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The Best List of Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

When you are asked to write a compare and contrast essay on ANY topic you want, it may sound fascinating and terrific at the same time. Maybe you thought that it will be easy to pick a topic on your own, but the reality is that you can find yourself sitting with a blank paper for several hours. In this article our essay writers have gathered a list of easy compare and contrast essay topics that may serve as a basic idea to your compare and contrast paper.

If you were asked to compare two characters or two books and you don’t know what topic to choose, look through our good compare and contrast essay topics about literature and start with listing obvious characteristics of heroes: age, appearance, origin, education, social status, material wealth, etc.

In the introduction to the compare and contrast essay it is necessary to determine the object of comparison. For example, if you are going to compare characters from a book, you should consider not only book heroes, but also the author’s intention and context of the book. The main part of the literature compare and contrast essay is a parallel comparison of actions and behaviors of heroes in similar situations or for the same reasons. In the conclusion you should sum up characteristics that you have compared and an analysis of these characteristics.

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Literature topics for a compare and contrast essay

  1. Compare main themes of two books by Mark Twain: “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”
  2. Find differences and similarities of these three characters: Peter Pan, Oliver Twist, and Tom Sawyer.
  3. Find differences and similarities between the movie and book titled “Fight Club.”
  4. Compare the main characters of two books: “Robinson Crusoe” by Defo and “Gulliver’s Travels” by Swift.
  5. Find differences and similarities of characters: Raskolnikov and Sonya in the novel “Crime and Punishment.”
  6. Compare the main characters of two books: Mr. Rochester (“Jane Eyre”) and Mr. Darcy (“Pride and Prejudice”).
  7. Find similar lines in the plots of two books: “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “Twilight.”
  8. Find similarities and differences among characters of “The Lord of Flies” and “Hunger Games.”
  9. Compare characteristics of main characters from “Portrait of Dorian Grey” and “Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.”
  10. Find similarities and differences in main themes of “Martin Eden” and “The Great Gatsby.”

History topics for a compare and contrast essay

History Topics for a Compare and Contrast Essay

  1. Compare religious beliefs of Greeks and Egyptians.
  2. Comparative analysis of monarchy in Scandinavian countries.
  3. Compare the codes of Hammurabi and Manu.
  4. Compare historical concepts of Kant and Schiller.
  5. Find similarities and differences of Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman deities.
  6. Compare the geography of Egypt and Mesopotamia.
  7. Comparative analysis of Christianity and Judaism.
  8. Analyze the ethics of Protestantism and ethics of the Old Believers.
  9. Comparative analysis of US and Soviet economic policy of 1947-1973.
  10. Comparative analysis of the culture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Brand topics for a compare and contrast essay

Brand Topics for a Compare and Contrast Essay

  1. Compare the brands of Apple and Xiomi.
  2. Find distinctive characteristics of Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut.
  3. Compare AirPods and Beats headphones.
  4. Describe similarities between Marvel and DC Comics characters.
  5. Find similarities between characters and episodes in Star Trek and Star Wars.
  6. Describe differences of these brands: Timberland and Caterpillar.
  7. Describe differences of these brands: Lush and Body Shop.
  8. Describe what similar problems H&M and Zara have.
  9. Compare Suzuki and Harley Davidson motorcycles.
  10. Find the similarities and differences of Netflix and Hulu.

Personality topics for a compare and contrast essay

Personality Topics for a Compare and Contrast Essay

  1. Who has had more influence on society, Jony Ive or Paul McCartney?
  2. Which of your parents had more influence on you in your childhood: your mother or father?
  3. Does Hans Zimmer belong in the same category as Mozart?
  4. What similarities exist between Oedipus and Darth Vader?
  5. What differences and similarities exist between Elon Musk and Iron Man?
  6. What historical similarities exist between Dr. House and Thomas Bolty?
  7. What historical similarities exist between Sherlock Holmes and Josef Bell?
  8.  How can Adolf Hitler be related to Mahatma Gandhi?
  9. Compare and contrast the activities of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi.
  10. What similarities and differences exist between Tokugawa Ieyasu (samurai) and Richard the Lionheart (knight)?

