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Top Depression Research Paper Topics

Perhaps every student will find these depression research topics helpful. We offer a variety of themes for different disciplines. All of our topics are interesting, so you won’t get bored while writing your paper. You can use them for free – simply choose one and start writing!

Depression research topics for sociology papers

  1. How can depression influence teens’ low self-esteem?
  2. The reasons why stress and depression should be taken seriously.
  3. Depression in adolescent females.
  4. Art therapy and depression.
  5. How can cognitive behavioral group therapy help reduce symptoms of PTSD and/or depression in female victims of sexual abuse?
  6. Are teens who spend more time on social media more likely to suffer anxiety and/or depression?
  7. How does using smartphones influence anxiety and depression?
  8. The impact of maternal depression on children.
  9. Why will veterans that are diagnosed with depression show lower levels of depression if they attend support group therapy along with normal CBT?
  10. Effects of depression on social interaction.
  11. An overview of mood disorders with a focus on depression.
  12. Depression among LGBTQ youth who uses social media.
  13. Are biological processes the only factors that are the causes of depression?
  14. Physical activity on kids with depression.
  15. The relationship between weed and depression in young adults.
  16. Music therapy and how it affects depression.
  17. Helping campus students fight depression through anxiety relief.
  18. The prevalence of depression and anxiety in our modern day world.
  19. Culture and depression, and cross-cultural psychiatry.
  20. Post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.
  21. Evaluate the cognitive treatment of depression.
  22. How do women have higher standards when related to depression?
  23. Depression being more deadly than anxiety.
  24. Recognizing bipolar depression.
  25. Why does depression develop in humans?
  26. Depression in Hollywood.
  27.  Is anyone, regardless of wealth, career success, and social status, susceptible to depression?
  28. The relationship between perfectionism and depression in young adults.
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Depression topics for history papers

  1. How does the Great Depression relate to the American Dream?
  2. The stock market crash before the Great Depression and its effect on American literature and the authors of that time period.
  3. How has entertainment changed from before the Great Depression to after? Do you think the New Deal resolved the economic issues of the Great Depression?
  4. Depression in Germany and a comparison with global or regional data.
  5. The Depression and Nazi Germany.
  6. How and why did Hitler come to power in Germany? Were the conditions imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles responsible for the rise of Hitler? Was the Great Depression the primary reason for the rise of the Nazis?
  7. Reasons for financial depression of the late 19th century.
  8. Explain why the stock market crash of 1929 occurred, and tell how it turned into a major depression. Describe the major ways in which the Great Depression affected Americans. What were some of the measures taken to end the Depression?
  9. Depression in middle-aged white women vs. black women and/or other cultures.
  10. What caused the Great Depression?

Depression research paper topics for health care papers

  1. Are pharmaceuticals an effective treatment for depression?
  2. How can leading a healthy lifestyle prevent heart disease, obesity, and depression?
  3. Depression and weight change after a kidney transplant.
  4. Should drugs given to adolescents to treat depression be restricted?
  5. Pharmacological prevention of postnatal depression.
  6. Impacts of depression in our health.
  7. Are antidepressants overpescribed?
  8. Why is depression a major mental health problem?
  9. A person’s functioning level and clinical symptoms and behaviors that reflect bipolar depression.
  10. Association of hormonal contraception with depression.
  11. Is there a relationship between cervical cancer treatment and the onset of depression?
  12. How does an untreated depression change the brain over time?
  13. Compare and contrast delirium, dementia, and depression.
  14. Examine depression of the elderly in a nursing home to determine what specific therapeutic and holistic service improves one’s self-worth.

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