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110 Informative Essay Topics

[Post information was updated in April, 2024]

What do you need to write a stellar informative essay? First of all, you need time and attention. This type of essay writing requires you to find as much information as possible to make your piece useful and memorable. Adding unexpected facts or statistical data to such essays is always a good idea and impresses the audience. The second thing you might need is an interesting topic that is relevant to your discipline.

This is where it gets difficult. At first, it seems that you could write about anything in the world. But after you start doing your preliminary research, you find out you’ve bitten off more than you could chew, you’re not that interested in the topic after all, or maybe it’s just hard to find a lot of information on the subject that interests you.

But don’t worry, as we are happy to help you with dozens of ideas for informative essays. You can read through them and get inspired. Some of the topics you’ll see require more time and research than others. Go with what interests you. Writing about something you are passionate about is always easier than struggling with a topic that bores you. So, without further ado, here’s our collection of informative essay topics.

informative essay topics

Narrow informative essay topics

Depending on the word limit of your assignment, you can decide whether to go for a narrow or broad topic for your analysis. Here are some informational topics to write about when you are have a more narrow or specific focus:

  1. Social media influence on interpersonal relationships.
  2. Effective time management techniques for college students.
  3. Air pollution and its consequences in urban areas.
  4. History and evolution of video game graphics.
  5. Mindfulness meditation and its impact on stress.
  6. Exploring photosynthesis and explaining the process of converting sunlight into energy.
  7. Effect of fast fashion on the environment.
  8. Cultural diversity and its implications for classroom learning.
  9. The lifecycle of a star: from nebulae to supernovae.
  10. The significance of the Gutenberg Printing Press in the spread of information.

Broad informative essay ideas

Now consider these topics for informational writing that are broader in scope:

  1. Applications and ethical considerations of using artificial intelligence.
  2. International organizations and their approach to protecting human rights.
  3. The evolution of democracy from ancient to modern times.
  4. The influence of American literature on societal perception and actions.
  5. How technology has been transforming people’s daily routines.
  6. The stigma surrounding psychological disorders and possible ways of combatting it.
  7. The correlation between art and politics in the U.S.
  8. Global urbanization and its impact on quality of life.
  9. Brain disorders.
  10. The challenges of food production during the last decade.

Informative writing topics for high-school students

Without a doubt, you need to consider the academic level when choosing a relevant topic for your piece. Here are several great topics for informative essays if you are a high-school student:

  1. The effect of social media on the mental health of youngsters.
  2. How to manage personal finance: saving or investing.
  3. The challenges of cybersecurity and modern approaches to maintaining online privacy.
  4. The role education plays in shaping one’s career paths.
  5. The advantages and disadvantages of selecting a career in STEM.
  6. The history and cultural significance of celebrations in the U.S.
  7. The evolution of pop culture, including music, fashion, and entertainment.
  8. How to analyze classical literature and its themes and symbols.
  9. The rising popularity of green practices and sustainability.
  10. Psychological aspects of navigating peer pressure in high school.
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Informational essay topics for college students

And here are some ideas for college students:

  1. The philosophy of ethics and moral dilemmas.
  2. The impact of globalization on economics, culture, and politics.
  3. Artificial intelligence and the future of work.
  4. Mental health challenges in college.
  5. New scientific discoveries in neuroscience’s brain plasticity and disorders.
  6. The influence of different media channels on public opinions.
  7. The new features of entrepreneurship in the digital age.
  8. The intersection of art and technology.
  9. The overview of modern international relations.
  10. Contemporary challenges of environmental science.

English and literature informative essay topics

English and literature are the most popular disciplines that require students to write informative assignments. You’ll find many interesting options for numerous disciplines here. Start with these informational writing topics to get inspired and create an outstanding essay:

  1. Key symbols in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”
  2. The exploration of gothic literature from Mary Shelley to Edgar Allan Poe.
  3. Feminist themes and characters in Jane Austen’s works.
  4. The analysis of magical realism in Gabriel García Márquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude.”
  5. The concept of a hero’s journey in mythology and modern literature.
  6. Satire in Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”
  7. Descriptions of war and PTSD in Ernest Hemingway’s works.
  8. The concept of tragedy in Greek drama and its effect on contemporary theater.
  9. The exploration of identity and resistance in the works of Chinua Achebe.
  10. The psychological realism of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novels.

Political science ideas for informative essays

  1. Political ideologies and their role in policy formation.
  2. Theories and real-world applications of the concept of power.
  3. Case studies of human rights violations.
  4. Populism and its influence on contemporary politics.
  5. The comparison of first-past-the-post, proportional representation, and mixed systems.
  6. Political polarization and its effects on public decision-making.
  7. Main theories of international relations, their strengths and weaknesses.
  8. The challenges of global environmental governance.
  9. The rising popularity of nationalism and its possible implications.
  10. Negotiation strategies and diplomatic approaches.

