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Congratulations for the Winners of Our Christmas Competition for Writers

No matter what, this year we continued our good tradition and launched Christmas contest for writers. They were asked to tell a story about their dream trip in 2021 and send holiday wishes for our company.

The winners received their awards and we are ready to share their stories, maybe they will inspire you for a future vacation or will prompt you a new dream place to visit. Enjoy reading!

The winner ArdenMacha

My Dream Trip to Cape Town

As I watched the first season of Blood & Water on Netflix, I realized that the producers shot all the scenes in Cape Town. In that instance, I began reliving my fantasy for this city that has always appeared exotic and unique. With each elusive flash of the landscape and potential experience of Cape Town surged a persistent desire to make a trip to this marvelous city in 2021. The inner child in me bathes in a fountain of fantasy about a possible trip to Cape Town. I pictured a moment of boundless bliss as my hands grabbed my passport, brown traveling bag, plane tickets, sunglasses, and miscellaneous items, as I exit my home, perhaps with the perfect company next to me. The thrill to the airport would be the beginning of a trip that would quench the thirst in my soul. I would build memories of everything I would encounter in Cape Town. Table Mountain, the beaches, and several cultures are some of the places included in my wish list.

Opening my eyes to the dominance and beauty of Table Mountain, a flat-topped figure at the edge of Cape Town is my dream trip. I have heard tales about Table Mountain, an exceptionally mental city. As the fairly-scorching sun devours my skin, I will steadily drive towards Table Mountain, a landmark that I have seen several times in movies, TV shows, and documentaries. The breathtaking scenery of the Table Mountain sings songs of dominance and boundless splendor. The massive shape of the mountain appears like a noble knight who is cursed to overlook Cape Town. I have read, on numerous occasions, about daredevils who paraglide from Table Mountain. Oh, how I wish that would be me! The hurling wind that would flood the top will be nature’s best gift for the festive season, not forgetting the year-long troubles that will fade away. My longing for ecological information regarding the formation of Table Mountain equally matches my desire to stand at the peak of the mountain and scream my name. Perhaps the strong wind will hijack my voice or sweep my feet towards the beaches.

I will allow my camera to capture every detail of the beaches along the shimmering coastline of Cape Town. I have read of the nostalgic and visual illusion of the majestic oceans that border the vast land of Cape Town, partnering to create a breathtaking view. I dream of walking on the soft white sand as my toes leave temporary evidence of my presence in the city. I would take pictures of the rocks that rest like sleeping giants while the ocean water steadily cools them. I have also read about Boulders Beach, but how it satisfies my never-ending love for animals will be the peak of my dream trip. Boulders Beach is home to an endangered species of African penguins. Being an animal enthusiast, I desire to get a close view of these gentle and majestic birds. How euphoric this would be! Equally important, I would take a plunge into the water; mingle with locals and foreign tourists who might be playing volleyball in the restless atmosphere of the festive season. Once the beach bores me to the core, I will retire into the heart of the city for more adventure.

I have always heard tales from friends about the abundance of culture in Cape Town. Taking a tour in various parts of the city would make my dream trip ecstatic. While the residents of Cape Town are social individuals, the culture of this city is worth exploring. According to my friend, Cape Town shelters indigenous cultures such as Khoi, San, and Xhosa. The language that these ethnic groups speak is unique. With a combination of different generations of cultures, Cape Town is a city that opens doors for more adventure, such as festival scenes, cozy eateries, and local music. I desire to witness how nightlife is in this city and experience how different it is from other cities I have previously visited. However, as my friend once described to me, to better appreciate Cape Town, a person has to learn about its historical experiences of South Africans. Cape Town, like the rest of the country, suffered under the turmoil of racial prejudice and economic oppression of the apartheid. While road trips are supposed to be about fun, my diary will store important information about this magnificent city. I hope to experience more about Cape Town from Museums, hoping to go back home with more knowledge. Therefore, these fascinating cultures make Cape Town a perfect travel destination.

