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How to Write an Informative Essay

The modern education system is ruthless. Every year, educational institutions pose more and more complex tasks for students, and only a few of these tasks have immediate practical value in a person’s future. One of the most difficult and, at the same time, practical assignments is writing thematic essays. Essays may differ depending on structure, content, or topic.

Our experts at EssayShark can handle any essay, regardless of subject matter and complexity. Still, this guide is primarily intended for those who want to understand the nuances of essay writing on their own. If you are tired of typing in search engines such queries as “how to write an informative essay” or “how to write an informational essay,” then you are in luck – here you will find expert help.

What is an informative essay

An informative essay is a short paper or essay covering a particular topic for a specific audience. It provides the reader with information about a specific topic. To write an informative essay, you need to understand what this type of essay is, as well as its features and main components.

An informative essay is a typical assignment in school and college. The essay writer needs to create an exciting and captivating article that will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read through the whole paper. The word count usually limits an informative essay, so the audience will get all necessary information without wasting time on extensive reading.

Essays can include many different pieces of information. Still, most informative essays are focused on one particular aspect of a topic, and they use several different types of details to make their point. The word “informative” in this type of essay refers to the point of view of the person receiving the information.

How to start an informative essay

Writing an informative essay can be a bit challenging, as you need to be informative and give your opinion on the material. The most important advice to remember while dealing with this type of essay is that the introduction should be solid, and the first paragraph, in particular, should have the strongest thesis statement. The first paragraph should contain an example of the topic you will cover in your essay.

You need to provide some information on the topic, where you got it, who said it, and so on. However, keep in mind that the core objective of your essay is not to include material but to analyze it providing a lot of comments and support from your ideas and experiences. Therefore, make sure that your first paragraph does not look like just a collection of facts about the topic but your response to it.

Starting your essay on a topic you know a lot about is much easier. The first step is to choose a topic. The goal here is to develop your thesis statement. If you select a topic that allows for the thesis to cover areas you are knowledgeable in, the essay should be simple enough to complete.

Informative essay structure

Informative essay structure is necessary to follow while writing an informative essay. If a writer ignores the essay’s proper format, it will not be considered an excellent informative essay. All the points should be well-organized and included in the structure systematically.

There are six steps or stages to writing an informative essay. They are: choosing a topic, researching for an informative essay, constructing an outline of your informative essay, writing and concluding, finalizing, and revising the project. Following these steps will help students write an informative essay correctly.

informative essay writing

Therefore, this structure is essential to make your informative essay effective and impressive. An excellent essay is characterized by a logical series of statements that lead to an inevitable logical conclusion.

The type of information may vary from common topics such as science and social studies to more detailed information such as literary criticism, ethics, and philosophical analysis. It usually contains factual data, examples of events, and evidence that supports the central idea.

A five-paragraph essay is the most common type of informative essay. It comprises five paragraphs, each with its topic sentence, supporting details, and concluding statement. The general structure of this type of essay implies that the first paragraph should begin with an introduction that should be followed by three body paragraphs accompanied by a brief final statement in the fifth paragraph.

The first paragraph of an informative essay introduces the topic and briefly describes why it is worth discussing. If you still have any doubts about informative essay writing, you can always explore our informative essay samples. One of those samples you can find in the following paragraph of this guide.

Informative essay outline

An informative essay is a form of non-fiction that gives information about a topic to the audience. It is also referred to as an expository essay. An informative essay must follow a clear and logical structure to ensure that the information it gives is understandable and memorable.

An informative essay is a piece of writing aimed at informing the reader about a particular topic or subject. It may be centered around a person, place, or event, or a critical issue review. Whatever your case, you can take steps to make sure that your informative essay is both informative and well-received. Before you even begin writing, you will need to have a solid outline in place.

Explain what the essay is about: examples of persuasive essays and other forms of essays are usually mentioned in this section. Do not go into too much detail about the information you will write about. It is just a short overview for the reader to summarize what your main points are going to be.

