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80 Sports Persuasive Speech Topics You Should Try

Persuasive speaking is an undoubtedly powerful skill that will help you both at college and work. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with the ability to clearly express their thoughts and time at college is the best time to learn the art of persuasion. To make a great persuasive speech you need to pick an interesting and disputable topic. Here is a list of sports persuasive speech topics that you can use for your speech. Each category is dedicated to a certain theme.

All persuasive speech topics on sports prepared by our essay writing service take a particular position. If you don’t agree with it, just talk about the issue from your own point of view. Each topic is supported by leading questions or descriptions that help take a certain angle of the issue. You can use them in your own papers, or get essays for sale from reputable services.

Let’s check them out!

How to choose a topic for sports persuasive speech

how to choose a topic for sports persuasive speech

Sports persuasive speech topics about college sports

 persuasive speech topics about sports

  1. Why aren’t college athletes paid? You can take a position that college athletes are into sports and dedicate too much time and effort to sports and it’s logical that such work should be paid.
  2. College coaches are making too much money. Many coaches have certain bonuses and opportunity contracts if their team wins a certain game or tournament.
  3. Girls should be encouraged to take part in sports at schools and colleges. Girls drop out of sports six times more than boys. How can the university influence this tendency?
  4. Coaches in women’s college sports teams should earn the same as coaches of men’s teams. Despite the fact that the salaries for men and women coaches are almost equal, colleges maneuver around the numbers.
  5. College athletes need more time off. Many athlete students plan their lives differently after they graduate from college. They need more time for internships, visiting doctors, taking courses, etc.
  6. Schools should provide basic athletic injury insurance for every college athlete. Not every college provides insurance, and in case of injury a student may not have enough money for recovery, or the process of recovery is delayed.
  7. College sports should not sacrifice educational principles. Every college athlete should have time for studying and recovery. Many college athletes can’t handle the study schedule with training.
  8. College athletes should be granted compensation in case of injury. Sometimes college athletes that have received an injury can’t continue to participate in sports. As a result, they lose scholarships.
  9. College sports teams should be trained by professional coaches. If the college wishes to be more successful in certain sports, college management should hire a professional coach.
  10. Every college athlete should pass drug tests before every play or competition.

Sports persuasive speech topics: homophobia, racism, and sexism

sports persuasive speech topics

  1. Should women be allowed to compete against men? In such sports like tennis, women players can compete with men. What other sports may apply competitions between men and women?
  2. Why are women’s sports less covered in media? What impact does media coverage have on women’s sports? Nowadays not many people watch women’s sports. Analyze the situation and show examples why women’s sports are attractive.
  3. Cheerleaders are a sexist exploitation. Cheerleader costumes and performances are just a form of entertainment that creates a poisoned portrayal of women and discredits women’s sports. You can also use the argument that cheerleaders don’t perform at women’s sports.
  4. Women wrestlers vs. men wrestlers. Men get more fame and more recognition than female wrestlers. Also, they have more crowd attendance. What can be done to change that?
  5. Homophobia is not being taken seriously enough in sports. For example, there are no prominent football players who are openly gay. What can be done to make sports safe for LGBT athletes?
  6. Men and women should be offered the same amount of prize money in sports competitions. Men get more money in the same competitions than women.
  7. Female athletes are used for covers only for sexual appearance. The research has shown, mass media presents women athletes as sexual objects in their campaigns, and as a result, women athletes are not respected.
  8. Women’s sports teams should be coached by women. More than 60 percent of women’s sports teams are coached by men. Why is it necessary?
  9. African-Americans should be more represented as head coaches. Coaches should be given more opportunities.
  10. Women can have the same speed and better skills than men. People tend to think that women are tiny and helpless, even if we are talking about a woman athlete. What can be done to change this point of view? As an example, you can use the movie “She’s the Man” to prove that girls can play soccer at the same level as men.

Sports persuasive speech topics: Olympic Games

persuasive speech topics on sports

  1. What is the role of the national lottery in Olympic Games? Should it be provided in the US?
  2. Does hosting the Olympic Games have benefits for the hosting country? What social and economic impact does it have?
  3. Should we measure greatness by the number of gold medals? What are the pros of owning more gold medals? How can athletes earn more Olympic medals? What factors influence this? What should sports managers and athletes do?
  4. Can the Olympics be treated as a philosophy? Tell about Olympism. What are the main values and ideals of Olympism?
  5. What are the benefits of the Paralympics? Describe the difference between Paralympics and Olympics.
  6. One of the main aims of the Olympics is keeping the peace. Can the Olympics be named as a holding force towards peace? How are the Olympic Games used by nations and groups to make political statements?
  7. Is Winter Olympics better than Summer Olympics? Describe the reasons why.
  8. Argue why cricket should be added to the list of Summer Olympics. There is a list of sports that are unfairly excluded from the list of Olympic games. Pick one sport, describe it, and find arguments why it should be added.
  9. Did the Olympic games have more value and sense in the past? Compare how the attitude and traditions have changed from ancient Greece to now.
  10. What athlete is the best from the past hundred years? Think about the athlete whose records or power of will has inspired you. Describe this athlete and his or her character traits, life path, and achievements.