There is much to explore about Cape Town, but the dominance of the Table Mountain, the glittering coastline with sandy beaches, and several cultures will leave a lasting imprint of true ecstasy. I may capture all the visual illusions in my camera or engrave the landscapes of Cape Town through words in my diary, but the dreams come true through experience. I feel the festive season is a wormhole to a new dimension, namely 2021. As 2021 begins, I wish to visit Cape Town and discover all wonders that await me. Perhaps the Support Team could be the Father Christmas I have been waiting for since my childhood years.

Christmas Wish for Support Team

Remember, Remember

Remember, remember the twenty-fifth of December
I hope the support team acknowledges baby Christ lying in the manger
May this moment be a blessing for all overachievers
Across the world, you join billions of believers.
The star is the sign
Your services are fine as wine
Listen to the Christmas bells chime
As your efforts are allowed to shine:
Oh thee, I hope you remember, remember the twenty-fifth of December.

The winner CoralineSn


During these uncertain times, all of us, travelers and non-travelers alike, desperately need a change. We’re constantly being bombarded with updated advice on how we should behave and live our lives, but as much as we try to do what’s best for everyone, all those flight cancellations, quarantines, and travel bans cannot but affect us. For me, it’s not only that I cannot go around to travel. This winter, it’s so much more – I can’t go and visit my family nor spend the holidays with my loved ones.

My favorite destination in the whole world is France; or more specifically, a little town by the name of Annecy in the Alpes region of France. And that’s not only because France is just an inexplicably wonderful country but also because my family lives there. About a decade ago, my grandparents, together with my aunt and uncle, moved to France, and ever since then, we’ve been visiting them for the holidays. After all, what better way to spend the winter than to go on a skiing holiday?

Yet, surprisingly enough, what I miss most this winter is not the snow adventures the Alps offer in abundance; rather, it’s missing on quality time that I would, otherwise, spend with family. Of course, it’s easy to see how my winter trips would be full of activity opportunities for adrenaline buzz, but besides that, they would also be filled with celebration. The moment the entire family would gather, the place where we would be – and even the country – would no longer matter. It would all be about family. Although Christmas is a religious holiday, it has taken upon itself the meaning of family. People all around the world spend these festive days surrounded by their beloved ones, marking the beginning of the new year with them, all the while enjoying the riches that the winter season has to offer.

So, although I miss traveling this year and I wish I was able to soak in all of France’s beauty and its landscapes during this magical season, what truly hurts me is having to be apart from my family in a time of need. This year, Christmas is different for all of us. A holiday that we are used to having a good time on and spending it with our friends and family is now a holiday that we will have to spend, more or less, separated. That is why, the only thing I can think of now when picturing my dream trip of 2021, is not doing various winter activities on the undiscovered regions of the Alps but, instead, is seizing the precious moments I will get to spend with my family. Life has proven to be full of unexpected changes, so not being able to spend time with my relatives this year has shown me how often we fail to acknowledge the best recreational activity life has to offer: quality time with the people we love.

For now, I will just close my eyes and think of next year’s Christmas pudding, the table full of chocolaty sweet treats, and a loving family that encourages me to try from all the delicacies on the table. I will picture December 25th of next year with a good meal and my favorite dessert in front of me, followed by some pleasant walks and ski time during the remaining days of the holidays. My activity of choice? Epic ice-climbing in the French Alps – but only as long as I’m surrounded by my parents and cousins and I know that my grandparents are waiting for us to get back. To enter the house, hear the TV on in the background, and feel my grandmother’s arms wrapping around me as if there’s no better Christmas gift for her than me.

