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Outstanding Research Paper Topics to Get Your Writing Started

[Post information was updated on November, 2023]

The correct choice of topic for a college research paper directly affects its success, which entails searching for the required literary sources for a comprehensive study of the issue raised in the relevant field of knowledge. Let’s find out how to choose an engaging topic the easy way.

Why is it so important to choose the right topic for your college research paper?

  1. The ability to conduct full-fledged research activities in the chosen direction (collecting the required information, reading literary sources, studying articles of foreign scientists, etc.). If the topic is of no interest, work will progress slowly and ineffectively.
  2. Creation of full-fledged, constructive relations with the supervisor of the research paper (timely attendance of consultations, effective interaction with a teacher, constructive discussion of the stages of writing done, etc.).
  3. A high-quality foundation before writing the research paper corresponding to the student’s specialty.
  4. Getting a good grade when defending your research paper, or getting term papers for sale.

Where to start choosing a good topic?

– Timely selection of a supervisor in the topic of a research paper.
– Declare your topic (before the list of approved topics appears) or independently choose from the list compiled by your school.
– Study the information sources suggested by the supervisor.
– After consulting with the supervisor, draw up a rough list of references.
– Draw up a schedule for organizing work with notes.
– Design a template and approve the calendar plan with the supervisor (a necessary addition to the research paper).

how to choose a good research paper topic

Main topic selection criteria

When choosing a research paper topic, the author is guided by five easy criteria: personal interest, relevance, scientific novelty of the research, presence/absence of controversial positions on the issue under consideration, lack of proof of the theorem’s problematics, and creation of a new methodology.

  • Personal interest. The student has the right to independently choose a topic that corresponds to the school specialty and is interesting for him or her.
  • Relevance of the topic. The modernity, the relevance of the topic, and the significance for modern society are prerequisites when searching for information to create future research.
  • Scientific novelty. The author is not recommended to choose a topic that has not been studied enough – the lack of research and literary sources will negatively affect the disclosure of the issues under consideration.
  • Polemics on the issue. The presence of opposing points of view on the problem under consideration is a good option for creating a research paper.
  • Failure to prove a scientific theorem. When choosing a topic, the author is recommended to use materials previously considered in the scientific industry, unproven ones due to lack of validity, objective argumentation, etc.
  • Consideration/creation of a new methodology. In this case, the author decides whether to consider a previously studied issue, applying to it independently developed new methods in accordance with the formulated research methodology.

Best research paper topics in October 2023

  1. The reasons for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its development in 2023.
  2. Possible scenarios for ending the war between Russia and Ukraine.
  3. War refugees and the possible crisis in Europe.
  4. Racial disparities in criminal justice: examining bias, policing, and sentencing.
  5. The future of artificial intelligence: ethical concerns, regulation, and societal implications.
  6. Global water scarcity: causes, effects, and strategies for sustainable management.
  7. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology: economic implications and regulatory challenges.
  8. AI in healthcare: diagnosis, treatment, and ethical considerations in the age of automation.
  9. Climate-induced migration: environmental refugees, policy responses, and human rights.
  10. Renewable transportation: electric vehicles, sustainable infrastructure, and decarbonization.

Science research paper topics

  1. Steps for developing a COVID-19 vaccine.
  2. Microbial factories as an answer to the shortage of raw metals.
  3. Importance of solar system exploration.
  4. The best way to use carbon dioxide.
  5. The release of “killer” mosquitoes to fight disease.
  6. The usage of microelectronics to help people with chronic ailments.
  7. The least harmful fertilizer to the environment.
  8. The ethical aspect of stem cell research.
  9. The usage of robots to help kill invasive species.
  10. Development of technologies to heal people who are paralyzed.

Health research paper topics

  1. Epidemiology of headaches of schoolchildren.
  2. Influence of broncholytic drugs on the state of vegetative homeostasis in children with bronchial asthma.
  3. Modern aspects of psoriasis etiology.
  4. Method of multiparametric analysis of heart rate variability in ischemic disease.
  5. The influence of combined anesthesia on the synchronization of electrocardiogram and photoplethismogram in minor gynecological surgery.
  6. Genetic aspects of early diagnostics of diabetic retinopathy.
  7. Diagnostics of the parameters of psychological stability in the context of interaction with sources of obtaining information.
  8. The role of ultrasound and other imaging diagnostic methods in detecting inflammatory intestinal diseases in children.
  9. Dynamics of prevalence of respiratory allergic diseases in the USA.
  10. Health monitoring of children in the USA.

