How to Write a Letter of Complaint with a Result

You are a lucky person if you have not written a complaint letter in your life, and are not going to write one. However, every person should know how to write a letter of complaint, in various cases. Maybe, tomorrow, you may buy new shoes, or a new gadget, and there may be something wrong with it. It’s just a little inconvenience, or spoilage. So, what do you write and ask for?


1. Start your complaint letter with positive view about the company.

For instance, you may mention that you have been a customer for many years and like their products. Continue talking about prices, level of quality, variety of goods, professional support, etc. – it depends on you and the company you choose.

2. The next paragraph should be dedicated to the problem in particular.

Write that it is normal and understandable that electronic companies, for example, can face some difficulties with faulty pieces of equipment. Then, talk about the nature of your problem. Do not be too demanding accosting others, if you want your problem solved. You may specify in what way you wish to solve it.

3. The last part of the paper should be assuring.

Persuade the company you are going to use their services again, underlining the importance of your cooperation and their reputation for you. Try to resolve everything, positively, and express the confidence that everything is going to be okay. Do not forget to express gratitude to the company for taking your letter into consideration.

Just remember: writing a complaint letter may be more effective, than e-mail message, or making a phone call, but it can also make the situation more serious. So, before writing anything, identify the aim of your writing and the result you want to achieve.

How to Write a Letter of Complaint: Tips to Remember

  • When writing the letter, make sure the available facts are understandable and the problem is legitimate.
  • Type your letter, checking for mistakes and making sure the hand-written letter is easy to read.
  • Always keep your complaint letters short and precise – it should not exceed 1 page.
  • Just specify the information, which is really important – no additional irrelevant facts.
  • Include copies of needed documents and an additional copy of your letter of complaint.
  • If you do not receive a reply within a reasonable period of time, write once more, but to a person higher in rank.

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