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130+ Cool Disney Research Paper Topics to Try Out

Do you love Disney cartoons as much as we do? If the answer is YES, we are happy to share with you some takeaway topics that you can use for your essay, research paper, or other academic paper. Here our essay writers have considered various subjects, from English classes to finances and economics. Enjoy!

General Disney research paper topics

  1. Describe the art movements connected with Walt Disney and Disney animation.
  2. Analyze how the animation has changed since the beginning of Walt Disney’s career, as well as modern animation.
  3. Explore the impact of Disney movies on a person’s self-image.
  4. How do Disney films influence young children?
  5. Explore the representation of racial diversity in Disney animation films. Does the company represent diversity fairly?
  6. Analyze animated films as entertainment and art considering Disney, Warner Bros, and Pixar.
  7. Analyze the book “Disneywar: The Battle for the Magic Kingdom.”
  8. Analyze Sianne Ngai’s “The Cuteness of the Avant-Garde” in relation to Disney film characters.
  9. How does Disney meet cultural expectation, prettify reality, and remake original stories?
  10. What is the meaning of the term “family film” regarding Disney movies?
  11. Explain the effects of Disney cartoons on the education of preschool children.
  12. How are love and romance portrayed in Disney cartoons?
  13. Choose one Disney movie and analyze it considering Dante’s “Inferno.”
  14. Explain the meaning of “Disney model” in making films.
  15. Explore the historical and cultural impact of the Disney Concert Hall.
  16. Define the impact of Disney princesses on young girls.

Research topics on Disney movies

  1. Explore the positive effects of Disney’s “Coco” on society.
  2. Compare and contrast Heracles and Disney’s “Hercules.”
  3. Define the difference between the Grimms’ “Snow White” and Disney’s animated version.
  4. Compare Disney’s animated movie “Pocahontas” to the story of the real Pocahontas.
  5. How have Disney movies changed over the past 50 years? What problems still exist?
  6. What stereotypes are depicted in Disney films?
  7. Compare and contrast Hans Christian Anderson’s “Little Mermaid” and Disney’s “Little Mermaid.” What scenes were changed or cut? How does it change the overall meaning?
  8. Describe how Disney movies are accepted in various countries and cultures.
  9. How are children represented in Disney films?
  10. Explore the core messages encoded in Disney’s film “Mulan.”
  11. Compare and contrast the mythical narrative of Hua Mulan and the Disney movie “Mulan.”
  12. Compare and contrast Disney’s “Cinderella” and the Brothers Grimm 1812 version of “Cinderella.”
  13. Analyze the concepts of princesses and villains in Disney films.
  14. Write a review on Disney’s film “Frozen.” Consider music and animation quality.
  15. Analyze the themes and motifs in Disney’s “Nightmare Before Christmas.” How does the film take the characters and situations and develop a narrative?
  16. Analyze Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” and the book by Lewis Carol.
  17. Explore how censorship is applied to Disney animation and movies around the world.
  18. Critically analyze Disney’s “Wall-E.” Consider the narrative, technical components, symbolism, cultural influence, etc.

Disney research topics on gender issues

  1. Explore the evolution of female representation in Disney princess films.
  2. Discuss messages and ideas the animated movie “Aladdin” conveys about race, gender, and sexuality. How does it refer to modern society?
  3. Analyze the article “Post-Princess Models of Gender: The New Man in Disney/Pixar” by Ken Gillam and Shannon R. Wooden.
  4. Compare and contrast the image of masculinity in Disney films with “Tough Guise” and “Guyland.”
  5. Watch a Disney cartoon or film and analyze a character considering gender, race, age, and sexual orientation.
  6. Compare and contrast Disney’s “Mulan” and “Little Mermaid.” How do these films construct masculinity and femininity?
  7. Explore the representation of traditional ideas about gender, race, and power in Disney princesses.
  8. Analyze the film “The Mickey Mouse Monopoly” in regards to gender and race stereotypes.
  9. Analyze the evolution of gender roles in American culture and how they have changed in Disney films.
  10. Analyze the representation of masculinity in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”
  11. Define the sexism in Disney characters and their impact on children.
  12. Explore how the gender portrayals have changed in the following Disney films: “Snow White,” “Aladdin,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Frozen,” “Brave,” and “Moana.”
  13. Explore how Grimms’ fairy tales and Disney movies influence females.
  14. Analyze the article “Little girls or little women? The Disney princess effect” by Stephanie Hanes.

Disney debate topics

  1. Discuss why Disney princesses are bad role models for young girls.
  2. The diversity in Disney princesses is poor.
  3. Explain the role of Disney animated films on body image.
  4. Define the complexities of dealing with race in cartoons using Disney animation films as an example.
  5. Choose one Disney animated movie and discuss its deeper meanings. Provide arguments about its meaning.
  6. Analyze the stereotypes depicted in Disney’s “Mulan” (1998).
  7. How do Disney movies affect society? In what ways?
  8. Why is Nickelodeon better than the Disney channel?
  9. Explore the history of Disney. What is the significance of its animation?
  10. What do Disney movies teach children? What are the most valuable and dangerous ideas?
  11. How do Disney films view masculinity? Discuss the creation of Prince Charming.
  12. Agree or disagree with the statement: “Most Disney films are based on fairy tales or historical events. There are no original Disney stories.”
  13. What political issues does Disney face in the US?
  14. Are there any historical inaccuracies in Disney animated films?
  15. Is the main theme song of “Aladdin” shameful?
  16. Why have Disney cartoons been successful for so long?
  17. Why do you hate or love Disneyland?
  18. What is the positive impact of Disney cartoons on children in the 21st century?
  19. What lessons can children learn from the Disney movie “Frozen”?
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Research paper topics about impact of Disney theme parks

