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Surprising Facts About Sharks You Didn’t Know

We couldn’t stand aside as Discovery Shark Week brings on its special guest to discuss the giant Megalodon. Sharks are usually associated with danger, fear and mystery. We are enamored with them and their strength, but still know too little facts about them.

Are you as fond of sharks as we are? Check out information that will surprise you.


Habitat – can be found in the majority of oceans, and even some salt, brackish, and fresh waters
The largest – up to 39 feet in length
The smallest – about 6.7 inches in length
Amount of teeth replaced over a lifetime – 30, 000-50, 000
Variety of species – about 465
Speed – 8 km/hour, 19 km/hour in attack

  • The larger the shark is in its size, the more it eats. And the menu is not only fish, octopuses and calamari. They also enjoy eating polar bears, moose, horses and gourmand sharks sometimes can eat a reindeer. You know, when the special occasion appears:)
  • Some sharks are nomadic. For example, the hammerhead. They feel comfortable both in warm and polar waters.
  • Besides having 5 senses, white sharks possess electro-reception to find prey by detecting their electro-magnetic fields.
  • Sharks do not have eyelids. To protect their eyes, they simply roll them back. By the way, sharks have beautiful blue eyes.
  • Grey white sharks are slow in their coming-of-age. Female sharks become sexually mature when they are 14-16 years, and male grow quicker – in 8-10 years.
  • No one takes care of sharks when they are born. They survive without parental support.  No hugs and “mimimi”-s for them. Maybe, that’s why they are so cruel:)
  • Lamnid white sharks are warm-blooded animals. Their heat generator from long muscles allows them to keep their body temparature 10-15º higher than outside.shark_f
  • The unique structure of shark skin helps to save people’s lives. Surprised? It is impossible for various organisms to cover the shark’s body and live there. Shark skin has been used as a material by biomimicry engineers to use in hospitals. The bacteria growth was decreased by more than 80%. What is more, sharks practically never get sick.
  • Shark teeth are one more reason to be fascinated with these creatures. They are not required to brush them due to fluoride covering the surface of their teeth. The chemical element fluoroapatite makes sharks’ teeth cavity-resistant.
  • White sharks eat about 11 tons of food every year, while humans consume 0.5 of a ton annually.
  • A Greenland shark is one of the loneliest and slowest-moving creatures in the world. It lives in the depths of arctic ice and have only one underwater companion, whose name is impossible to pronounce – Ommatokoita elongate.
  • During the time you’ve been reading this article, it is supposed that about 100 sharks were killed in the world for fin soups.
  • Sharks do not hunt people – the majority of attacks are committed mistakenly because of bad water visibility.


We agree with the conservationists that people know nothing about sharks – that’s why dislike them:) We hope, our team managed to improve the reputation of our namesakes and made you like them.

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Our EssayShark team wishes you a great shark week!

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