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Registered: August, 2016
I'm a competent writer, with the skills&experience of over 10 yrs in all essay writings. I am going to deliver a super, timely, 0%plagiarized paper.
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Average rating: 9.34

Average rating: 9.34

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Health Care Delivery Models and Nursing Practice

APA 7th edition assignment , Health Care and Life Sciences, 4 pages#197161603, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
I asked for APA 7th edition, I send her a message in order to fix my assignment, she never replies.

Globalization and Native Americans

Argumentative essay , Humanities, 1 page#196497121, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Not bad.

Social Work Intervention

Discussion/Case Study , Social Sciences, 3 pages#195532127, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
The first paper was decent, this one was extremely late and I still had to make changes -_-

Hidden by customer

Coursework , Psychology and Education, 1 page#195979687, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Was not willing to correct the point that I talked to her about.

Personal Analysis Questions

Essay (any type) , Psychology and Education, 8 pages#192886039, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Writer followed the instructions and the paper was written with minimal errors but it was late, seemed rushed because it was not completed until the last minute after having two weeks to start plus writer should definitely be sure they can access certain textbooks before starting assignment so the person ha

Any topic (writer's choice)

Research paper , English and Literature, 4 pages#191430505, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
before the deadline was submitted thank you

What is language?

Essay (any type) , Language and culture, 3 pages#191445047, Canceled by Writer
Customer’s feedback:
Cancelled after accepting

Human rights somewhere in the world

Annotated bibliography , English and Literature, 2 pages#190206703, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Not too pleased with what you completed the paper on

Feminism in Modern and Contemporary

Research paper , Art, 10 pages#185913195, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Very poor. Late on delivery so I missed my deadline. Not happy

Hidden by customer

Research proposal , Computer science, 4 pages#180333843, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Not satisfied

Any topic (writer's choice)

Essay (any type) , Computer science, 2 pages#154251059, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
horrible writer

Hidden by customer

Coursework , English and Literature, 1 page#150159562, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Writer's from essay shark needs to learn how to write for university's schools. I am not happy with my work I am receiving. When I pay for a writer, I expect the writer know what they are doing. I should not have to point out what wrong with my assignment. The writer should have expertise in that field. I will not use you again because I am paying for something I now have to fix. I thought using this service would help me save time  from doing the assignment. Instead it put me in a place I still need to fix and write the assignment, which I do not have time for. This writer wants to go back and forth with me when I pointed out what's wrong and I do not have time for it. I told the writer she is using the wrong choice for words. she use words( it is ) too much! this paper is not for a junior high schooler. NEVER AGAIN!!!! writer always want you to give you 10 stars and you will not get it from me us less you prove you can write.

Any topic (writer's choice)

Coursework , English and Literature, 2 pages#142878386, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Not that bad

Business Analytics Project (Queuing System DSS)

project , Computer science, 8 pages#140221962, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
The attitude is good

Statis equation

Two statistics questions for an assignment. , Mathematics and Statistics, 1 page#139185710, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Don't know yet

chapter 11

Essay (any type) , History, 2 pages#127333293, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
asked for an extra 8 hours!!!!!

(See Attachment)

Research paper , Philosophy, 5 pages#110791481, Canceled by Customer
Customer’s feedback:
The writer wrote the paper in one night, I was not clear on many aspects but did not have a single question answered for over 4 days. Just said, 'let me check' repeatedly, making me feel like she was stalling me until my papers due date was here and needed the paper, regardless of the quality. I communicated to her multiple times, contacted support multiple times and the problem was never resolved. After reading the sources I had listed for the writer to use on the paper, to see how she came to the conclusions written, I found that the content was essentially copied and pasted. Rearranging ENTIRE paragraphs (same exact words, same ideas, everything) with one improper citation is MOSAIC PLAGIARISM. I even gave the writer a chance to revise and fix the problem after finding that out. Nothing ever happened.. Horrible first experience with this site.

