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135 Unique Informative Speech Topics to Boost Your Imagination

Public speaking skills will come in handy at any moment. At work, you can present your ideas or project properly and get a promotion. At college, you will participate in debates and defend your point of view. At birthday parties, you can impress friends with soulful or funny toasts.

Like any other talent, public speaking skills can be improved thanks to regular practice. EssayShark custom essay service wants to be helpful on your path to self-development. We offer you a list of good informative speech topics on various subjects. There are eleven different categories, and we’re sure that you’ll find a perfect topic for your speech!

Informative speech topics for college students

College isn’t just a random mix of lectures, parties, homework, and exams. It’s a complicated and mysterious process of how a naive human caterpillar becomes a proud, albeit confused butterfly.

We learn things that we have never even thought about. And we’re not talking about Japanese studies or criminal law. How do you spend only $20 on food for a week? How do you get to the party that you’ve not been invited to? How do you learn 400 pages of new material in one hour?

Indeed, this is priceless information. If you want to share your knowledge on how to survive college, pick one of the interesting informative speech topics for college students below:

  1. How can a first-year student achieve success in college?
  2. What should students know about communication with autistic classmates?
  3. Is entering a prestigious college a part of the American Dream? Has it always been like that?
  4. How can leadership be taught in college?
  5. How can students cope with stress in college?
  6. How do you get a dream job right after college?
  7. Did the invention of the internet simplify or complicate studying at college?
  8. How can TV shows help students to study?
  9. Can college education be effective in the case of teen pregnancy?
  10. What are the most popular jobs for college students?

Good informative speech topics for high school students

High school isn’t as hardcore as college, but it also has its perks and struggles. It must be the most doubtful and indeterminate period of life. We don’t know what is waiting for us after graduation and what we actually want from life. We have doubts about who we are and who we should become.

If you add bullying, a first love, and family issues to this mix – you’ll get a pretty accurate image of a high school student’s life. That’s the time when young people need advice the most, but it’s also the time when they’re most likely not to listen to anyone. But you may try and give a speech on one of the following informative speech topics for high school:

  1. How does stress affect high school students?
  2. How is high school different from college?
  3. Can attending high school hurt the adolescent mentality?
  4. How can social media be used for better teaching?
  5. What are the ways to overcome conflicts between a high school student and a teacher?
  6. Should gadgets be banned in high school?
  7. Do gender stereotypes affect grades?
  8. Should you work while attending high school?
  9. Birth control: what information should high school students know?
  10. Is cultural diversity in classes beneficial for studying?
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Fun informative speech topics

Who says that giving speeches is only about teaching and sharing valuable information? What about fun? We’re not sure if you’re a fan of stand-up comedy. But life is about trying new things, right?

Life can be tough, and we need optimism and hope to live through the most difficult periods. Laughter boosts our positive energy, and we forget about endless problems for a moment. Give your audience a chance to feel a bit happier! Pick one of the following entertaining informative speech topics and give it a try.

  1. Why is having male friends awesome?
  2. Why people don’t have to travel to be happy.
  3. Why have donuts become popular in the USA?
  4. What makes “Breaking Bad” the best TV show of the 21st century?
  5. What are the most common stereotypes about vegetarians? Are they justified?
  6. Can a TV show change a personality?
  7. Can VR replace everything?
  8. What are the most unusual places to do homework?
  9. Can any job be a dream job?
  10. How would you survive if you lived in the Middle Ages?
  11. How would you use a time machine?
  12. What makes teaching a dangerous job?
  13. How do you become the best pet owner ever?
  14. Why is procrastination good for health?
  15. Is coffeeholism real? Should you overcome it?

Interesting informative speech topics

This category contains interesting informative speech ideas that didn’t quite fit other categories. You’ll find here topics on history, world records, makeup, and ice cream. This list serves two functions at the same time. First of all, you can pick one idea and compose an excellent and exciting speech on it. Secondly, our readers might realize how many unusual perspectives on habitual things you can find with the help of imagination.

Looking at our world from the perspective of “why not” or “what if” can be helpful in many ways. This type of thinking boosts your creativity and teaches you to be open-minded. No more words! Choose one idea and do your best!

  1. Why should organ donation replace the death penalty?
  2. Who put the cigarette in the hands of women?
  3. What are the main reasons for the poor economic development of the countries in Central Africa?
  4. How was the turn signal invented?
  5. How did the perception of makeup change over the course of history?
  6. Who proposed the concept of the American Dream? How has it changed?
  7. Have school shootings changed the social attitude toward the issue of gun control?
  8. Why is vehicle restriction necessary in big cities?
  9. What was the Boston Tea Party about?
  10. What is the history of Thanksgiving dishes?
  11. Why did male gender become dominant over the course of human history?
  12. Can the title “Dark Ages” for the medieval period be justified?
  13. How did the perception of drugs change over history?
  14. Will the internet save humanity or destroy it?
  15. Why were there two World Wars? Why doesn’t history teach humanity?
  16. Unusual world records you’ve never heard about.
  17. How did the process of making ice cream evolve over time?
  18. How do terrorist acts change the perception of nations by the world community?
  19. Why should and should not marijuana be legalized?
  20. Can animals have musical preferences?