Informative essay topics

General Topics

  • College stress
  • Worldwide poverty
  • Domestic violence
  • Procrastination
  • Homelessness
  • Pregnancy in college
  • Cybersecurity
  • Bullying in college
  • Violence in video games
  • Organic food tendency
  • Harming impact of fast food
  • College scholarships

Advanced Topics

  • Millennial generation’s role in economic transformation
  • Overgeneralization of generations
  • Global extreme poverty
  • World poverty clock
  • Secrets of successful academic performance
  • My life-changing event
  • My favorite time
  • My biggest loss

Informative essay example

 Artificial Intelligence Privacy Breaches

Artificial Intelligence involves developing computer programs with the objective of mimicking and performing customized tasks similar to human behavior such as visual perception, language translation, and speech translation. Though it has made man’s life easier in some ways, it is worth noting how it can contravene the right to privacy of its users. A goal of artificial intelligence is to do what humans can do (and in the future, with greater precision), but in an effort to achieve this, AI usually utilizes the past activities of the user, such as voice recognition, Google searches, and artificial intelligence in the medical sector.

The medical sector stands out as a major beneficiary of AI. but of greater note is the challenge to patients’ data. Medical institutions have exposed the data of their patients through the utilization of AI. Private entities own the AI deployed in the sector; thus, the patients’ information is in these companies’ hands (Murdoch, 2021). This contravenes the client privilege guaranteeing non-disclosure of self-data. Even though this contract binds the patient with the health institution, it might not hold with the private entity owning the AI, as non-breaching of privacy is between them and the institution that turned over its patients’ information. Legally the patient might be tied as their personal data is then sold by the private entity that gathered it through the aid of information gathered with the aid of AI. Matters such as access, use, and control of data collected are in the hands of the private entity leaving the patients compromised. The patient would thus receive a customized set of eerily personalized remedies sold to them by, for example, the health sector.

Voice recognition is another aspect of artificial intelligence that, to a huge degree, compromises the privacy of the user. Individuals have voices unique to themselves, which are often used for identity verification. But if AI can mimic voices or fail to accurately recognize voices, this can threaten user safety and consumer trust (Manheim, & Kaplan, 2019). An instance where breach of privacy can lead to property loss and physical safety issues is the use of voice recognition in homes. Voice recognition may be used to unlock the house. An individual’s voice, however, can be cloned. This can lead to break-ins.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence has led to serious privacy breaches through its utilization in the medical sector and in voice recognition. Consumer privacy is further compromised by device functionality opacity, predictive algorithms, internet connectivity, and ubiquitous data collection (Manheim, & Kaplan, 2019). Predictive algorithms, for instance, can lead to companies knowing too much about individual users – this information could be used to manipulate not only consumer spending, but also political actions. Private entities that are legally contracted to provide these services are, to the highest degree, responsible for privacy breaches. This is becoming more common with medical institutions and has led to backlash from patients. Similarly, voice recognition has led to the cloning of people’s voices, leading to property endangerment and even the undermining of people’s physical safety.


Murdoch, B. (2021). Privacy and artificial intelligence: Challenges for protecting health information in a new era. BMC Medical Ethics, 22(1).
Manheim, K., & Kaplan, L. (2019). Artificial intelligence: Risks to privacy and democracy. Yale JL & Tech., 21, 106.

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Informative essay FAQ

What Is an Informative Essay Sample?

Informative essays are common writing assignments that include a particular structure and require using all kinds of writing techniques. If you are assigned to write an informative essay, all you need to do is stick to the requirements and the peculiarities of this type of writing. To compose an informative essay, a student should know how to form an abstract and body, which means keeping in mind some peculiarities of each part of the assignment.

What Is an Informative Essay?

An informative essay is an academic essay used for explaining a specific topic in more detail. Such compositions are used primarily in college and university. The writing aims to describe rather than analyze the essay’s topic. Usually, it is not very difficult to write an essay, but sometimes the student may have some difficulties. One of the main things to consider is the topic of the essay and its structure.

What Is Informative Writing?

Informative writing gives your reader an idea about a topic. Informative writing provides facts, explains procedures, or describes how something works. It can also describe historical events. It can also be about a person or place, including personal experiences. The purpose of informative writing is to inform, not to persuade. The writer tries to convince the reader to accept an idea or take a specific action, but that’s not true in the case of informative writing.

Informative essay writing assistance

Every paper ranges from an individual experience or point of view to the criticism of a social issue or a scientific phenomenon. An essay that aims to inform its reader about something specific belongs to the latter type – informative essays. Information is a form of knowledge acquired through personal experience and research. Thus, an informative essay must contain both of these elements.

This guide is intended to help you write an informative essay yourself or understand the issue sufficiently. Nevertheless, in the modern world, a person often has to deal with various thematic essays, each of which has its nuances. You can explore our guides on writing other essays or ask our experts for help.

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