Insertion of T-Cells into Mice

Research paper , Health Care and Life Sciences, 2 pages#110997387, Canceled by Customer
Customer’s feedback:
Pathetic work, the writer would not communicate at all. Pathetic Work, please do not get this writter

Research Paper Outline

Essay (any type) , Law, 2 pages#107156614, Canceled by Customer
Customer’s feedback:
The writer was 4 hours LATE on my assignment. The writer was also offline and didn't communicate after they promised to have the paper delivered on time. This is not fair!! Do not use this writer

Any topic (writer's choice)

Essay (any type) , Film cinema and other, 5 pages#103084771, Canceled by Customer
Customer’s feedback:
Not on time. Excuses


Research paper , Law, 5 pages#103010609, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
writer wrote incorrect paper the first time and I had to go to support and beg them to have the writer correct this.

Discuss any obstacles and/or hardships you have encountered and how you dealt with them.

Admission essay , Computer science, 1 page#101900679, Completed
Customer’s feedback:


Presentation or speech , Film, 2 pages#103093171, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
If the paper was submitted on time I might have rated it as an 8 or a 9. However it was over 15 hrs over due and I missed the deadline because of that and ended up doing the paper myself. The writer kept giving me school children excuses. I wrote to support and they responded saying they will look into it and never heard from them and I gave up 3 hours later.

Lesson Plan

Coursework , Psychology and Education, 1 page#103056959, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
uploaded my work almost 4 hours past due time.

Canadian Zinc Coorporation

report , report research paper, 6 pages#101650117, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
It was so unprofessional dealing with this writer as she took 3 hours and 35 minutes after By far this was the most stressful order i have ever dealt with.

Any topic (writer's choice)

Essay (any type) , Religion / Theology, 4 pages#100842722, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
This writer wrote a good paper but didn't really follow any of the instructions I gave. I asked him/her to edit the paper and they were done with it 1.5 hours after the deadline, after that they still had not made appropriate edits... after a while, I was just too frustrated to keep arguing with them and decided to call it quits. this is the first time essay shark has disappointed me, I probably will never use them again.

Las Vegas History - Netflix Series

TV Series , History, 3 pages#100864348, Canceled by Customer
Customer’s feedback:
the writer told me they would hit the deadline and then lied and said they had 2 pages done with 1 to go.  i asked them to upload the 2 pages so i could see and pay them and they said they would and never did....not happy - no need to lie

describing how your ideas developed

, Art, 2 pages#97039566, Canceled automatically
Customer’s feedback:
very bad writer, give me an essay which is out of topic, takes forever to revise it.

Gendered Art Critique Essay

Essay (any type) , art& gender, 5 pages#95859456, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
she did not care about the time you set to her, lots of excuse. one you dont give 10/10 she will play "game" with you. answer you message dependent on her mood. cant follow the instruction ever single time. i am so done with her.

Any topic (expert's choice)

idk , Business and Management, 3 pages#97332376, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
She is a last minute review paper and it wasn’t correct

Any topic (writer's choice)

lab report , Chemistry, 3 pages#97578100, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Quality is good but work was delivered exactly 1 hour 55 minutes past the deadline. Extremely inconvenient.

what is the impact of arab spring on bahrain

outline , Political science, 1 page#96513120, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Very poor

The Present Age

Essay (any type) , Philosophy, 3 pages#96308874, Canceled by Customer
Customer’s feedback:
Didn't give essay on time


Term paper , Health Care and Life Sciences, 3 pages#90874983, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
slow respond rate. didn't meet deadline

running a cafe in lifetime gym

Business plan , Business and Management, 5 pages#90950017, Canceled by Customer
Customer’s feedback:
slow response. he or she said will be online 24/7. no timeline for me. i can't let him or her help me anymore!

Macroeconomics of India

Essay (any type) , Economics, 5 pages#90606589, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
really late

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