Human research paper topics

  1. Physical abilities of a person and their importance in human existence.
  2. Types of jogging and their impact on human health.
  3. Psychological aspects of optimization of human working movements.
  4. Ergonomic requirements for information display facilities.
  5. Characteristics of the “human-machine” system.
  6. Psychological characteristics of the activities of a high-school teacher.
  7. Ways to build self-esteem.
  8. The image of a modern positive hero. Who is a strong human?
  9. The influence of internal conflict on human behavior.
  10. Human behavior in difficult situations.

Management research paper topics

  1. Models for the implementation of the organization’s development strategy.
  2. Methods for the accumulation and development of the strategic potential of organizations.
  3. Methods for assessing the strategic potential of organizations.
  4. Diagnostics and assessment of the level of strategic development of the organization.
  5. Development of methods for the development and implementation of the organization’s strategy.
  6. Research of an integrative approach to the development and implementation of an organization’s strategy.
  7. Development of methods and means of strategic management.
  8. Strategic planning for the development of an organization based on a systematic approach to the implementation of scientific and technical developments.
  9. Methodology for developing a strategic plan for promoting a new product to the market.
  10. Models for the formation of strategies and tactics for bringing a new product to the market.

Biology research paper topics

  1. Determination of the presence of lactic acid bacteria in fresh and stale milk.
  2. Running safety as the foundation for successful training.
  3. Are potato chips good or bad for your health?
  4. The effect of synthetic and natural antibiotics on living organisms.
  5. House dust research.
  6. Milk is the elixir of health.
  7. Biogas plants.
  8. The importance of water for human health.
  9. Development of a system for saving tap water in a school environment.
  10. Effect of hydrogel on plant growth.

Criminal research paper topics

  1. Social conditionality of establishing criminal liability for concealment of a crime.
  2. Violence against children: problems of criminal responsibility.
  3. Crimes against peace.
  4. The document and its functions in the system of criminal protection of public relations.
  5. Evaluative concepts: methodological aspects of research and application in criminal law.
  6. Grounds for the postponement of the execution of the sentence.
  7. Crime: methodological aspects of research and reflection in criminal law.
  8. Social conditionality of criminal law protection of adoption.
  9. Officials as special subjects of crime.
  10. Stages of committing a crime under the criminal law of the USA and England: a comparative legal aspect.

Computer science research paper topics

  1. Design and development of an electronic document management system.
  2. Development of an automated system for recording the movement of off-budget funds in a budgetary organization.
  3. Application of GRID-technologies in simulation modeling.
  4. Analysis of maintenance of an average performance of the computing center.
  5. Architecture of hardware and software for distributed information processing for intranet technology.
  6. The interaction of the main parts of the computer during the execution of a program.
  7. Choice of the logical structure of the processor.
  8. Protection of information in the global network.
  9. Internet in cultural communication.
  10. Encoder for entering information from the keyboard.

Nursing research paper topics

  1. Breastfeeding.
  2. Analysis of the incidence of chickenpox in different age periods.
  3. Analysis of road traffic injuries. The role of a paramedic at the prehospital stage.
  4. Consulting parents on the issues of immunization of childhood infections.
  5. Training of self-control in hypertension.
  6. Clinical analysis of pain syndrome in patients with pancreatitis and its dynamics during treatment.
  7. Self-care training while having diabetes mellitus.
  8. Medical support of the educational process at school.
  9. Features of nursing care for patients in a hospital.
  10. Educating the population on rational and dietary nutrition.

Accounting research paper topics

  1. The concept of accounting for target costs as a direction for the development of modern accounting management.
  2. Special accounting objects requiring the use of new calculation methods: business processes, production stages, inventories, life cycle of products, and services.
  3. Components of reciprocity and differences in the formulation of accounting subsystems (financial and management) and the problems of overcoming them.
  4. Subject areas of financial and management accounting, and the degree of coincidence of the features of their objects within a particular organization.
  5. The points of contact of two accounting subsystems: assets, income, costs, business processes, capital, liabilities, production units, and products.
  6. Accounting principles of disclosure of reporting indicators.
  7. Problems of balance sheet development as the main form of accounting.
  8. Innovations in the information content of off-balance sheet items in the annual financial statements.
  9. Feasibility and possibilities of disclosing information in the notes to the annual financial statements.
  10. Social reporting as a phenomenon in accounting.