Informative speech topics about animals

Finding a person who hates animals is difficult. No one wants to hurt our furry friends for a purpose, but that doesn’t mean we don’t cause harm to them. Fur farming, animal circuses, bullfighting, and many other anachronistic phenomena are an indicator of how far humanity is from perfection.

We have to admit that some of our actions are immoral from most perspectives and make no sense. Animals can’t protect themselves from human cruelty and greed. And the more information about our violence toward animals we can spread, the closer the moment when all pets and wild animals of the world will be treated with respect. Pick one interesting informative speech topic about animals and become the ambassador of animal rights!

  1. Why should puppy mills be banned?
  2. Do animals have a soul?
  3. What is an alternative to testing makeup on animals?
  4. Is it possible for furry animals to go vegetarian and stay healthy?
  5. Do animals, except for dogs, suffer when raised in captivity?
  6. Why do we consider some animals our food and others our pets?
  7. Do pets have mental illnesses?
  8. Should dog training be obligatory?
  9. How intelligent are dolphins?
  10. Are animal sports moral?

Medical informative speech topics

We may know many things about politics, the economy, relationships, art, and culture. At the same time, we often forget about our own bodies. Even adults and experienced people may discover unexpected facts about human health and the body’s functions at any period of life.

Learning more about this essential subject can improve the quality of life. If we understand our bodies, it’s easier to understand our needs, abilities, and behavior. Don’t hesitate to pick one of the following health informative speech topics!

  1. Should physician-assisted suicide be legalized?
  2. What is medicinal marijuana, and how does it affect our body?
  3. How to ensure safe sleep for infants?
  4. How does makeup affect the skin?
  5. Is being vegetarian bad for your health?
  6. What is the worst profession in terms of health?
  7. Why is social media harmful to mental health?
  8. Why are medicines from nature not always appropriate?
  9. Is eating organic food necessary for our well-being?
  10. What can cause memory loss?
  11. Does a man’s brain differ from a woman’s?
  12. What mental illnesses can’t be healed, and why?
  13. Is dividing people into left-brained and right-brained categories valid?
  14. Can a person live normally without a certain part of the brain?
  15. How can listening to music affect your brain in a positive way?
  16. What impact does birth control have on a woman’s body?
  17. What was the first case of plastic surgery?
  18. What physical benefits does laughter have?
  19. How much water does the human body need?
  20. What psychological problems do ER workers face?

Informative speech topics about education

The human thirst for knowledge is what makes progress and development possible. Our endless questions of “why,” “how,” and “what for” gave us the chance to leave the caves and move toward skyscrapers. When the volume of knowledge became too big, people decided that the transfer of information from one person to another should be treated with more respect. That’s why the first school was created.

Since then, teaching techniques, information, and teacher-student relationships have changed a lot. We don’t perceive education as a privilege today because access to knowledge is limitless. Of course, a diploma still matters in some spheres of life, but the progressive part of humanity pays more attention to the actual skills and talents of other people.

We’ve gathered 10 education informative speech topics for you here:

  1. What technologies can simplify the learning process?
  2. How can AR technologies (augmented reality) be used for teaching a foreign language?
  3. Are females better learners than males?
  4. Can learning heal certain mental disorders?
  5. How does the internet affect education in a positive way?
  6. Should basic first aid be studied at school?
  7. What disciplines should be added to a school program in the 21st century?
  8. What common criteria do all books banned from school programs have?
  9. Is homework necessary for effective learning in elementary school?
  10. Should tolerance be taught at schools?

Sports informative speech topics

Sports have been a part of human culture since ancient times. The Olympic Games weren’t invented yesterday: the first competition with this title took place in the eighth century BC. Chivalrous tournaments were an indispensable part of the Medieval period. And many modern people can’t imagine their lives without fitness, yoga, or going to the gym.

Sports help us to remain healthy and strong. But like any other sphere of human activities, it has ups and downs. Performance-enhancing drugs, gender discrimination, bullying – these and many other problems require reasonable solutions. Maybe you’ll find the right path while composing your speech on a sports informative speech topic:

  1. How can gender discrimination in sports be fought?
  2. Can a cybersport be considered a real sport?
  3. What sports existed in Medieval Europe?
  4. Should sports scholarships be banned?
  5. How do stereotypes about sportsmen influence their behavioral patterns?
  6. Why should cheerleading be permitted for students under 18?
  7. Why do alcohol and tobacco companies sponsor sports events?
  8. Is bodybuilding harmful to sportsmen?
  9. What makes a sport the best cure for obesity?
  10. How can sports cure chronic stress?