Sports persuasive speech topics: sports and media coverage

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics on media

  1. Is media coverage of female athletes getting more sexist? How does the image of women in sports influence women athletes? Tell how female athletes lose confidence when they are treated as a sexual object.
  2. Sports advertising has a large impact on body image. Does advertising impact men and women in the same way? What effects does sports advertising have on self concept?
  3. Discuss how managers manipulate the game to attract a bigger audience. Can spectators’ mood be manipulated and maintained in a losing game?
  4. Is there any connection with sports and violent behavior? Do such sports like hockey, rugby, and soccer lead to an increase of violence?
  5. Does too much attention to a particular athlete manifest the undervaluing of athletes’ abilities?
  6. Hockey should have more media coverage. Hockey has more than two billion fans from all over the world. How will better media coverage help this kind of sport?
  7. Electronic and print media coverage of women’s sports is worse than men’s sports. How will better media coverage help to increase attendance at women’s sporting events?
  8. College sports should have more media coverage. Broadcasting and promoting the college athletic department will help develop sports within the college, improve material base, attract more prospective students, generate more revenue, etc.
  9. Every athlete should have their own blog. Those athletes that are broadcasting live videos via their phones attract more fans to their personality.
  10. Paralympics should get more media attention in the United States. Media should show more inspiring photos that will uplift people with disabilities and show the world that those people deserve equal attention as common athletes.
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Sports persuasive speech topics: sports and health

sports-related persuasive speech topics

  1. The influence of express weight loss on an athlete’s body. What are the risk factors for the female athletes? How does weight loss influence performance?
  2. Are eating disorders in athletes (bulimia or anorexia) a great problem? What types of athletes are more vulnerable to eating disorders? Tell about chronic dieting, weight loss, and weight cycling. What should coaches do to prevent eating disorders?
  3. Does the right nutrition increase the efficiency of an athlete? What is the role of a pre-game meal? Tell how it is important for the athlete to eat the right food.
  4. Tell that it is important to exercise every day. You can prove your point from the perspective of a sound mind in a sound body. Also, you can cover different kinds of sports and different benefits. Persuade your audience that playing sports will help them be both physically fit and mentally healthy.
  5. Schools and colleges should put emphasis on physical education and healthy eating during classes. America is one of the most obese nations in the world and children should get used to healthy habits on a governmental level.
  6. Physically active children are more likely to mature into physically active adults. How can parents motivate children to do sports? Why is it so important?
  7. Nowadays children have less place to play and physically develop. Not all families can afford activities in sports centers or have other troubles to access. The government should create sparer grass-covered areas where youth will be able to play football, soccer, cricket, etc. How can governments reduce the level of obesity when they allow the building of houses on playing fields?
  8. Why is muscle endurance important for every human? Athletes need endurance for improving their scores and performance, and other people need endurance to stay active during the day. Tell about other benefits of muscle endurance and how to train it.
  9. Swimming gives a positive impact on health. Explain why swimming is a good choice, considering cases when swimming is contraindicated. Also, mention what diereses symptoms can be improved with regular swimming.
  10. A young athlete should be tested before starting strength training. Tell what a strength program is when a young athlete is ready to participate in training and what benefits a strength program has.

Sports persuasive speech topics: injuries

persuasive speech topics about sport injuries

  1. BMX is the most potentially traumatic type of sport. Tell about the most common BMX sports injuries and whether they can be prevented.
  2. Injuries affect the mental health of athletes. How do parents and coaches help speed up the recovery process and minimize the risks of depression?
  3. The impact of injuries on the development of a young body. For example, overuse injuries are common during the adolescent growth spurt and may influence the subsequent development.
  4. Why do college athletes receive too many injuries? What injuries are more common? How can it be prevented? What chronic diseases do former college athletes have?
  5. Why is stretching important for injury prevention? Stretching activities help to tune the body, maintaining normal joint motion and muscle balance. Also, stretching after exercises helps to minimize muscle tightness.
  6. Skiers and snowboarders suffer from head injuries. What types of injuries are more common in these sports? How can they be prevented? Do helmets actually protect athletes from injuries? What are advantages and disadvantages of using a helmet?
  7. Burnout and over-training is a factor that dramatically increases chances of injury. Many schools and college athletes put more time and effort than professional athletes. As a result, they lose motivation or just have no time for a complex recovery which leads to a high probability of injury.
  8. Preventing injuries in basketball. What are the most common injuries in basketball? What factors influence the risk of injury?
  9. Why does sleeping influence the healing process and recovery? Can poor sleep influence the risk of injury? What are other benefits of a full night’s rest?
  10. The US should create a sports injury database. Describe this issue from the position of protecting children.

