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The Best Research Paper Topics for College Students

The success of a research paper mostly depends on the topic, which is why a lot of time is spent searching for the right research paper topics for college students. All academic authors face a similar problem, from freshmen to professors.

You had already written some research papers when you were at school, but college level research paper topics will be more difficult and require from you deeper knowledge and analytical skills. At college tutors expect students to not only state information about certain topics, but also to draw new knowledge, critically evaluate information, and make original conclusions. Check the lists of topics prepared by our college paper writing service experts.

Easy topics for college research papers

Easy Topics for College Research Papers

  1. Analyze the accountability and effects of police body-worn cameras.
  2. Examine the history of Bollywood music. What style is the most common?
  3. Present arguments about why cannabis should be decriminalized in all states of the U.S.
  4. Describe what situations in college make the student’s life unsustainable.
  5.  Describe how the topic about xiake is depicted in Asian movies.
  6. Yellowstone volcano: How would an eruption influence the U.S. and the whole world?
  7. Identify types of alternative medicine that are popular in the U.S.
  8.  Design and construction of thermal energy power systems around the globe.
  9.  Research and discuss the bibliography of Ernest Gaines.
  10. Analysis of free software movement and its contribution to society.
  11. The challenges of managing a multi-generational workforce.
  12. Describe social peculiarities of Islamophobia in Russia and the U.S.
  13. Analyze the promotion of cognitive development among elderly people.
  14. Investigate the problem of involuntary de-boarding situation among airlines.
  15. Offer distinct arguments about the benefits of probation and problems that it creates.

Medium topics for college research papers

Medium Topics for College Research Papers

  1. Research and discuss the benefits of Catalonia receiving independence.
  2. Distinctive characteristics of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  3. About the salvation of non-Christians and the eternity of torment in “The Great Divorce” by C. S. Lewis.
  4. Identify the assessment methods of community health needs.
  5. How has healthcare reform helped or hurt access to healthcare in the U.S.?
  6. Analyze the influence of Mexico City’s transportation on air pollution.
  7. Muslim migration. What are the consequences of this migration and should it be stopped?
  8. Analysis of reasons of the Soviet famine of 1932–33 and its consequences.
  9.  The use of diagnostic medical sonography in obstetrics and gynecology.
  10. Examine the effects of pre-election polling on voter behavior.
  11. Police psychology. Analysis of methods for shaping qualities necessary for effective performance of official duties.
  12. Describe what controversial issues have arisen from Guantanamo Bay.
  13.  Discuss the regulation of live videos on Facebook and other social networks in the example of the case with the killing in Thailand.
  14. Analyze problems of the utilization of long-lived radioactive waste in U.S. radioactive management.
  15. The role of iron supplementation in the treatment of anemia in cancer patients.

Hard topics for college research papers

Hard Topics for College Research Papers

  1. Analysis of Japanese history from the Jomon to the Nara Period.
  2. Compare the aspects of United States corporate law with the judiciary of Saudi Arabia.
  3. Sleep deprivation and its impact on dreams in the adult population.
  4. Contingency management for substance use treatment for pregnant and postpartum women.
  5. Moore’s Law. What impact did it have on computer development?
  6.  How did the copyright laws in the 1930s affect how eugenics was portrayed on the silver screen?
  7. Features and benefits of formal and informal assessment for elementary.
  8. Outline the effects of the emigration of educated persons from Puerto Rico.
  9. The importance of sunlight in children’s hospitals and its influence on recovery.
  10. Analysis of growth of nuclear weapons across the globe on the example of North and South Korea.
  11.  Identify and analyze similarities between the Book of Exodus and the Gospel of Matthew in the first two chapters.
  12. Describe the system of music education in China and peculiarities of its development.
  13. Discuss the issue of psychological help for first responders and consequences of systematic stress.
  14. Effect of obesity on kidney function and the possibility of drug therapy for children with obesity.
  15.  Investigate and compare modern methods of assessing the activity of systemic lupus erythematosus.
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How to pick a good topic for a research paper

There are three keys that increase your chances to pick a good topic for your own research paper writing, or to pay for research paper or pay for term papers online with a chosen topic:

  • Look at worldwide experience. An analytical overview of recent advances will give a good basis for your topic.
  • Be flexible. You can change the direction of your topic during writing.
  • Be in trend with latest news. Keep track on several sections of the news portal and analyze situations.

You can be inspired with situations that have occurred with you or your friends, or from information that you have read a long time ago. College research paper topic ideas can evolve just in conversation with your family or tutor. All you need to remember is: write only about topics that are interesting for you, consider up-to-date information, and always make sure that there is enough information about the topic to conduct research.

But this is not a reason to panic! Our college paper writer team have prepared a unique college research paper topics list on various topics. The list was divided into three parts depending on the complexity of research: easy, medium, and hard. Good luck with your paper!

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18 thoughts on “The Best Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. Jud

    Please suggest some research topics under Politics that can involve the perspective of college students for data gathering.

    1. EssayShark

      Hello. Try these ones:
      – Fake News in Canadian Politics
      – Clean Water Act and it’s Importance in American Politics
      – Fiscal crisis of the 1970s
      – Influence of celebrity in politics
      – Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and ISIS in Influencing Regional and International Politics
      Or you can ask our writers to help you.

    1. EssayShark

      Hello. You can choose any of these:
      Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1988 UN Speech
      Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech
      Ho Chi Minh and Vietnamese Independence
      The Operation Anaconda
      Or place an order with us and our writers will choose a perfect topic for you.

  2. EssayShark

    Here are some suggestions for you to consider:

    – Who is Dr. Scott Edwards? What is his scientific specialization, what is/are his major contributions to science?
    – What sort of behaviors do elephants or dolphins have that seem to be geared towards the cohesiveness of the group and what behaviors have to do with survival? Or are those behaviors one in the same?
    – Broadcast spawners are organisms that fling their gametes out into the water where fertilization takes place. Why would these organisms choose to be broadcast spawners? For those that are mobile, why not just have internal fertilization?
    – If one assumes that we would prefer not to die to mate, why do so many organisms do just that? Explain some of the evolutionary forces that might have caused some organisms to sacrifice themselves for the opportunity to mate?
    – Why do you think that parasites impact people so much in other parts of the world and not so much in the United States? What do you think can be done to reduce the rate of parasitic infection in other countries?
    – Self-Medication in Animals

  3. Benjamin Maher

    Thank you for these college research paper topics, now the most difficult part for me is to choose a topic to write about…hmmm

  4. Jamie Thomas

    I have a humble question – can you help me with writing my research paper? I have selected the topic, but I don’t know what to do next…


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