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I am among the BEST WRITERS with 5-year experience in delivering EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY WORK. Hire me and join 400+ students I have helped earn GOOD GRADES
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Average rating: 9.60

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Human Movement

Critical review , Health Care and Life Sciences, 2 pages#210406893, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
didn't answer the question for the first uploaded document. The writer was able to rewrite and submit on time.

will identify a communication challenge you have now or had in the past and discuss/explore how you plan to or already did resolve it. To do this, you should consider how your environment (knowledge, experience, cultural background) including your social

Research paper , Health Care and Life Sciences, 4 pages#202857981, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
I really appreciate it, I love this so much and its perfect

Case Vignette and Assessment Tools

Essay (any type) , Social Sciences, 6 pages#199906941, Completed
Customer’s feedback:

cold war

Essay (any type) , History, 3 pages#199162909, Completed
Customer’s feedback:

Goldilocks has ADHD

Creative writing , Psychology and Education, 2 pages#184742815, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Great paper, not exactly what I wanted, but it still worked! thank you so much

Positive Leadership during the Cov-19 Pandemic

Research paper , Health Care and Life Sciences, 5 pages#174427387, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Fast writer

Briefly explain Borderline Personality Disorder and the main symptoms of this diagnosis. Discuss the difficulties with emotional regulation exhibited by individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder. What purpose might maladaptive behaviors serve for t

Coursework , Psychology and Education, 2 pages#174943697, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Nice Job!

Hidden by customer

Essay (any type) , Political science, 4 pages#174936171, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
good essay!


Essay (any type) , Business and Management, 1 page#174296359, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
great job

Letter to Future Student (Speech Class)

Creative writing , English and Literature, 2 pages#174188725, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
very good. did exactly what i needed

financial accounting3

Essay (any type) , Business and Management, 6 pages#173592865, Completed
Customer’s feedback:

Project managament

Essay (any type) , Business and Management, 6 pages#174196951, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
good work

Critical Analysis - Error Chains and SMS

Essay (any type) , Health Care and Life Sciences, 4 pages#174092669, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Great job!

Marketing Yourself

Coursework , Business and Management, 1 page#174178621, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
great work

Sea of Poppies Amitav Ghosh

Book/movie review , English and Literature, 2 pages#173612791, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Thank you. this was an excellent job, completed on time.

Please use this space to explain any time that has elapsed between your high school graduation and your anticipated enrollment at Penn State. Please provide a summary of why that gap occurred. If you attended another college or university during that time

Admission essay , English and Literature, 1 page#173173503, Completed
Customer’s feedback:

Please use this space to list or discuss your activities other than academic work during the last several years (for example: school organizations, jobs, athletics, the arts, community service, religious groups, or other individual interests). You may al

Admission essay , English and Literature, 1 page#172938605, Completed
Customer’s feedback:

Blockchain and Distribution ledger technology to verify the authenticity of luxury goods / sneakers in the secondary market

Coursework , Computer science, 6 pages#168291535, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
good work


Essay (any type) , History, 4 pages#147589186, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
good work

Using your source(s), explore the question: How did a diversity of views transform American society? Provide research in addition to your own analysis of some of the texts from lesson 2 such as "American Jezebel," "Repeal the Stamp Act!" and "Declaration

Research paper , English and Literature, 2 pages#147012582, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
writtten very well

Please identify the four-act structure in Vertigo and be sure to include the turning points between each act.

Book/movie review , English and Literature, 1 page#146405370, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
The paper was written well, but not finished by the deadline.

Criminal Justice

Critical thinking , Law, 4 pages#145980702, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
The paper was good. job well done

journal assignment

journal , English and Literature, 1 page#141567090, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
working with you.thanks

Popular Culture In America

Coursework , History, 2 pages#141061686, Completed
Customer’s feedback:

explain the terms "symbols and meanings" in communication, identified the example of them in "Achievement of Desire" in Hunger of Memory.

Coursework , Business and Management, 2 pages#140134878, Completed
Customer’s feedback:

A7 P by John Updike

Coursework , English and Literature, 1 page#138660658, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
I won’t be using the paper written by this writer, but appreciate the effort

Oryx and Crake Essay

Critical thinking , English and Literature, 3 pages#111104624, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
good work

Suicide Prevention in Adolescence

Research paper , Health Care and Life Sciences, 7 pages#109200833, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Ok. Would have preferred to get more of my money's worth. Almost $200 for barely any changes made to my paper and a paragraph added.

Various authors state that a business organisation can achieve competitive advantage through effective and efficient supply chain and logistics management.To what extent is this statement correct within the context of an org. you are familiar with?

Assignment , Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 10 pages#97866722, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
very good


Research paper , Anatomy , 1 page#97936882, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Good stuff

Any topic (writer's choice)

Research proposal , Social Work, 10 pages#95036812, Completed
Customer’s feedback:

Any topic (writer's choice)

Research paper , History, 8 pages#85665865, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
given the time constraint, he did a good job. some pretty heavy grammatical errors and the paper did not have a strong thesis despite providing one. However, the sources were great and the general ideas were good! definitely super helpful in a bind. Expecting to get an 82 on the paper

Any topic (writer's choice)

Rhetorical analysis of political ad. , English and Literature, 4 pages#84724680, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Thank you!

Please see attached documents for topic

Research paper , Psychology and Education, 14 pages#84548204, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Good Work

Matrices of Privilege and Oppression

analysis paper , humanities , 2 pages#83478426, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Great paper!


Case study , Business and Management, 12 pages#83313114, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
fast and furious

cause of workflow problem

Research proposal , pursuasive writing, 1 page#81995380, Completed
Customer’s feedback:
Very happy with this paper. Got it before my deadline.