Finally, there can be no perfect holiday for me without EssayShark. Ever since I joined the company a few years ago, my traveling opportunities have become endless. All I need is having an internet connection, my laptop, and some quiet time to dedicate to my work. And my family in France knows this – I’ve spent many mornings looking at the Alps from the balcony, drinking my hot chocolate or coffee and eating a buttered baguette, and typing away on my keyboard. My family is still surprised by how I can have such a flexible and yet fulfilling job, so I’m certain when I say that it’s not just me who is grateful to EssayShark – it’s also my family. Thanks to them, I’ve been able to work from wherever and whenever I like. So, Team EssayShark, thank you for everything, I feel blessed to be a part of your group. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. All of your support throughout 2020 has meant a lot to me, and I wish you all the best for the upcoming 2021.

The winner Dr-Ares


I love traveling around the world, so I never miss a chance. Yet, this year was not full of chances. Circumstances put humanity in the inconvenient position of having to stay put in order to deal with a dangerous pandemic. Traveling was not an option during 2020. But even when traveling is not an option physically, we can still attempt it mentally. We may not be close right now, but if I ask you to, I hope that you won’t mind grabbing my hand and following me on a noetic Christmas journey.

Imagine we are at Grindelwald, Switzerland during Christmas time. To give you some help, I’ll tell you that it’s a village that is surrounded by the Bernese Alps – big, snowy mountains that protect it in the same way that a nest protects little birds. Wooden houses, and churches, and taverns, and hotels, and stores of all kinds line up across the large valley, which, below the tall mountains, looks smaller than it is. In the summer, it’s all green, brown, and blue. In the winter, however, it is mostly white. Such a calming, magical scenery can usually be found in fairytales. Yet, Grindelwald is real.

Sit with me on this comfortable couch. You must admit that there’s something in the yellow and orange flames that sway in the fireplace that has the power of magnetizing the eye. I’m always stuck when I look at it. There’s also something in the jazzy melodies that fill up the air that warms the heart. Haven’t you noticed? Christmas music can never get old. And there’s definitely something in the aroma of all the delicacies that bake in the oven and decorate the Christmas plates on the family table, which enhances the sense of togetherness. How not to be in love with Christmas?

My dream trip is Grindelwald, and I hope that I get to finally visit it by this time next year. Let’s pray that life will get back to normal and let’s meet each other again, no matter what part of the world we are in. As long as we have the desire to explore and find new adventures and people, traveling will be the best of ways to achieve that. Merry Christmas to everybody, and may we have a better year ahead of us, full of traveling.

For the end, I save my warmest wishes for the people who make these services available to all of us, writers and customers. I’m grateful that I can do a job that I truly love and that keeps me motivated to keep doing it better and better. May we all have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year because we deserve it! Merry Christmas Essay Shark team!

The winner PurpleViolet16

My Dream Adventure

They say life without travel is a life full of regrets. In my life, I see travelling as one of the most enjoyable activities a person may experience. Travelling in different beautiful places gives me peace of mind and a sense of comfort and satisfaction. Not everyone was gifted with the opportunity to travel in places because of several life’s challenges and circumstances. But for me, whenever there is a golden opportunity, I see to it that I grab it!

The world has so many beautiful places to offer when it comes to giving oneself a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. In spite of the current crisis we are facing today, we must be optimistic that this will pass so that everyone can experience again the happiness brought about by seeing scenic places and meeting people of other nationalities.

I have travelled to certain beautiful places locally and abroad but I can’t wait to revisit my dream island again. I have been dreaming of traveling to other places around the world but I don’t want to be called a tourist in my own country. When this pandemic is over, I want to revisit the beautiful island of Palawan. Palawan is one of the finest islands in the Philippines when it comes to scenic places, nature reserves, sanctuary, national heritage, subterranean rivers and a lot more.

Palawan has more than 1,500 series of islands and islets; most of them are virgin forests and are currently being preserved. It is located in the northwestern part of the Philippines. Most of the islands have white sand beaches. While travelling via a boat, one can observe different rock formations and several caves that hide the mystery of the island. Hiking and nature trekking can also be an enjoyable activity in the island where one can observe the thick canopies of the most precious forests cover. When tourists want to observe the underwater grandeur, Palawan Island is the best choice. Palawan’s coral reef is the second longest coral reef in the world. I like to dive again underwater to see the most precious reefs that housed several marine lives.