Business and management informational essay ideas

  1. The transformation of modern business practices due to digitalization.
  2. Challenges and strategies for employee motivation and engagement.
  3. What are the success factors of startups in today’s reality?
  4. The essence of ethical leadership and its impact on business processes.
  5. The current trends of e-commerce.
  6. The role of emotional intelligence in becoming an effective manager and leader.
  7. The principles of financial management for small businesses.
  8. Communication during a business crisis and crisis management strategies.
  9. Significant changes in human resource management during 2020-2023.
  10. Strategic planning and decision-making in business organizations.

Informative essay topics related to philosophy

  1. The philosophy of existentialism.
  2. The analysis of rationalism, empiricism, and constructivism as the main theories of knowledge.
  3. Dualism, materialism, and the mind-body problem.
  4. The ethics of utilitarianism and its role in the contemporary world.
  5. The philosophy of stoicism.
  6. The concept of free will and its development throughout centuries.
  7. Aesthetics philosophy and its main concepts.
  8. Philosophical view on the meaning of life.
  9. The philosophy of language and linguistic analysis.
  10. The philosophy of science and epistemological foundations.

Informative paper topics on cultural studies

  1. Examining controversies of cultural appropriation.
  2. Identity politics and intersectionality.
  3. Gender roles and their transformational culture.
  4. Cultural hybridity and its role in globalization.
  5. Subcultures and countercultures: the patterns of differentiation.
  6. Cultural evolution of language and the role of slang and jargon.
  7. The cultural impact of technology and the way it shapes modern reality.
  8. Modern day folklore and mythology.
  9. The exploration of cultural identities across borders.
  10. Contemporary representations of beauty and body image in today’s culture.

Economics informative essay ideas

  1. Globalization and its influence on income inequality.
  2. The nature of decision-making biases and their consequences.
  3. The economics of healthcare in the U.S.
  4. Central banks and their role in monetary policy.
  5. Current trends of income mobility.
  6. The economics of modern education and the problem of student debt.
  7. Urbanization and its impact on economic growth.
  8. The economics behind poverty in the 21st century.
  9. Inequality and early life conditions.
  10. Exploring investor psychology and market anomalies.

Informative writing topics on communication and media studies

  1. Media bias and the way it affects public perception.
  2. The presence of new media in activism and social movements.
  3. Contemporary ethics of journalism: and the role of fake news in the 21st century.
  4. The influence of advertising on consumer behavior.
  5. How to navigate information overload and misinformation?
  6. Cultural imperialism as represented in the media.
  7. The rising popularity of podcasting and its trends, formats, and cultural impact.
  8. The analysis of the power of visual content in mass media.
  9. The effects of celebrity culture and reality TV on modern society.
  10. Media regulation and freedom of expression.
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How to choose a topic for your informational essay

After reading all these topics, you might wonder how to make the right choice and pick the most suitable one for you. In the beginning, many of them seem to be exciting to explore. However, you might come across such obstacles as a lack of information or the feeling of being overwhelmed by the scope of work. To avoid such an unpleasant experience, you can use some of the following recommendations.

  • Rely on your interests. The first thing you can do is to identify a list of topics relevant to your class that you find exciting. Then, your enthusiasm for the topic will reflect in your writing and make the research process more enjoyable.
  • Ask for more explanations if necessary. Clearly understand the guidelines and objectives of the assignment. If you are not sure if the chosen topic fits the material discussed in class, ask your teacher for more guidelines.
  • Focus on something specific. If the topic is too broad, narrow it down to something more specific. You can set limitations in terms of geography or historical periods. Writing about every country throughout different times might be challenging to fit in just one essay.
  • Prioritize preliminary research. When choosing topics for informative essays, do some preliminary research to ensure there’s enough information available. Don’t rush into the process of writing right away.
  • Generate numerous ideas. List potential topics based on your interests, knowledge, and research. Then, you can explore the current trends in different areas to find something worth discussing.
  • Evaluate relevance. Does the topic you’ve chosen have enough relevance to the ideas your teacher presents during your classes? If it is too far away from the thesis you and your peers discuss in class, try looking for something more applicable.
  • Check for uniqueness. Does your essay add any value to the existing ideas on the topic? It is crucial to add a new perspective to the findings and perceptions that already exist in the academic environment. Avoid overused topics, and try to offer a fresh viewpoint.
  • Consult your teacher. If your muse is stuck in a traffic jam and the deadline of the assignment approaches, turn to your teacher to get guidance. They have read many essays and will be able to make a couple of useful suggestions topic-wise.
  • Test your choice. Write a preliminary thesis statement for each potential topic. Doing so will help you evaluate the depth and potential scope of your piece.
  • Are there enough sources? Ensure there are enough credible sources available for your chosen topic. Otherwise, you will lack the information to support your claims.

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