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Art History Research Paper Topics: Just Dali It!

Art is a very complex topic to write about if you’re not good at it. You don’t get the symbols, and you don’t understand the artist’s ideas at all. We suggest you to write research papers and essays about art history instead. It’s more about knowledge and research than about understanding the thoughts and feelings of a person you’ve never met in your life.

Check out 60 art history research paper topics and ideas for brilliant essays, prepared by our essay writing service. Plus, we have great art history research paper samples that will serve as a good template for your writing.

Art history research paper topics on ancient civilizations

This subject is for those who want to dig deep! The ancient world is full of mysteries and secrets. Do you like Indiana Jones and Lara Croft movies? These topics will allow you to feel the spirit of history!

  1. Features of sculptures in Ancient Greece. The influence of science on sculptures.
  2. Compare and contrast Mesoamerican and Egyptian pyramids.
  3. The origin of the traditional Japanese and Chinese costumes and their impacts on culture.
  4. What were the main reasons for the Roman artistic style shift in the 4th century?
  5. The most famous pieces of Mesopotamian art.
  6. Compare and contrast the Egyptian and Greek canons of proportions.
  7. Hinduism in early Indian art.
  8. Construction of the Great Wall of China.
  9. The origins of Greek theater.
  10. The Scythian gold adornments.

Wanna learn more about the function of Egyptian Art? Check out this sample!

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Art history research paper topics: the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Day and night, life and death, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance – the contrast between these two epochs amazes everyone who is eager to learn more about them. Don’t hesitate to join their ranks!

  1. Biblical motives in Leonardo da Vinci’s early paintings.
  2. The role of Mughal paintings in forming the image of the Mughal kings in India.
  3. Ancient Greek motifs in Michelangelo’s sculpture, “David.”
  4. Why was Renaissance art so overwhelmed with Christian symbols and themes?
  5. The peculiarities of Raphael’s paintings.
  6. The representation of humanistic ideas in Renaissance art.
  7. What determined the main principles of Medieval art?
  8. The elements of Gothic architecture.
  9. The role of troubadours and trouvères in the development of European culture.
  10. Renaissance women’s clothing and beauty standards.

The Middle Ages are associated with mostly religious themes. Check out our Jesus Christ research paper about Medieval pictures.

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Art history research paper topics: 18th century

The 18th century was a time of glorious musicians and elegant architecture. Learn more about the Baroque style, Neoclassicism, and the Viennese School with our topics.

  1. The main features of late Baroque architecture.
  2. The history of creating “The Death of Sardanapalus” and its place in Eugène Delacroix’s paintings.
  3. What was the influence of the Industrial Revolution on art development?
  4. The combination of old traditions and new ideas in Neoclassicism sculpture.
  5. Compare and contrast the Baroque and Rococo art styles.
  6. The literature of the Enlightenment: the main authors.
  7. Famous composers of the First Viennese School.
  8. Rococo interior design.
  9. Erotic novels by the Marquis de Sade.
  10. The importance of Denis Diderot’s critiques for 18th-century French art.

The 18th century wouldn’t be the same without the French Revolution. Our expert compares french Revolution paintings and Greek art in this research paper sample.

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Art History Research Paper Topics

Art history research paper topics: 19th century

Artists are very sensitive people. They often sense the changes to come and express these feelings in their paintings. The artists of the 19th century are no exception. See for yourself with the help of our list.

  1. Edgar Degas and his “dancing” paintings.
  2. Key changes in methodology in paintings in the epoch of Impressionism.
  3. Coloristics of “The Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh.
  4. What is so special about the carving “The Veiled Virgin” by Giovanni Strazza?
  5. What is so special about the light in Monet’s “Sunrise”?
  6. How were Victorian beauty standards depicted in art?
  7. The connection between French caricatures of the 19th century and Goya’s prints.
  8. Why do paintings by Francisco de Goya have an important historical role?
  9. The peculiarities of Paul Gauguin savage art.
  10. Why did the critics reject Édouard Manet’s paintings at first?

Read about the beautiful art of Impressionists in our Impressionism research paper sample.

Art History Research Paper Topics 20 century

Art history research paper topics: 20th century

In the 20th century, the world went crazy: wars, revolutions, demonstrations, space exploration, etc. Changes touched each sphere of human life. Artists couldn’t stand aside and launched the beginning of new art movements: Surrealism, Cubism, Futurism, and others.

  1. Main similarities and differences between the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.
  2. Surrealism in Salvador Dali’s sculptures.
  3. Different mannerisms in Pablo Picasso’s paintings, from Art Nouveau to Cubism: evolution, or just separate periods in his oeuvre?
  4. The combination of different art styles in the painting “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt.
  5. The psychology of color in Kazimir Malevich’s works.
  6. Realistic and artificial motifs in Jasper John’s “Flag.”
  7. What are the peculiar features of Art Deco hotels in French Indochina?
  8. The most frequently used symbols in Frida Kahlo’s paintings.
  9. The unique technique in Jackson Pollock’s art.
  10. The basic principles of Futurism.

Salvador Dali was a truly extraordinary person. Learn more about his relationship with Gala in our essay about art history!

Art History Essay Topics Argumentative and Analytical

Art history essay topics: argumentative and analytical

Surprisingly, analytical thinking and argumentative strategies can be applied to art. The following topics will be perfect for your essay about art history:

  1. Was Hitler’s artwork actually good?
  2. Is the majority of modern art a scam?
  3. What were the primary aims of the camera obscura and how did it change throughout the years?
  4. Compare the critiquing styles of Clement Greenberg and Harold Rosenberg.
  5. What is so unusual and unique in Russian icons?
  6. The evolution of the uncovered body in paintings of various periods.
  7. Why is “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso the most influential painting of the 20th century?
  8. Can the Middle Ages be considered as a period of decline in art?
  9. Why did Victor Hugo suggest that printing would kill architecture in his novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”?
  10. Is primitivism real art?

Futurism is a perfect topic to argue about, as it is very ambiguous. Have a try with our Futurism research paper.

We’ve collected these 60 exclusive ideas for your research papers and essays about art history. You can find even more topics (100+!) right here. Your task is to choose the most attractive one for you, and start writing. We know that art can be complex and hard to understand. If the writing process seems too challenging for you, we’re always ready to provide you with support. Our experts write well-structured and informative texts on any topic. Contact us any time to get helpful art history research paper samples easily!

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