Aside from these scenic places, I really love to revisit the island because the island is a nature reserve. I love nature watching where I can observe exotic plant and animal species. Palawan has been known to be a special type of nature reserve in the Philippines. Since it housed several types of endemic plants and animals, it has to be protected. Not only does Palawan call tourists to see its wonderful scenic places, but it also calls for conservation campaigns. Because of its amazing and rich wildlife species, Palawan has been known for being “the last ecological frontier of the Philippines”. Conservation wise, it has the most intact forest cover and is rich in ecological diversity in spite of the presence of different establishments intended for tourism purposes.

I really love to revisit this island again. Hiking and nature trekking are my favorite activities while staying on this island as well as snorkeling and scuba diving. I am also amazed that children living on this island have learned the value of conservation at a young age. They know the conservation campaigns by heart. Whenever they see a dead animal, they will not touch them but report it at once to resident veterinarians and biologists. When tourists are picking endemic flowers, they become advocates in explaining to the tourists that they must not be picked for purposes other than research. The natives were friendly and knew how to preserve the natural heritage of the island. Tourism wise, the island was considered as one of the safest places to visit in the Philippines because it has no active fault lines and is not frequently visited by earthquakes. Special delicacies were also being served.

When this crisis is over, I am dreaming to see myself on the island of Palawan again; I want to see the endemic animal species again and want to revisit the subterranean river. I am longing to visit the island because during my first visit when I was still in college, I felt the uniqueness of the island compared to other places I have visited before. It really brought me so much joy that I promised myself that when opportunities knock, I will not have a second thought. I know that through this article, I can showcase to the world the beauty of the Philippines most especially the island of Palawan. I also want to raise awareness and conservation campaigns because Palawan represents the former Philippines before technology was known with rich natural resources not yet being subjected to environmental abuse.

A Poem of Gratitude and Warm Wishes!

You have been my family for two years
I like everyone to listen and hear
You supported, mentored and guided my ways
For these, I want to thank you all the way.

The season of giving is almost nigh
With this, I would like to express my gratitude and hi’s
I wish to greet the team a “Merry Christmas”
And bring a New Year much more beautiful than last

May your Christmas bring full of joy and blessings
As you continue to lift everyone and make their hearts sing
Let’s cheers and be merry
And wait for the blessed New Year in a hurry!

Thanks and Merry Christmas Essayshark Team!

The winner tomikki

Dream trip in 2021: See a dazzling light show in the sky

When I was a child, I remember seeing bright and stunning lights on television that formed in a dark sky, full of stars and with the landscape of a beautiful forest in the background. That experience seemed disconcerting to me, as I grew up, I always wanted to know more about those mysterious lights that illuminated the sky with many flashes. Until, in 2019, I discovered that these lights were called “aurora borealis”; I immediately began to research more about this on the internet, each photograph I found was better than the previous one, with bluish, greenish, and even pinkish colors, in all its presentations, the flashes were simply incredible.

For that reason, this Christmas, I have decided to dream big, and consider as my dream trip for the year 2021 to visit Norway to see that light show with my own eyes. On the internet, photos and videos are wonderful, but the opportunity to see them in the front row, and enjoy such a majestic phenomenon, will be undoubtedly an experience that I would remember for the rest of my life, and that I would enjoy to the fullest. Contemplating the Northern Lights would be one of those experiences that leave you speechless and that I know I must see at least once in my life. Although my main objective is to know the Northern Lights, I could also take advantage of learning about the culture and enjoying the majestic landscapes that this charming country offers.

Thanks to all of our contestants once more. May your holidays be warm, happy and healthy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Cover image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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