time and work when suitable. This position is a great addition to your permanent job.

What bid should I place for the order?

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For your to place an appropriate bid, you need to estimate the work. On bidding, you can review all requirements. It will help you to understand the time and effort you need to finish the work. We also have recommended bids for you to get a general idea of the price. Moreover, you can discuss this point directly with the client and negotiate the payment. Still, you are free to choose your own sum.

Why was my application rejected?

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If your application was rejected, it means that one of the steps of the evaluation process has been failed. The site administrator has the right to reject your application if it does not meet our internal criteria.

Don’t be discouraged, as maybe you should improve your skills a little or just get practical expertise.