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Suicide Research Paper Topics: 60+ Ideas for Academic Writing

[Post information was updated in April, 2024]

Life is full of different situations and feelings. Some people are happy, and some people suffer. Teenage suicide research paper topics are common for many students’ essays in college.

Someone who is struggling may not know who to turn to for help. What situations occur for them to become potential suicide victims? How do they make this decision? Potential suicide victims have little ability to cope or deal with difficult life situations.

The subject of suicide is trendy among students. This problem is not for keeping in silence, but for speaking out loud to find a solution. This is the reason why many college students look for ideas for suicide research paper topics. In this article, we have presented 60+ interesting topics that will build a unique concept for your academic work.

Suicide research paper topics list

  1. Should governments of developing countries legalize physician-assisted suicide?
  2. Physician-assisted suicide: an exception or necessity.
  3. The problem of suicide in underdeveloped countries.
  4. Predictions of suicide: first signals.
  5. How to prevent the suicide of someone close.
  6. Reasons that cause suicide among young people.
  7. Teenage suicide: depression factors.
  8. Dramatic figures of adolescences’ suicides.
  9. Suicide cases among youth.
  10. Ten suicide survivors that changed their minds.
  11. Suicide in prison.
  12. Places around the world known for high suicide rates.
  13. Actors who committed suicide.
  14. Suicide survivors: how are they coping?
  15. Suicide prevention organizations.
  16. Suicide and mental health.
  17. Families: understanding other family members’ attempted suicides.
  18. How accurately suicide and mental health are portrayed in social media.
  19. Did the people who committed suicide actually want to die?
  20. Reasons why Ernest Hemingway committed suicide.
  21. The modern age of suicide.
  22. Should assisted suicide be legalized?
  23. Is suicide a selfish act or a last call for help?
  24. Recovery programs for suicide survivors.
  25. Suicide in modern society: whose blame is it?
  26. Should we blame current society standards for the causes of suicide?
  27. Suicide attempt vs. success: oranges to apples.
  28. Suicide among women: the world’s suicide rate.
  29. Suicide among men: the world’s suicide rate.
  30. Effect of suicide assessments on determining suicide risk in adolescents.
  31. Views of teenage suicide.
  32. Early signs of suicide: basic knowledge on how to prevent tragedy.
  33. How do children find out about the possibilities to end up in such a way?
  34. Specialized school programs to determine suicide causes and early suicide signs among peers.
  35. How to fulfill life with meaning after the suicide of someone close.
  36. The result of psychological education in middle school to prevent suicides at an early age.
  37. How school affects teenagers in suicide decisions.
  38. Seasonal effects of suicide rates.
  39. What age groups are most suicidal?
  40. The phenomenon of suicide among animals.
  41. Suicide among celebrities: selfishness or impasse?
  42. The earliest mention of committing suicide: the death of Ajax, the mythical Greek hero of the Trojan War.
  43. The horrific mass suicides in the history of humanity.
  44. Historical figures who committed suicide.
  45. History of suicide.
  46. Suicide in Early Modern and Modern Europe.
  47. Suicide and religion: different points of view.
  48. Moral right to end life: which circumstances are contributed by society in our times.
  49. Should the person who assists the death of a close relation suffering an incurable illness get the same legal charges as a murderer?
  50. Is assisted suicide a reasonable decision for a seriously ill person?
  51. The right for death in developing and developed countries.
  52. The suicide of famous musicians.
  53. How an ancestor’s suicide affects descendants of kin.
  54. What becomes of the soul after suicide from an esoteric point of view? A religious look at suicide.
  55. Recovery programs of (your country) for families of a suicide victim.
  56. Suicide: unwillingness to live or a call for help.
  57. Problems in a family that cause suicide.
  58. Social media and suicide: positive and negative factors of influence on society.
  59. Suicide: problem or solution?
  60. The question of suicide in school. How does the onset of depression happen at younger ages?
  61. Suicide: the second leading cause of death of people aged 10 to 24. Signs of suicides should be evaluated before the tragedy.
  62. Is drug addiction slow suicide?
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Suicide paper thesis statement examples

suicide thesis statement examples

Research paper writing assistance on suicide paper topics

Should society protect people from suicide, or should it give respect to their decision? This question might have a lot of different answers, but in any case, the worth of life is priceless. Suicide controversial topics are not an easy subject to write about, although students are interested in this subject in the sociology, philosophy, and psychology disciplines.

There is a collective understanding that people who have a strong desire to live should not commit suicide. It may not be truthful enough, because a person can have a strong desire to live but also not make the right decision on how they should get through the difficulties in life that caused suicidal thoughts. The problem is that often terminally ill people aren’t capable of ending their life in a dignified, painless manner, and therefore require the help of a family member or close friend. Since lawyer Ludwig A. Minelli founded the Swiss group Dignitas in 1998, several terminally ill people have been encouraged to fight the courts for their right to an assisted death.

Hopefully, students with these suicide topics can present their college essays with dignity and confidence. It seems reasonable that humans should be allowed to decide their fate, but also everybody has the right to get highly qualified online essay help from specialists to save their lives.

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