  1. Analyze the article “The art of queuing up at Disneyland” by Emily Nelson.
  2. Give the reasons why Disney parks are the best place in the world.
  3. Explore the difficulties Disney has faced with opening a theme park in China. Consider environmental constraints, the local labor market, trade theories, and other special issues.
  4. Analyze the media market of live entertainment in Disney theme parks. Consider the trends, demand, major consumers, and marketing strategy.
  5. Explore the case about fast food in Disney Parks and healthy food options.
  6. Discuss the role of Disney live shows, parades, and theme parks.
  7. How does Disney help bring families together? What activities does Disney World offer?
  8. Explain the significance of the Guest Assistance Card program at Disney Parks.
  9. How can Disneyland teach people about US culture?
  10. Explore positive and negative reception of Euro Disney Resort (Disneyland Paris) since 1992.
  11. Examine the possibility of opening Disneyland in Brazil.
  12. What cultural challenges may Disney experience in Kuwait?
  13. Analyze the success of Disney’s California Adventure Park when it first opened. How much money was spent?

Marketing topics class for Disney

  1. Discuss the marketing strategies of the Disney Cruise Line.
  2. Create a marketing action plan for the Walt Disney Company for the next year.
  3. Compare and contrast marketing strategies of Disney and 21st Century Fox.
  4. Analyze Disney’s advertisement and social media activities on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Are they effective?
  5. How do Disney parks appeal to each consumer age?
  6. The role of Disneyland in family entertainment. Has Disney created an uncontested market space? Is the competition in this market real?
  7. Analyze the current international marketing strategy for Disney. What strategic actions can you offer Walt Disney Parks and Resorts?
  8. Analyze the Disney industry trends considering demographics, as well as the economic, technological, cultural, and socio-political spheres.
  9. Examine major competitors and the adaptation of Disney to Chinese consumers.
  10. How does Disney apply the concepts of business diversification? Analyze the company’s diversification strategy: the main pitfalls and successes.
  11. Explore the entertainment management of the Walt Disney Company.
  12. Analyze the Walt Disney Company and the market it operates. Define the company structure, conduct on the market, performance, and strategy.
  13. What does Disney do to connect with its core consumers? What are the new ways to expand the Disney brand?

Walt Disney research paper topics on economics and finance

  1. Research the performance of the Walt Disney Company.
  2. Describe how Disney adopt the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). State the reasons, results, and challenges for the company.
  3. Give brief information on the academic and professional background of the current Disney CEO. Define their latest achievements.
  4. Describe Walt Disney’s performance as a leader. Explore how his leadership skills related to motivation and intellectual stimulation.
  5. Analyze the core competitive advantages of the Walt Disney Co. Explain the core competencies.
  6. Explain the influence of the Walt Disney Co. on culture and economy (within the US or the world).
  7. What is the most vulnerable area of Disney?
  8. Evaluate the organizational design and strategy of the Walt Disney Company.
  9. The Walt Disney Company and globalization.
  10. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the Euro Disney Resort considering organizational behavioral theories and concepts.
  11. Analyze the business environments of Disneyland in Hong Kong.
  12. What are the right moves for Disney in Hong Kong? What strategies can you propose?
  13. Discuss problems and issues related to racial stereotypes in the Walt Disney Company.
  14. Choose any Disney product or media and analyze from the Marxist viewpoint.
  15. Explore the history of Disney’s business.
  16. Compare and contrast Disney and Starbucks.

Hot topics: Disney company finances

  1. Explore the financial history of the Disney corporation. Create a company overview, analyze the market, describe the key inputs and sources, and analyze the last three years of the company’s finances.
  2. Analyze the case of Walt Disney’s Yen financing. What ways are possible to minimize foreign exchange exposure?
  3. Compare and contrast Netflix and Disney companies. Describe the industry, company strategy, and financial performance.
  4. Research the accounting, finance, and environmental issues connected to the Walt Disney Company’s activities.
  5. Explore the cons of Disney operating television and cable networks.
  6. Analyze the output of the Disney and Pixar acquisition.
  7. Analyze the changes in Walt Disney Co. after the acquisition of 21st Century Fox.
  8. Examine the reasons why Disney Parks increased prices over the years.
  9. Choose one of Disney’s activities (animation, theme parks, television, etc.) and evaluate its financial performance.
  10. Evaluate the performance of Hong Kong Disneyland in the first year of performance.

Interesting Disney topics to talk about

  1. Describe your trip to Disney World.
  2. Compare and contrast Disney Land and Knotts Berry Farm.
  3. Discuss Walt Disney’s personality considering him a hero and great thinker.
  4. Compare and contrast Walt Disney and Muhammad Ali.
  5. How has Walt Disney changed the film industry?
  6. What was Walt Disney’s main failure?
  7. Examine Walt Disney’s life and activity during World War II.
  8. How Walt Disney changed the world.
  9. How have animated Disney films impacted your perceptions about the world?
  10. Explain how your perception of Disney films you enjoyed watching in childhood changed over time. What did you realize?
  11. What impact did Walt Disney have on the country?
  12. Choose your favorite Disney song and describe what you hear when you listen to it.
  13. Explain the contribution of Walt Disney to the fairy tale genre.

Helpful sources that cover Disney topics

In the lists below, we want to share with you some literary sources that may be helpful for your research paper about Disney movies and Walt Disney Co.

The Literature on Disney and Gender Issues

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The Literature on Disney Economics and Marketing

Barnes, D. (2018). Disney to Open Park in Shanghai.
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