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Fast Food Research Paper Topics for Fast Food Lovers and Haters

Fast food helps to save time on shopping and cooking and to eat quickly and relatively cheaply. However, we pay for such convenience with our health: the nutritional value of this type of meal is several times overstated. If, for example, we take McDonald’s McCombo – a full meal consisting of a gourmet burger, French fries, and Coca-Cola – then we get 1,396 kcal per meal.

The energy value of the diet should correspond to the energy consumption of the body. A woman needs to consume no more than 1,800 kcal per day, while a man, 2,200 kcal. Thus, for one visit to McDonald’s, you get almost a daily calorie intake.

If you look at the composition of a burger, nothing is suspicious: bread, a piece of meat, vegetables, herbs, seasoning, and sauce. However, experts say this is a misleading impression. The most harmful food in all fast foods is just a bun with meat and sauce. There is no fiber, little protein, and most of all, simple carbohydrates and fats. Simple carbohydrates provide short-term energy and are stored as fat in the body. Saturated fats are mostly carcinogenic.

In general, the subject of fast food is very interesting and controversial. If you want to study it closer and even write a paper about it, we offer you to check out the fast food research paper topics.

Argumentative fast food research paper topics

  1. Should all fast food restaurants contain healthy dishes like salads?
  2. Why is it difficult to monitor the quality of semi-finished products in fast food restaurants?
  3. Why can fast food sandwiches lay for months at room temperature and not change their presentation?
  4. Is the main problem of fast food its unbalanced composition, such as excessive amounts of salt, sugar, and saturated fat?
  5. How can fast food restaurants replace oils used for deep-fried frying?
  6. Should fast foods use agricultural products in their meals?
  7. Why is fast food abundantly flavored with salt and sugar?
  8. Why does constant snacking on fast food contribute to the appearance of excess weight and obesity?
  9. How does the appearance of the working staff of fast food restaurants change over time?
  10. What is the connection of fast food and heart and vascular diseases?
  11. What are the arguments for fast food?
  12. What is the main danger of fast food?
  13. Why is there so much debate about fast food?
  14. Why does the harm of fast food provoke more discussion than the harm of alcohol?
  15. Is it easy to become addicted to fast food?
  16. Is it good that fast food restaurant technologists in different countries make sure that the taste of food is the same?

Fast food research paper topics on fast food restaurants

The number of fast food restaurants is continuously rising. Here we have gathered the most current issues connected to this type of food service point.

  1. Why are fast food restaurants so popular? How does it affect society?
  2. Explain why your small town needs more fast food restaurants.
  3. How can you eat healthier if you choose fast food? Explain where calories are hidden. Is it possible to maintain a balanced diet eating in fast food restaurants?
  4. Analyze the nutritional content of the menu in a fast food restaurant (of your choice).
  5. Find out the difference between regular and cage-free eggs used in the fast food industry. Why do fast food restaurants use such eggs?
  6. Describe what features of an oligopoly popular fast food restaurants have. What techniques do they use?
  7. Is it possible to eat healthy food in a fast food restaurant?
  8. Imagine that you are an owner of a fast food restaurant. How would you attract new customers? Create a feasibility plan with a list of actions.
  9. Why are McDonald’s, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, and other fast food restaurants still popular in the US despite all the negative opinions?
  10. Compare employee motivation at McDonald’s (up to your choice) with another fast food restaurant.
  11. Should we replace cafeterias with fast food restaurants?
  12. Analyze how fast food restaurants work under capitalism.
  13. What are the main reasons why people eat at fast food restaurants? Are there any alternatives?
  14. Should the government attract restaurants that serve healthy food with loyal taxation and bonuses?

Fast food research topics: obesity

Obesity is frequently connected with increased consumption of fast food. The nutritional qualities of fast food items are usually poor and become harmful for the human body if regularly consumed.