Ethics research paper topics

  1. Management ethics in law enforcement.
  2. Principles of ethical living: nihilism.
  3. Professional ethics of a lawyer.
  4. Judicial ethics.
  5. Ethical norms of speech culture.
  6. Basic rules of business ethics.
  7. Ethnic ethics of Algeria.
  8. Ethical and legal problems of genetics.
  9. Ethics of phone business communication.
  10. Ethical views of Socrates and Plato.

Political research paper topics

  1. Psychological mechanisms of political communication.
  2. Psychological and political stability of society.
  3. The structure of a campaign to promote a political party or individual politician.
  4. The nature of work in politics.
  5. Political mimicry.
  6. Psychological and political qualities of the leader of a political movement.
  7. The psychology of political terrorism.
  8. Political deception.
  9. Political consciousness, self-awareness, self-knowledge.
  10. Political attitudes and stereotypes.

Marketing research paper topics

  1. Marketing in the healthcare industry: overcoming characteristic features and following trends.
  2. The relationship between cultural indicators and attitudes toward ads.
  3. Retro design and nostalgic marketing: influence of nostalgic trends in consumer behavior.
  4. The peculiarities of sporting event marketing and promotion of tourist destinations.
  5. The impact of religious traditions on tourism marketing and its commodification.
  6. Peculiarities of marketing strategies and market analysis in the video game industry.
  7. Analysis of characteristics the content should have to help advertisements go viral.
  8.  Marketing analysis of the intelligence property market and its peculiarities.
  9. Using symbols as a marketing tool in the example of Starbucks.
  10. Quantitative research of consumer attitude toward food product advertising.

International business research paper topics

  1. How do US corporations like Microsoft cheat with tax and profits?
  2. What challenges has Netflix faced during the launch in India? What strategies does Netflix implement in developing markets?
  3. What distinctive characteristics does China’s internet have compared to the US?
  4. What problems does Uber face? What should be done to avoid them?
  5. Why global computing companies like IBM move their centers to India?
  6. What is Ethereum and how can it be used in business processes?
  7. What is Baidu? Describe what products it does and what perspectives it has.
  8. How can MME (Multi-National Enterprises) and global institutions contribute to global sustainability in the fishing industry?
  9. What is the financial state of TATA Motors? What are the perspectives?
  10. What retail assortment management strategies does Amazon implement?

Find more international business research paper topics.

Economics research paper topics

  1. What are the principles of monopoly power? What are functioning and regulation problems of a monopoly?
  2. Should the Adani Carmichael mine be supported? Describe the situation and possible solutions.
  3. What were the main causes of the Asian currency crisis in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Korea?
  4. Describe Sino-Pakistani cooperation and the history of rapprochement of relations between Pakistan and India.
  5. What is intelligence-led policing (ILP)? What strengths and weaknesses have been identified with this model of policing?
  6. What influence does the federal reserve system have on the US economy?
  7. Competitive risk assessment and the estimated target market.
  8. Economic issue of importance in food policy. How can food policy prevent world hunger?
  9. Discuss the role of the WTO in freeing the world trade during the past 10 years.
  10. Should the government classify Bitcoin as a legal currency?
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Medical research paper topics

  1. How does over-attention relate to obsessive–compulsive personality disorder (OCPD)? What is the exact behavior of over-attention?
  2. Does proper nutrition and dieting influence the development of dementia?
  3. How can children’s drawings help with the diagnosis of psychological and somatic disorders?
  4. How does epidemiological monitoring influence the changing approaches in asthma treatment?
  5. How to evaluate risk factors of osteoarthritis and prescribe contemporary therapy?
  6. How to handle pain among newborns? How to prevent pain or minimize the level of a newborn’s discomfort?
  7. What are characteristics of viral and alcoholic cirrhosis? What differences are in disease management?
  8. What treatment is the most effective for blunt chest trauma care in acute nursing?
  9. What treatment should be chosen for managing patients with HPV in the reproductive age?
  10. What therapy should be chosen for functional disorders of digestion in children?