Sports persuasive speech topics: interesting sports topics

Sports_Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Why does the coach play an important role in the athlete’s life? The future potential of an athlete depends not only on his or her physical and mental characteristics. The coach will be responsible for developing certain skills and techniques that will help the athlete unleash the potential.
  2. Should athletes receive a participation award? Tell the position that every athlete should have a participation award in case he or she hasn’t won. How will such awards help athletes not to lose motivation? What pros and cons does such a system of rewards have?
  3. Soccer is better than American football. Soccer is the most popular team game around the world. List the pros and cons of playing these two kinds of sports. In the context of youth, you can apply to the statement that soccer is less prone to injuries than rugby and football.
  4. Zumba fitness is a good alternative to the gym. What is Zumba? On what type of audience is it aimed? Describe pros and cons of the gym and Zumba in becoming healthy and fit. What is more effective for weight-loss?
  5. Circadian rhythms influence physical activity. According to studies, physiological responses and metabolism differ with time. That’s why the right biological rhythm can enable an effective athlete’s training and performance.
  6. Who is the best player in the history of FIFA? Why has he become the best? What do you think a player needs to become the best?
  7. Sports card collecting is a kind of sport. Collecting sports cards is still a great hobby for many people. Tell the history of sports cards.
  8. Curling shouldn’t be treated as a professional sport. You can tell from the perspective that this sports activity is undemanding and doesn’t need a skill base. Compare this sport to another winter sport.
  9. Who is the best coach right now? Tell your own position on this issue. State the evidence why you think so.
  10. Who’s the best team ever? Pick any sport you like and tell the audience why you have picked this team. You can tell about its history, achievements, and perspectives.

Sports persuasive speech topics: controversial sports topics

Controversial Sports Topics

  1. Advanced statistics vs. traditional scouting in baseball. What are the pros and cons of advanced statistics? Tell why the eye test shouldn’t be excluded from baseball statistics.
  2. Should we still save the draft lottery? Tell about the history of draft lottery, For what reason was it implemented? Does it still work? Can the system be changed?
  3. Should there be fighting in hockey? Tell about the history of hockey and how fighting became an essential part of hockey. Consider the fact that hockey fights are illegal in the Olympics and European league. Does fighting affect attendance? Are there any real benefits of hockey fighting?
  4. Bullfighting is more than a sport. Briefly tell about the history of bullfighting in Spain. What are the dangers of bullfighting? Why should bullfighting be considered a sport?
  5. A professional sport is only a business. Nowadays, even college sports are considered to be commercial. Why has this happened?
  6. Why should e-sports be considered as professional sports? What is the essence of an e-sport? What features of a real sport does it have? What are the obstacles?
  7. WWE should be banned. Many people think that WWE is just athletic entertainment. This is a cruel sport with many injuries, despite it being scripted. Also, this sport accumulates aggression among the audience.
  8. Paintball should be considered as a sport. This kind of sport is less aggressive and harmful than football. Also, it has a competitive nature and is a team game.
  9. The use of substances that increase the athlete’s performance. Is there a need to improve drug testing? Should such substances be legalized? How does the use of enhancing drugs influence sportsmanship? Does the use of enhancing drugs violate the sport’s spirit?
  10. Should private stadiums be financed by our taxes? What are the pros and cons of private stadiums?

This list of sports-related persuasive speech topics is incomplete. Did you know that nowadays there are more than 8000 kinds of sports and sporting games? That means that there are hundreds of issues that can be discussed by yourself, or with the help of professional writers who can meet your “write my essay” requests.

Potential themes for sports persuasive speeches

Sports persuasive speech ideas

You will be more productive when you have a list of persuasive speech and research paper topics about sports at hand. Pick only those topics that interest you and make you deepen in the understanding of an issue. A good topic will motivate you not only to write a great speech, but also successfully deliver it to your audience. Before you pick the topic, make sure that the topic will be interesting to your audience and you will have enough time to make thorough research.

All of our sport persuasive speech topics can be used as a title for a speech or paraphrased. Even those topics that may sound overdone can be treated from a new angle. Add evidence, your own or someone else’s experience, and your speech will become more engaging and interesting. And don’t forget to read some advice on how to write a good speech on our blog!

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