  1. Choose two articles about the influence of fast food on obesity rates. Think what can be done to decrease this influence.
  2. Explain what role fast food restaurants play in rising obesity rates.
  3. Define the effect of fast food accessibility and availability on childhood obesity.
  4. Evaluate how fast food advertising influences children. Does it affect obesity rates among children?
  5. Take the opposite position: fast food shouldn’t be blamed for obesity. Explain from the perspective of personal choice.
  6. Fast food advertising to children and childhood obesity.
  7. Should the government take an active part in the obesity epidemic? How?
  8. Analyze the childhood obesity rates in the US (or another country). How can it be decreased?
  9. How does fast food cause obesity? Describe the typical mechanism.
  10. Explain the role of individual responsibility as regards to obesity and fast food.
  11. Analyze the chemical composition of fast food. What are the most harmful ingredients? How is the food prepared?
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Fast food essay topics: situation in the US

The US remains as one of the leading countries in consuming fast food. In this section we propose you topics connected to regulatory and social issues related to fast food in the United States.

  1. Analyze the book “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser. What is the author’s point of view on fast food?
  2. Do you agree with the opinions of Eric Schlosser (author of “Fast Food Nation”)? Why?
  3. Define why fast food became so popular among US citizens. How does fast food influence American society?
  4. Prove that the US government should incorporate a special tax on fast food.
  5. Should the fast food industry in the US be banned? Argue your position.
  6. How does fast food affect food service wages in the US?
  7. Is it appropriate to sell fast food in hospitals?
  8. Define how fast food manipulates health in America.
  9. Analyze the situation with fast food in schools. Should the government ban fast food in schools?
  10. What are the economic and social advantages of the fast food industry?
  11. Analyze how Disneyland got rid of fast food. What types of healthy food do they provide?
  12. Can fast food be treated as a high-risk factor for the American population?
  13. Does fast food influence the economic situation of the state? How?
  14. Should the government control and regulate the ingredients in fast food?
  15. How has fast food culture changed the dining tableware? How has fast food become an ordinary part of our daily meals? How have paper cups and plates become a regular part of our tableware?
  16. Analyze what effect fast food has on lower social economic groups.
  17. Should the government ban fast food advertising to children?
  18. Explain why fast food products should be labeled with warning signs.

Topics on the harm of fast food

Many people are aware of the harms of fast food, but most of them still consume it in great quantities. Why do people continue to eat this kind of food? What are the consequences? All these and other questions are listed below.

  1. Explain why fast food is hazardous for human health and the planet.
  2. Create an argumentative essay on prohibiting advertising of fast food, alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals.
  3. Compare and contrast fast food and home-cooked meals. What option is the best? Why?
  4. Compare and contrast the effects of tobacco and fast food. Are there any similarities?
  5. What will happen to a person if he or she consumes fast food in great amounts?
  6. Why do people continue consuming fast food even if they know that it’s unhealthy?
  7. Explain why many people are obsessed with fast food these days.
  8. Analyze your personal food choices. What place does fast food have in your daily ration? Are you influenced by the media? What can be done to make people refuse fast food?
  9. Should high schools offer fast food options on the menu of student cafeterias?
  10. Do you eat fast food? Why? How can avoiding fast food change your life?
  11. What long-term effects on a person’s body does fast food have?
  12. What is more dangerous for health – smoking or fast food?
  13. Why do students prefer fast food even if they know enough about healthy eating?
  14. Explain why you love fast food and why you think it’s right for you.
  15. How can the quality of fast food be improved?
  16. Does fast food influence the environment? How does the fast food industry worsen the ecological situation?

Topics about the fast food industry

The fast food industry has its own peculiarities. In the list below we have touched international issues, government regulation, advertising, and more.

  1. Explain the role of fast food in the UAE. Why is fast food popular in this country?
  2. Analyze the existing fast food TV commercials or big boards. What are the main messages? What tactics has the advertising agency used?
  3. Explain the fast food industry in the context of Porter’s five forces.
  4. Analyze whether the fast food industry should be regulated like the tobacco industry. What are the main factors?
  5. Compare and contrast fast food and “slow” food. What is the typical portrait of an average client?
  6. How is corporate social responsibility used in fast food digital marketing campaigns? What impact does it have on society?
  7. What should be the main arguments in anti fast food campaigns? What arguments will work better for each social group/age?
  8. Think about the future of the fast food industry. What has changed recently? What is the prognosis?
  9. How does fast food benefit the health care industry?
  10. Analyze how American fast food culture has integrated into the Chinese food market. Why has it become so popular in China?
  11. Analyze the fast food franchise models. How has it affected business? What are the main reasons to own a franchise?
  12. Explain why fast food in reality differs from the advertising pictures. Is it false advertising?

Fast food thesis statement examples

fast food paper thesis statement examples

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