History research paper topics

  1. Why did Italian cities turn to minting gold in the thirteenth century?
  2. What was the background and consequences of the Battle of Jerusalem 1917?
  3. How did the American Revolution influence women’s rights?
  4. What was the significance of chivarlic code and how did it work?
  5. What was the most important figure in the history of Christianity?
  6. Ancient traditions of the Amazon: territorial and religious aspects.
  7. Is it helpful to describe the Agora in Athens as a ‘zone of competitive reciprocity’?
  8.  Analyze etymology resources of a word’s history and stories.
  9. Discuss conventional theories and causes of the Great War.
  10. How did Japan’s food culture transform through the centuries?

IT and technology research paper topics

  1. What is net neutrality and where can it lead to?
  2. What technological innovations are developed in mechanical engineering?
  3. How to protect automotive software of smart cars from cyber attacks?
  4. What does “NextGen” mean for business aviation?
  5. What are solutions in the current problem of the mobile payment systems in Walmart?
  6. How can automation and smart service improve HR services?
  7. Describe the Big Data technologies and their opportunities on the market.
  8. What strategies are implemented for sharing intellectual property?
  9. What are the prospects of online privacy security? Can it be real?
  10. What opportunities does a virtual reality business have?

Business research paper topics

  1. How to build trust and bid for a price in negotiations?
  2. Do bonuses boost the effectiveness of sales?
  3. Does gender diversity enhance the financial success of the company?
  4. How should competitors of the same industry collaborate and why?
  5. Should the companies create the new product or first announce the idea to consumers and analyze their reaction?
  6. What are the effects of inaccessibility to a company’s mobile application?
  7. How can inviting millennials to management positions help the business?
  8. What helps some companies stand out during negative macro shocks?
  9. How do consumers conclude that certain goods are worth their prices?
  10. Which strategy saved IBM from insolvency?

Find more business topics for research paper.

Art history research paper topics

  1. How was the human body represented in the works of the epoch of the Renaissance?
  2. What was the function of Egyptian art? Why were people not supposed to see it?
  3. What were the specifics of depicting scenes from the life of Christ in medieval Europe?
  4. What are common types of mosque architecture?
  5. Why was futurism the most politicized movement in the 20th century?
  6. What similar characteristics do paintings of the time of the French Revolution and ancient Greek art have and why?
  7. How have Impressionists changed the hierarchy of subject matter in art?
  8. What significant changes did Andy Warhol bring to the advertising industry through his art?
  9. What is the historical significance of “The Death of General Wolfe” – the painting by Benjamin West?
  10. How did Francis Bacon and the scientific revolution influence art?

Check out more art history research paper topics.

Psychology research paper topics

  1. How should parents identify the gender of children with ambiguous genitalia?
  2. What similar traits do prematurely born children have?
  3. Do children benefit from growing up in nuclear families?
  4. Are crying and maltreatment connected for children?
  5. To what extent should law regulate family affairs?
  6. Does the person who relates to several groups have many selves?
  7. Psychological effects of child molestation that can cause problems in personal relationships.
  8. Should parents ban children from playing with toys “out of their gender?”
  9. Are there differences in psychological needs of people who cause themselves suicidal and non-suicidal harm?
  10. How does same-sex parenting affect children?

Sociology research paper topics

  1. Can movies change the value systems of people?
  2. How can commercialization of organ transplants affect the amount of people saved due to transplantation?
  3.  Do backup cameras set up on a car invade people’s privacy?
  4. Can Islamophobia be considered as religious discrimination?
  5. Are US driving laws more driver or pedestrian oriented?
  6. What sphere negatively influences democratic journalism more significantly – politics or business?
  7. How to protect informational safety in the era of social media?
  8. Should the government provide homeless children with education?
  9. What is the impact of overcrowded prisons on American society?
  10. Should Facebook be censored?