Health and psychology topics for a compare and contrast essay

Health and Psychology Topics for a Compare and Contrast Essay

  1. Differences and similarities of smoking and vaping.
  2. Differences and similarities of psychological development of children from families and orphanages.
  3. Differences and similarities of self-evaluation of preschoolers and teenagers.
  4. Describe differences and similarities of eastern and western diagnostics methods.
  5. Describe differences and similarities about the image of family in mass media and real life.
  6. Compare the psychological theory of J. Watson and the theory of B. Skinner.
  7. Difference between a person with autism and Down syndrome.
  8. Compare and contrast the characteristics of the bipolar I and II disorder.
  9. Compare and contrast the tendency of alcoholism among men and women.
  10. Difference and similarities between suicide and homicide.
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Sports topics for a compare and contrast essay

topics for compare and contrast essay on sport
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  1. Football or hockey: which is more popular?
  2. Key differences between football and soccer.
  3. Comparison of sports for individual development.
  4. Differences between individual and team sports.
  5. Comparison of strategies of different football clubs.
  6. Differences between English and Spanish styles of football.
  7. Differences between club football and world cups.
  8. Comparison of traditional sports for different countries.
  9. Features of the organization and conduct of the Olympiads of recent years.
  10. Golf: the choice of equipment for the playstyle.

Traveling topics for a compare and contrast essay

traveling compare and contrast essay topics
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  1. Which countries are worth visiting?
  2. Types of extreme tourism: risks and benefits.
  3. Costs matter: comparing costs when traveling to different countries.
  4. Europe or Asia: what to visit first?
  5. The best states for tourism in the United States.
  6. Landmarks of Los Angeles and New York: places you won’t forget.
  7. The seven most scenic places in the states: logistics and costs.
  8. Comparison of travel expenses in Asia and Europe.
  9. What wonders of the world are worth visiting first.
  10. Development of tourism infrastructure in different countries of Europe.

Educational topics for a compare and contrast essay

education compare and contrast essay topics
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  1. How to choose a college in the United States.
  2. Comparison of educational programs of various institutions.
  3. Comparison of the cost of education in different colleges.
  4. Europe and the United States: A fundamental comparison of the education systems.
  5. How do parents choose schools for children?
  6. Features and benefits of scholarship programs.
  7. Features of various online learning services.
  8. What direction for self-development to choose?
  9. What professional skills are most in-demand in the modern world?
  10. What profession will be the most promising in a few years?

Points to analyze in compare and contrast essay

compare and contrast essay points to explore

Where to get help with compare and contrast essay writing

You can find several resources to assist with writing a compare and contrast essay. Consider the following options:

  • Tutoring services. To better understand how to write a compare and contrast essay, you may want to consider utilizing a tutoring service. A tutor can provide one-on-one guidance on the essay’s structure and format, and can also offer helpful tips and techniques to improve your writing.
  • Online writing communities. Online writing communities offer a platform for writers to receive feedback on their work, connect with other writers, and gain insight from their experiences. These communities can serve as an excellent source of inspiration and guidance.
  • Online writing resources. Various websites, blogs, and YouTube channels offer helpful tips and examples for writing a compare and contrast essay. You can find step-by-step guides and examples of effective writing through these online resources.
  • Your instructor or professor. Remember, you can seek assistance from your instructor or professor for writing help. They can evaluate your drafts, clarify assignment queries, and offer advice on enhancing your writing abilities.
  • Online cheap paper writing service. Consider hiring an online writing service for assistance with your compare and contrast essay. These services offer skilled writers who can deliver excellent essays on your behalf. is one of such services, which works 24/7 to meet students’ needs and help solve their problems with writing.

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