Scientific informative speech topics

Nothing has such a great influence on our society as technical progress. Technologies allow us to treat information, resources, and even our bodies in a different way. New inventions give us the opportunity to travel around the world, exchange data, or study in a faster and more convenient way.

Unfortunately, not all technologies are created for the sake of well-being and prosperity. The military industry doesn’t stand still and offers new ways of waging war. However, science brings more benefits than troubles in general. Select one of the informative speech topics about technology and science and get to work!

  1. What impact do hybrid cars have on the economy?
  2. What technologies can be used to fight a water shortage in South Africa?
  3. Is Elon Musk a person or a brand?
  4. Can global warming be stopped with the help of technologies?
  5. How have modern technologies changed music culture?
  6. Why is the internet the most important invention of the 20th century?
  7. What technologies can be used to improve city planning?
  8. How did technologies influence culinary tendencies?
  9. How have search engines changed our perception of information?
  10. How are big corporations bad for scientific progress?

Cultural informative speech topics

Merriam-Webster Dictionary has a very complex definition of the concept of culture: the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group. This definition is hard to memorize or even understand. We’ve come up with our version: culture is the end result of the achievements of human beings in productive, social, and spiritual spheres.

Culture is a diverse and multifaceted discipline. One person can’t learn all the cultural aspects and phenomena of every nation. But you’re welcome to pick a specific country or nation and take a closer look at their heritage. Choose one of the cultural informative speech topics below and give it a shot!

  1. Cultural inheritance and history of Ghana.
  2. Is the American Dream still a significant part of the culture?
  3. The historical background and accuracy of “Titanic.”
  4. Is gun violence a part of the American cultural code?
  5. Can Bill Gates be considered a symbol of a new era?
  6. How did the Industrial Revolution affect American society?
  7. How did the internet become a part of American culture so soon?
  8. How did the influence of marketing on culture grow over time?
  9. Can the British royal family be considered a cultural phenomenon?
  10. Why do some books get banned, and is it normal?

Psychology informative speech topics

Although psychology is medical science, we’ve decided to dedicate a separate category to this field of knowledge. Healing human souls has always been more difficult and unpredictable than healing physical wounds. Our bodies are pretty similar, while the state of mind of another person is a complete enigma.

But psychologists are frequently capable of revealing these secrets. They help patients to fight their inner demons and fears. They help people to look inside their minds and change them for the best. If you’re interested in this discipline, pick one of the interesting informative speech topics in psychology and create a compelling speech.

  1. Why is building romantic relationships difficult?
  2. What are the styles of leadership? How do they affect productivity?
  3. Can vehicular accidents cause psychological trauma?
  4. How does social media influence body image?
  5. How do conflicts between parents affect children’s mentality?
  6. Can having an image of a dream job hurt the individual’s career?
  7. What effects can obesity and being overweight have on mental health?
  8. Can the virtual image of a person affect his or her mental condition?
  9. How can teen pregnancy impact the mental health of an adolescent?
  10. Can a person with schizophrenia not know about it?

How to pick the best informative speech topic

For topics to choose from, 135 is a big number. And the number of search results for informative speech topics and custom essays is even bigger. We can’t guarantee that all sites provide unique ideas, but still, it’s hard to pick a perfect topic from thousands of options.

We want to simplify your task. Our writers have created an ultimate checklist that will help you to pick the most appropriate speech idea. Your topic has to be relevant to all the criteria listed below:

1. Your topic is relevant to a general theme

If the general theme of the event is global warming, you shouldn’t mention the issues of the mentality of children or poverty in Africa. But you don’t have to give a speech about the same things as other participants. Pick an unexpected perspective, and your presentation will be memorable!

2. Your topic is interesting to you

It’s easy to understand whether the speaker is passionate about his or her topic or not. If you don’t care about the thoughts that you share with the audience, no one would believe you are sincere. It’s better to choose an exciting informative speech topic from the very beginning and find inspiration!

3. Your topic is interesting to your audience

On the other hand, you should take into account the interests of your audience. Even the most passionate speaker can’t grab the attention of listeners if they aren’t interested in the subject. Don’t forget to learn more about your audience before the presentation! The level of education, common interests, and age play a significant role in the perception of your speech.

4. Your topic is narrow and focused

Leave voluminous debates to politicians! Your speech idea has to be specific and clear. For example, the topic of why we suffer is okay for a dramatic monologue. And the topic of why adolescents suffer from bullying more than adults looks more like a good idea for a speech in front of a school audience.

5. Your topic is original

It’s difficult to be unique in the era of the internet, but you have to try. No doubt, you may borrow a few citations from valid sources, but don’t turn your speech into a retelling. An unusual approach and thorough research will make your informative speech more valuable for the audience.

Speech writing assistance from expert writers

Our team at EssayShark hope that our awesome informative speech topics will inspire you in composing impressive speeches. We’re happy to provide you with original ideas and helpful tips.

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