Literature research paper topics

  1.  How has the role of the dream changed from Alice in Wonderland to Through the Looking-Glass?
  2. Through which characters and how is the theme of alienation from society revealed in Crime and Punishment?
  3. Does Jane Austen criticize women’s views on marriage of her era in Pride and Prejudice?
  4. How is the theme of superiority of youth and beauty depicted in The Picture of Dorian Gray?
  5. Why can’t Claude Frollo be considered a typical antihero in The Hunchback of Notre Dame?
  6. How is the theme of animal instinct depicted in All Quiet on the Western Front?
  7. How does the setting influence the perception of the story in The Great Gatsby?
  8. Which literary works are referred to in Fahrenheit 451 and why?
  9. What role does size play in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels? What does the size symbolize?
  10. What does Mama’s plant symbolyze and how does this symbol develop throughout the novel A Raisin in the Sun?
  11. English literature of the Early Middle Ages.
  12. Anna Seghers. The anti-fascist orientation of her works.
  13. Ballad as a genre of English poetry.
  14. Vertical context in Thomas Mann’s novels.
  15. The female image in the novel “Indiana” by Amantine Aurore Dupin.
  16. Concept and composition of Ovid’s “Metamorphoses.”
  17. Small genres of lyrics.
  18. Late Goethe and the problem of romanticism.

Drugs and drug abuse research paper topics

  1. Is Marijuana a “gateway” or a “stepping stone” drug?
  2. Pathways to the disease and pathophysiological perspectives of heroin addiction.
  3. Prevention of substance abuse and addictions through counseling at-risk youth.
  4. Alcohol and drug abuse among homeless and runaway adolescents.
  5. Treatment research of addiction and substance abuse.
  6. Principles of drug abuse treatment for the criminal justice system.
  7. Prevention of prescription drug overdose and abuse.
  8. Substance abuse rates and treatment within LGTB communities.
  9. Side effects of principal doping substances.
  10. Pros and cons of drug testing among college students.

Education research paper topics

  1. The effect of computers on students’ performance.
  2. Aspects and main principles of adolescent psychology.
  3. The role of prayer in schools and colleges.
  4. Social effects of teenage team sports in public schools.
  5. Psychological aspects of bullying in schools in the US.
  6. Future of digital learning at educational institutions.
  7. Using cognitive psychology in the learning process.
  8. Dynamic aspects of teenage friendships and educational attainment.
  9. Effects of standardized testing on the learning process.
  10. Pros and cons of home schooling compared to attending public schools (look through the whole research paper example).

Sports research paper topics

  1. The ways to reduce fan aggression that is enhanced by media.
  2.  Cheerleading should be banned for girls and boys aged under 18 for excessive sexualization of this type of sport.
  3. The appropriateness of women coaching men’s teams and vice versa.
  4. Sport betting should be prohibited as gambling.
  5. The role of sports in overcoming posttraumatic syndrome.
  6. The effect of age on the performance of athletes.
  7. The influence of athletes’ sexual orientation on their image and reputation.
  8. The most cruel kinds of sports that should be prohibited.
  9. The reasons why chess should be considered a sport.
  10. Factors which influence the difference in female and male salaries in sports.

Picking research paper topics advice

So, you have realized that you are ready to write your research paper. It’s obvious that before you start writing, you should pick the right topic and research paper type. Perhaps you have one or several cool research paper ideas, but are you sure that you will be able to write a good paper?

Before you will be ready to pick one from research topics, you should answer the following questions:

  • Is there an issue that you are really interested in?
  • Have you heard something controversial or curious in articles and mass media about the topic?
  • Do you have enough information to make research?
  • Does the topic meet your further research plans?

In any case, the best assistants when writing research papers are only reputable sources like libraries, open access journals, encyclopedias, reliable news, and academic sources. Various materials that you can find on the internet should help you choose a topic, so don’t skip any chance to get more ideas.

Make the most to find more research paper topics from which you can choose the most suitable for you. To pick the right topic, think twice! Make sure that it will be interesting both for you and your audience. Get benefits of our list to succeed in studies.

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  1. Kim Odewumi

    I’m hesitating about what political paper topic to choose. You don’t have any in this post. Can you help me with that?

    1. EssayShark

      You may be interested in any of these topics: social movements, totalitarianism, civil society, civil wars, ethnic conflicts or electoral systems.

  2. Olivia Francis

    I have a research paper due Monday and I urgently need a topic! Someone give me some great research topics for environmental problems

    1. EssayShark

      Hi, Olivia. Here are some suggestions you can develop in your paper: wind generated energy in Minnesota, Lake Superior ecosystem, Saint Louis River Eurasian ruffe, Lake Superior’s shoreline protection, the impact ofdams on the environment, mining, intensive farming.

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      Hello! Thanks for the question. You may be interested in such issues: Gold Rush, mormons, Dred Scott decision, Haymarket Riot, Black Box scandal, Yellow journalism, women’s rights, cotton gin.

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